Trans Youth Equality Foundation: Free binders, bathroom advocacy, podcasts, and more for the transgender child “movement”

Did you know that the transgendering of children is more than a medical treatment for distressed kids? Of course, we savvy parents realize there are trans activists keen to justify the notion that kids as young as 3 or 4 can be certain, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they were born in the wrong bodies. But did you know that some of these activists openly refer to what they’re doing as a  “transgender child movement?”

TYEF education

The Trans Youth Equality Foundation in Portland, Maine has a slick website and a well thought out agenda for this self-proclaimed movement for kids ages 2 to 18.

TYEF mission statement

They’ve got it all: education programs, kid camps, bathroom advocacy, their own trans-youth podcast network, and… binders for ages 9-18!

TYEF binder drive

Just like TransActive in Portland, Oregon on the opposite coast (what’s the deal with these Portland towns?), TYEF is more than happy to mail a free binder to a girl as young as 9 years old  to “an address other than your home.” Why on earth would a 3rd or 4th grader want something sent somewhere other than their house? Oh we know why.

TYEF more on binding

It’s those pesky, gosh-darned unsupportive parents again, wanting to have their transphobic say about what their 9-year-old is doing. But have no fear! The “kid-approved” video above will teach your grade-school beginner how to bind their prepubescent-tender, hated breast tissue safely. The trendy YouTube trans boy (289,763 views as of this writing) and the friendly folks at TYEF have got this covered. And wow:  theRealAlexBertie makes the whole binding thing sound…almost cool!

But admittedly, no one really likes to bind.

Most of our guys like to bind… more correctly put, they want to and need to bind. Who really likes it! It’s satisfying in some ways but it can be tight, and restricting and make you sweat! But here are a few tips since many of you have to wear one for now!

For now? Maybe you’ll get over your hatred of your body some day, is that what they mean? Nah. Eventually you’ll totes get rid of those gross chest blobs, and then you can feel good about being a charitable dude yourself:

Having surgery? Send TYEF those used binders, we are running low!

But enough about binding. What could be cooler than a trans-kid-run podcast network? At the beginning of each episode, the TransWaves introductory jingle tells us they’re all about educating us on the “rights” of trans kids.  Episode 11 takes on the subject of “our parents.” As you might expect, it’s all about finding the right gender specialist and getting on board to follow your kid’s lead.  Sure, you’re scared, mom, but you “need to learn to accept” that “if they have body dysphoria” you should “not deny them the care they’re entitled to.” Because “doing nothing will be much more harmful to their health.”  Puberty blockers have no side effects, you can “stop the Lupron at any time.” Trust your doctors! Trust the Standards of Care!  It’s all good.

Because, as this post on the TYEF Facebook page reminds us, it’s never about what YOU think, doubtful mom or dad. It’s what your kid actually IS:

TYEF facebook

Bathroom-access advocacy is the cutting edge for the transgender children’s “movement,” so of course TYEF is right there in the fight for your kid to use any bathroom they damn well decide they’re “comfortable” in (never mind the comfort of anyone else’s kids):

TYEF bathrooms

And skeptical parents, lest you think that the Trans Youth Equality Foundation is nothing more than a group run by adult trans lawyers and activists, pushing some agenda, rest assured there is a medical adviser on board–one of THE top pediatric specialists in the field.

TYEF spack

Your 2-year-old is in good hands.