Age is just a number when it comes to neovagina surgeries

Trans activists constantly tell us “no one operates on minors.”  After all, the WPATH Standards of Care itself officially recommends genital surgeries only for those over the age of 18.

Anyone who has read this blog for awhile knows that such surgeries are already being performed on minors, at least in the United States. But how many know that gender doctors are openly discussing the advantages of early genital surgeries in highly respected medical journals?

karasic jsm piece in press

This piece, brand-new in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, co-written by Dan Karasic of UCSF’s Center for Excellence in Transgender Health, and Christine Milrod, psychotherapist at LA’s Southern California Transgender Counseling Center, makes it clear that WPATH members have been doing plenty of underage surgeries. And most surgeons quoted in the article [currently behind a paywall], despite a few concerns, are moving full speed ahead.

Their main criterion for determining surgical candidacy for vaginoplasty seems to be whether a young person can adhere to the “dilation schedule” necessary to keep the surgical wound (aka neovagina) from closing up. Any worries about brain development? Executive function? Ability to understand the many social, medical, and psychological consequences of this irreversible decision? Evidently not.

Age is just a number.  The “dedication” to adhere to the “dilation schedule” is a marker of maturity!

karasic jsm adhere to dilationIs there any lower limit for these surgeries? One surgeon opines that there “might” be a minimum age, but “I don’t know what that should be.”

(Heck, there are probably 8-year-olds who could adhere to the dilation schedule, so let’s not hem ourselves in with some arbitrary number.)

karasic jsm 2

Besides, college students are far too busy in their freshman year to keep up with their dilation schedules. Lots of other extracurricular activities to distract them!

karasic jsm maturity

How do you operate on stunted genitalia, after all those years on puberty blockers? Micropenises can be a problem in terms of creating an adult neovagina, but donor tissue and “scrotal tissue expanders” can be successful in some cases. Better than the alternative which some surgeons use, given the “concomitant morbidities” of persistent odors, colitis, and leakage of stool.

karasic jsm micropenis

And worries about potential lawsuits? Pshaw. We can’t get actual informed consent, but we’ve got the parents on board, and after all those years of gender affirmation, who’ll let a few side effects or lingering regrets get in the way?

karasic jsm consent

It’s a crap shoot they’re willing to take–even if a few of these young trans women end up unhappy with what they’re left with, like the six trans men currently suing one of the top gender surgeons in the US right now. After all, that’s what medical malpractice insurance is for.