Just the tip of the iceberg: “Doctor” who prescribed Lupron to kids with autism

Mark Geier sued by Maryland State Board of Physicians for administering Lupron

So this man is a quack, someone who subscribes to loony autism theories. For years, he administered Lupron to little kids with autism, promising their hopeful parents a cure. Thankfully, he lost his license to practice medicine in several states, after being sued in 2011-12

In a St. Louis Today article about the court actions, we find this quote:

“There is no evidence that the drugs used by Dr. Geier have been helpful for any autistic children,” said Dr. Steven Rothman . “This is not a therapy that should be tried without very careful controls and really convincing preliminary evidence.”

Where are the “careful controls” and “convincing preliminary evidence” that Lupron is safe for administering to prepubescent children labeled “transgender” by their parents, “gender therapists,” and pediatricians?

Answer: There aren’t any.The only “evidence” we have is that these drugs can indeed block normal development of a child by preventing puberty, to pave the way for cross-sex hormones (and sterility) at puberty.  And “careful controls?”  The pediatric transition trend is an out-of-control horse that has already bolted from the barn.


Treatment with puberty delaying drugs leads to sterilization if it is followed with the administration of cross sex hormones at 16 years, as the Brill and Pepper handbook on “transgender” children (2008), explains, “the choice to progress from GnRH inhibitors to estrogen without fully experiencing male puberty should be viewed as giving up one’s fertility, and the family and child should be counseled accordingly” (Brill & Pepper, 2008, p. 216). For girls, sterilization is the outcome too, because “eggs do not mature until the body goes through puberty” (Brill & Pepper, 2008, p. 216).

Evidence-based practice is the gold standard in medicine. Also from the Geier court order we have this:

Adverse side effects of Lupron in children include, but are not limited to, risk of bone and heart damage…The Respondent endangers autistic children and exploits their parents by administering to the children a treatment protocol that has known substantial risk of serious harm and which is neither consistent with evidence-based medicine nor generally accepted in the relevant scientific community.

But ah, here we have the loophole for gender doctors. Lupron is today “generally accepted” (despite the serious lack of safety evidence) by the “relevant scientific community”–aka gender specialists. Reputable medical professionals who deal with autistic children reject Lupron as a valid treatment, but your friendly gender doctor is willing and eager to write that script for Billy or Suzie.

Coincidentally, it turns out that there is a high rate of autism diagnosed in people who are identified as transgender. But that is a post for another day.

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