27 thoughts on “A catalog of celebratory media portrayals, featuring non-transitioning lesbian & gender-nonconforming kids with their brave parents

  1. Yeah I wonder if I can get an elective lobotomy. I’ve been suffering for years now with a functional brain, and I’m tired of it. I think I’d feel so much better if my brain stopped working right. Then I would haven’t to feel bad about this stuff. Nobody would have to talk me into letting them mutilate and drug my kid. I’d just drool and maybe accidentally smile when they talked about it. I’d be living my truth.

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  2. Gosh, those crickets are, like, so courageous. Be your true selves, cricket babies! Sigh … if only there were more loving and accepting cricket parents like these. And aren’t they all just stunning to look at? I mean that in a completely and totally wholesome way; nothing whatsoever to do with kiddie cricket sexuality. Ah, so pretty. So handsome. So cute. Stunning and brave!* An inspiration to us all.

    (*thanks to South Park for their “Stunning and Brave” episode)

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  4. It’s telling how the heaps of praise only go to the parents of kids who actually transition. I have never once heard the marvelous story of a conscientious parent who took their kid to be evaluated a gender clinic only to learn that the child was “cis” and perhaps needed other treatment, say for depression or autism. That means either that all kids who present at gender clinics are diagnosed as trans, or that parents are NOT being lauded for paying attention to their child and getting appropriate treatment — they are being lauded for adding to the numbers of trans people and helping to normalize it. Both are horrifying, but the first hypothesis is more horrifying. And that’s what I think is happening.

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    • That’s a great point. If there was any professional integrity you would hear about differential diagnosis or misdiagnosis, but that never happens. Even detransitioned people don’t get any acknowledgement that they had a different set of problems than previously thought.

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      • Yes, except that differential and misdiagnosis just legitimizes the idea that there IS a condition where a person’s sexed body and metaphysical gender is misaligned. When, in fact, misdiagnosis is 100% because there’s NO SUCH THING.

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      • To Morag99, see! The misdiagnosis concept works fine! 100% it is.

        Yes, exactly. The brain sex or whatever we call it is definitely a metaphysical idea. FFS.

        The way a differential diagnosis is supposed to work would be the shrink looks at the dysphoria/depression and says what is causing the depression? One item on the differential may be ‘female born in male body’ but the other items, in teenagers, would be things like depression because your body is changing and you don’t like the sex-role you’re being shoved into; depression because you’re starting to have sexual feelings and they are for people of your own sex; depression because of problems in your family; depression because of abuse, sexual or not; depression that just came out of nowhere but is being talked about in gender terms; depression because of a recent death in the family, etc. If a psychotherapist did a real differential on some kid coming in saying their tremendously unhappy and blah blah blah gender, all the other items on it would be nonmetaphysical. And one of them would be understood to be the real answer. Admittedly this is in my magic PetuniaCat perfect world aka the real world 10 years ago.

        When psychotherapists/psychiatrists diagnose a kid with gender dysphoria on the basis of they came in and said “I want a sex change” they are committing malpractice. What happens when you commit malpractice? Nothing. The whole system is a giant mess. Talk about differential diagnosis, at least from me, is to point out that the psychologists/psychiatrists are behaving unprofessionally.

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      • Detransitioned people often receive a huge backlash for talking about it, with false-equivalences like “ex-trans is ex-gay”. However, trans started out as a way to heterosexualize gays and lesbians. Plus, if you’re a woman who is claiming to be a heterosexual man or a gay men, then it’s really like “ex-lesbian”.


    • Uh yeah. When I went to the gender specialist I had already pretty much made up my mind with regards to how I was going to handle the situation. I went there hoping to learn something about this and maybe get some support for how confused I was about it. Oh I indeed learned something. I learned that I’m not supposed to think for myself. This was rather confusing because the therapist told me that kids know what they want and how they feel in this department and it is only we adults that stand in their way and don’t listen to them. I told her my child had no interest in pursuing the treatments at this point in time. She told me I should make a parenting decision and make him. Whoa, wait a minute. Which is it? I should listen to him because he knows what he wants and not doing so means I’m just being a stupid controlling adult? Or I should make him because I’m the adult? Talk about a mind f*ck.

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      • What a bloody mess! This whole thing. That just shows that with regards to transition it’s heads I win tails you lose. The ‘gender specialists’ just make any analysis to promote transition. 😖


    • People think they are liberal and progressive when they call a gender-nonconforming girl “transgender”. But they are not progressive enough to say that being a lesbian is a valid and good way to live, nor progressive enough to realize that gender roles are 100% made up by men as a way to control women.

      I came out as a teenager and my parents were okay with it. Why aren’t we being worshiped on national TV?

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