Let’s Play Gender Clinic: Announcing a new line of children’s books for glitter families!

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Which box will fit your child best, the pink box or the blue box? We’re delighted to offer you a preview of these wonderful children’s books, produced by everyone’s favourite gender expert, Lily Maynard.

In her selfless quest to make money–I mean, reach out and help children everywhere choose the right gender identity for themselves–Lily has produced an exciting new range of quickly churned out… I mean carefully compiled… books for the contemporary glitter family.

By leaving these books casually strewn around your bathroom or living room, you can be sure your visitors will see how totally progressive and reactionary your gender politics are, and how well you understand the rigid borders that define what is acceptable behaviour for boys, and what is acceptable behaviour for girls. After all, you don’t want to be called transphobic, do you? Or even worse, a TERF? With these books on your bookcase, your liberal credentials will sparkle for all the world to see.  You’ll be a beacon of hope for all those gender-affirming glitter families out there!

Maybe your child is questioning their gender identity?  Maybe your child has a friend who is questioning their gender identity? Maybe your child hasn’t thought about gender identity at all?  If not, why not? And what can you do to change that? Aren’t you going to listen to your child: don’t you want them to become their authentic self? Surely you don’t want to risk your child turning out gay when there a chance they might simply be born in the wrong body?

When you buy Lily Maynard’s wonderful collection of books for your child, you are giving them an heirloom to treasure forever. Who knows, it could turn out to be a reminder of the day they started down the glitter path to their very own gender journey: a lifetime of circumvention, artifice, medication and surgery.

Lily Maynard has the heart of a bisexual polyamorous gender-fluid rainbow sparkle unicorn, despite having been married monogamously to the same man for the past twenty years.  She has three children. The eldest used to identify as transgender.  Lily spends far too much time on Twitter. You can follow her @lilylilymaynard

Exclusive sneak preview below!!!

lets play gender clinic

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Text and images/image edits by Lily Maynard