International research study call for participants: Reversal of gender reassignment surgery

We’ve been contacted by a researcher in the United Kingdom who is launching a study of people who’ve chosen to reverse any kind of sex reassignment surgery. Please disseminate this announcement widely.

Also, a reminder that another study is still recruiting, this one for parents of young people who experienced rapid-onset gender dysphoria. See this post for more information.



I work in the gender field in the UK, and am based at a UK university and am carrying out research into the experiences of people who have undergone reverse gender reassignment surgery, and reversed a double mastectomy (chest surgery). There is no research into this, and very little into people who reverse gender transition, although there is evidence on the internet of people detransitioning. I would like to give a voice to people who have gone through this. I would like to talk to those who, having as part of gender reassignment first underwent Gender Reassignment Surgery (also known as Sex Reassignment Surgery), and have then decided to have this surgery reversed, and have undergone an operation or operations to do so. This could be genital surgery, but also double mastectomy (chest surgery).

You should be a minimum of eighteen months post operative, and can be anywhere in the world. All replies will be treated as confidential. Many thanks.

Please contact James at: