WordPress censors GenderTrender; Gallus Mag responds


WordPress/Automattic, which hosts the 4thWaveNow website, has now sanitized the post below by redacting the name of the individual Gallus Mag describes in her statement. This is censorship. We are currently exploring our options and way forward. Please bear with us.


4thWaveNow reached out to Gallus Mag of GenderTrender after WordPress dumped the site yesterday. In her most recent post, Gallus Mag  broke the full story of a Canadian MTF trans activist who has launched “human rights” complaints against a group of women’s salon workers who were unwilling to touch and wax male genitalia. GallusMag revealed other details about the activist’s prior social media activities, some of which pertained to underage girls.

GenderTrender’s importance as a groundbreaking investigative reporting outlet covering the excesses of transgender activism cannot be overstated. The site has also served as an incubator and launching pad for many other bloggers and writers; 4thWaveNow’s founder counts herself among them.

The loss of GenderTrender is a huge blow. It is also the latest casualty in a growing clash between, on one side, a loose coalition of feminists, parents, gay and lesbian people, detransitioners, free speech advocates, clinicians, and other supporters; and on the other side, a collection of extremist transgender advocates who will tolerate no dissent from anyone, from any quarter.

Gallus Mag’s statement follows.


by Gallus Mag of GenderTrender

WordPress.com pulled the plug on GenderTrender, TransgenderTropes101, RadfemReview, etc. on Friday November 16. I was notified via email by “Sal P.” of Automattic, the company that administers WordPress.com. He stated:


We received a report regarding the publication of private/personal information on your blogs. Specifically, the malicious publication of private details of a person’s gender identity.

Publishing this type of content is forbidden by our Terms of Service, and as such your account has been suspended.

If you would like to continue publishing this type of information, you are free to export your content, and move it to a more appropriate WordPress host

To download your content and take it elsewhere, you can use the export tool below for a limited time:”

Presumably the “malicious publication of private details of a person’s gender identity” referred to [redacted], the subject of my final post on November 8. Since that post, [redacted] has been successful at using false DMCA requests to remove public information about himself from the internet (see Twitter and Facebook).

I wrote back to Automattic/Wordpress.com and informed them of my longstanding policy to never post information from private sources (such as private social media accounts or Facebook groups, etc.) and reiterated the blog’s longstanding support of the rights of everyone affected by gender to hold their own beliefs without facing harassment or discrimination. I asked them to reinstate the blogs, as they had been suspended in error.

I received a response today, November 17, from an individual named “Knox”, who stated:


According to our Privacy Policy, the malicious publication of private details related to gender identity includes publishing former names. You can see more information regarding this policy at:

If you would like to continue publishing this type of information, you are free to export your content, and move it to a more appropriate WordPress host

To download your content and take it elsewhere, you can use the export tool below for a limited time:”

This clarified for me that Automattic/Wordpress now considers the publishing of former names a form of malicious publication, if that individual declares a “transgender identity”. I looked at the portion of the TOS linked to by “Knox” and noted that five days after my post on [redacted] human rights complaints against women who refused to wax his balls, Automattic/Wordpress.com enacted a new, unannounced, change to their Terms of Service that redefined “the malicious publication of private details” to include any reference to the legal or former name of any individual who declares a transgender identity.

There are over 36,000 blogs on Automattic/Wordpress.com that refer to the individual many know as Bruce Jenner. According to the new, unannounced TOS, these blogs are committing an act of malicious publication of Jenner’s private information and are subject to immediate removal from the platform without warning.

To be clear: As of November 13, 2018, the former life of any individual who now declares themselves transgender can never be referred to using materials which reveal the name they formerly used, even if it is their legal name, the name they used last week, or the name by which they are commonly known. For example, quoting news sources which identified serial killer “Donna Perry” by his former name Douglas Perry has become an act of “malicious publication” according to Automattic/Wordpress.com which will result in sudden removal of the blog (and any other unrelated blogs by the same author) from the platform, without prior notification or opportunity for appeal, even if that post was made prior to the unannounced changes to the TOS.

Will this new policy be widely enforced? Of course not. I believe this change to the WordPress TOS was hastily conceived as a guise to censor lesbian and feminist authors who are critical of “gender identity” ideology, specifically those who investigate or critique the actors behind various political or judicial campaigns to limit the rights of women. I believe this change is a direct result of GenderTrender’s exposure of [redacted], the figure behind 16 Canadian human rights complaints against women who declined to wax his balls, as an alleged sexual predator. I believe this unannounced change to the TOS, applied retroactively without prior warning or notification, is a ruse to justify the specific targeted censorship of certain popular long running lesbian and feminist blogs who critique the ingrained (and sometimes criminal!) misogyny of the transgender movement. I believe this is an organized, intentional initiative by WordPress.com to eliminate lesbian and feminist criticism and exposure of the epidemic harassment, predation, and sex-specific terrorism of male bodied people upon female bodied people, regardless of their personal “identity”.

As for “The future of GenderTrender”(and the other websites): contrary to the kind offer of “Sal P.” and “Knox” of Automattic, it is not possible to simply transfer the site to another host. Only a “live” blog can be transferred to another host. This is why it took 8 months for an archive to be created for RadfemHub (which was only online for a year) after the failure to renew the domain account by the wealthy patron it was entrusted to took it offline. By taking GenderTrender offline, Automattic/Wordpress.com has removed my access to my own work, specifically all media, images, screen caps and gifs published over 8 years in posts and comments. Their suggestion that I may export my content to another host is a fiction. Deleted blogs cannot be transferred. All media property posted on GenderTrender has been effectively stolen by Automattic/Wordpress.com. Piecing 8 years of blog content together manually from recovered or found sources would be cost and time prohibitive. I have requested that Automattic provide me with a transferrable export of GenderTrender and my other blogs and am breathlessly awaiting their reply. /s

I do have personal copies of the text of most of my original posts. Maybe I’ll put some of them somewhere at some point.

I would like to thank everyone who supported GenderTrender, with your readership, contributions, re-posts, and your beautiful beautiful comments. You taught me so much. What an incredible honor. I’m especially sad for the elimination of certain contributor posts, especially “FTM Detransitioning Experience: Quitting T and Getting Back to Life As A Woman” which was always one of my top rated posts and a source of great comfort and information for women looking to get off testosterone, many of whom shared vital perspectives in the comments. Also some of the guest posts from women recovering from partnership with autogynephiles (“trans widows”) with extensive critical information in comments from other survivors. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to effectively safeguard your important work and contributions against the censorial power of the misogynist men running Automattic/Wordpress.com who lack all ethics.

I believe what Automattic/Wordpress.com is doing to lesbian and feminist bloggers is criminal. I support a Congressional Inquiry into the selective censorship conducted by US based social media and blogging platforms. I support government regulation of such companies as public utilities, subject to constitutional law regarding freedom of speech.

Thank You.
Gallus Mag
gendertrender ban

243 thoughts on “WordPress censors GenderTrender; Gallus Mag responds

  1. One of the saddest things about all this, is how many people on the “left” will be cheering this kind of content removal/suppression (should they even here of it all).

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  4. Thank you for all your hard work, brilliant analysis, humor and courage in the face of a non-stop storm of dangerous male rage that has been going ever since you first started your blog. GenderTrender started in 2010. Gallus has been doing this for eight years; that is an incredible amount of time to devote to this cause, and far longer than most have given. I fully believe that the modern gender critical movement as we know it would not exist without GenderTrender. The scope of what Gallus achieved is tremendous and will not be forgotten.

    Some of the last comments I read of yours before your blog was pulled was commenting on the Annals of the Terf Wars piece, specifically this bit:

    Lesbians: It’s a human rights abuse if we don’t want to fuck you? What the fuck?

    Nascent trans activists: Yes, you should want to fuck us.

    Lesbians: Even if you still have dicks?

    Nascent trans activists: Even if we still have dicks.

    Lesbians: Um yeah, sorry, we don’t do dicks. We’re LESBIANS.

    …and asking why the author seemed to be implying that lesbians would distinguish between pre-operative and post-operative TIMs for the purposes of relationships and dating, and be okay with the post-operatives but not the pre-operatives. Completely on point criticism of an otherwise great piece of writing. Lesbians don’t want any men in our spaces, not the ones with dicks, not the ones without dicks, not the regular ones, not the ones with a special sparkly identity, the feckin problem is that they are ALL MEN.

    Straight women (not sure if Jane Clare Jones is straight or not, but she does seem to think there is a meaningful difference that makes some delusional men more ‘legitimate’ and ‘womanly’ than others) need to get over this idea that quite a few of them still seem to hold that lesbians will consider dating or having sex with a man who has undergone mutilating surgery, or that we’re okay with the post-operatives in our spaces, but that we draw the line at men who still have their dicks. Lol, what? Lesbians only want women. If we’re in a lesbian space, we only want lesbians there, not lesbians plus special flavors of men. We can tell the difference. We don’t want dickless men in dresses any more than we want men with dicks in dresses.

    Take note, allies.

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    • Totally agree. I do not distinguish for pre or post op. There is no such thing as a sex change, and that’s true even among GC women I know, and those who do distinguish are lying by omission as they are not thinking it through to its full conclusion, the intimate relationship.

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      • And thank you, thank you, thank you for calling it what it truly pretends to be, which is a SEX change. Not a gender reassignment. We need to keep drumming the word SEX into everyone’s head, and don’t let them hide behind this gender nonsense.

        They only started calling it gender reassignment when it became patently obvious that one could not change sex. But then gender-reassignment surgery makes even less sense, because if gender is a thing at all (which I don’t believe, outside grammar class), it’s certainly not something that can be surgically assigned.

        I think the whole English-speaking world benefits every time someone says “sex change,” and refuses to use the gender euphemism. Because the oxymoron of “sex change” shows this philosophy for the delusion that it really is.

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  5. That response from Gallus is utterly pathetic. A combination of passivity, undirected rage and incompetence. She is essentially accepting that her blog – her work of 8 years – is killed and dead. She is handing out thank yous like she is at a wrap party at a cancelled TV show. She makes no effort to lay out a recovery plan. She has no plan of action. She says she has personal copies of “most” of the posts (why on Earth doesn’t she have a copy of everything?), and that and that “maybe I’ll put some of them somewhere at some point.”

    At the same time that she muses that “maybe” she will repost some of the blog, she rages that WordPress’s actions are criminal (they aren’t) and fantasizes about a Congressional investigation. Leaving aside all of the many reasons why a Congressional inquiry is never going to happen, why would Congress investigate this if the victim herself doesn’t think the matter of sufficient importance to commit to reposting the censored content? It’s not even important enough to Gallus to get the blog back up, but the Congress of the United States of America is supposed to put aside time to get involved? FFS.

    Actually, most or all of the blog is still available at archive.org, although navigating to the earlier material which is off of page 1 is tricky. But it all seems to be there and she could capture it and repost all of it. If KiwiFarms can exist on the internet without being taken down by trans activist thugs, then GenderTrender can too. It just takes a little elbow grease and focused attention to solving the problem.

    Get your act together, Gallus. You have done 2 successful crowdfunders in the past – one for a book and the other for a computer. I donated to both. Do it a third time to cover the costs of reconstituting GT. Set up on a new platform. Repost everything from your personal files or from archive.org. If time is an issue, use crowdfunding money to hire someone to help, or just do it a bit at at time. Even if it takes a few months and even if you only get most of it back up, the important thing is to get it back up, not to get everything 100% back up immediately.

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    • Put it where though? You missed the point completely. You have no idea how much work is involved and no site will take it, except those porn-filled, anything goes sites.

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      • What planet do you live on? Many thousands of sites get taken down by their hosts every day for a variety of reasons. And every day, many thousands of sites go back up on a new host. It’s not rare or complicated or all that difficult. WordPress is not the only platform. As noted above, if KiwiFarms found a way to stay up, despite every effort by transgenders to take it down, anyone can.

        If Gallus doesn’t know how to do it, then all she needs to do is reach out for some technical assistance from among her readers or do a crowdfund and hire some people to get it back up and running a new host.

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      • Get your own webspace/server instead of using for-free platforms like wordpress.com.
        I’m shure the hosting costs could be easily crowdfunded, should be about 10 a month.

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    • Hahaha! “Pathetic and incompetent”. I won’t miss Debbie Downer.

      Why would Congress investigate? Uh, because a handful of companies are effectively running a monopoly to control the town square, and discriminating in the public accommodations they provide on the basis of legally protected characteristics and political POV. That’s why, DD.

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    • I’m pretty confused too. When WordPress suspends you they still let you use the export tool to both keep all your content and the ability to upload the blog to any host that supports the wordpress format. Putting up the entire blog somewhere else shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. WordPress staff also make mistakes so it should be possible to contact support and appeal by explaining JY still goes by his old name most of the time.


    • What an ugly and stupid response. Before you complain, have you volunteered? If you know what can be done and have time enough to lay out each step, why don’t you just do it instead of pressing on someone who has already done and given so much? Disgusting.

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  6. Oh I can only imagine how infuriating you must feel Gallus Mag, what a despicable nasty lot these people are , I thought to myself , and then i remembered that they took money from my credit card automatically with out even asking if i wanted to continue to my account, as it was not an automatic withdrawal but clearly they did so I really had no choice, I’m so sorry that they did this to you it is reprehensible to steal your 8 years of work . To also not inform paying clients of change in terms is sneaky and underhanded , they clearly have no ethics as you say !
    I am guttered you are treated in this way and I will be writing to them and telling them exactly what i feel about it let me assure you of that . and I implore all to do the same.
    This is unacceptable and theft !

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    • Good night grief! Isn’t it a fine state of affairs that only the far right will offer any kind of critical coverage of trans lunacy at all? (I would have automatically said “loon right” at one time, but now I’m not so sure). This is one reason so-called liberalism is getting hammered in the USA, notwithstanding the midterm blue ripple.

      And this: “Our insurance covers full medical transition, as do countless four-year colleges.”

      By saying colleges “covering” MT, do they mean the crappy student insurance sold as a last-ditch “better-than-nothing” option? People on Medicare cannot use it to pay for hearing aids or insulin, among other things, but our lousy, expensive private health insurance system will pay for medical transition. Madness!

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      • I almost have to laugh when I see conservatism bemoaned as “far” and “loon” by people who are appreciative of its coverage of this issue.

        Could one perhaps simply be grateful for accurate and compassionate coverage of this issue? Consider that perhaps such coverage is neither far-out nor loony? Consider that perhaps the habit of continually insisting that it is (or the back-handed, begrudging admission that maybe, just maybe, it isn’t *quite* as loony as one thought) only helps promote the erroneous idea that gender criticism is a “right-wing-only” or “left-wing-only” territory, thus discouraging people from reading what are really, quite simply, good articles?

        Maybe the real binary that oppresses us is the political one. I hope we can learn to be more idea-fluid.

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    • And there went the taste of holiday dinner, after reading this one….

      If others, including myself read this correctly, it would appear that if someone has been diagnosed with autism, then they are a prime candidate to be on the HRT [or the other term….’transed’]. What motherf*cking bullshit. This is no different than Mengele’s crew choosing those who looked a little like ‘their ideal’ to be picked out of line, once arriving at the camps, to have Benzene dropped in the eyes and other experiments.

      And yet…pointing this crap out and the harm it will do to others…..is the reason why blogs are censored? Amazingly sad….and in about 20 years or so [one can call their bookie on the odds] we are going to have a massive number of the population suing the medical profession, as well as others who were involved in enabling this horse manure.

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  8. My friend worriedmum3 is now in twitter jail for daring to point out yaniv’s pedophilic tweets should be a concern to them. This movement to silence women appears to be across platforms.
    Gallus, please set up again, we need you!

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  9. Worriedmum3 got twitter account locked for hateful conduct by saying about gendertrender take down “they don’t want women speaking up about what’s really going on in the trans cult. Jonathan Yaniv (ball waxing guy that appears, by his own twitter account, to be a trans pedophile) may have influenced them.”

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  10. It’s really sickening to read this. So, mentioning someone’s birth name basically is badwrong, which makes me wonder if it also applies to other name changes, such as plain regular ones (at her aroption, my daughter decided to take on a Dutch first name and my last name), or the (unfortunately) most common one, maiden names. Or are those also bad now?

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    • At the time I wrote that Yaniv was using Jonathan on his twitter account so it’s hardly dead naming. I think they picked on me because I’d posted about 40 tweets #gendertrender supporting the blog getting back up on WordPress.
      Re naming, it’s only trans that get to decide what names we have to call them and they can change on a whim. Also my purpose in writing my post was to get twitter to investigate yaniv’s account for pedopphilic abuse, but they seem to be allowing twitter to be a chat room for kiddy porn wannabe’s, which is disgusting!!!!!

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    • Maybe the shoot-em-with-their-own-gun strategy would be to put a 2 (or 3 or 4) digit behind one’s handle every time one is harassed by name by one of these genderbaiters. Then file a complaint against them for dead-naming you and failing to recognize your new slightly-changed-by-one-digit identity.

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  11. I do agree that this blog should not just be accepted as lost and I will do any and everything, personally, to help put the Gendertrender blog’s info back online in one space.
    Contrary to what some commenters think, it IS, indeed, criminal to silence and censor a journalist
    Gallup, you have done such incredible work – yours was the only site .I checked on every.single.day for 6 years and it really meant the world to me and every other woman who sees this trans activism ogre stomping us all down.
    I will do what I can. Please message me if you need help with emails, phone calls, information retrieval from the archive, etc.

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      • I imagine their terms of service may violate civil rights in California. Businesses there may not be allowed to be sexist (though I don’t know much about US law).

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      • Plenty of corporations are regulated, particularly those who control monopolies or deny access to services based on discrimination against protected characteristics.

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      • Yes. I believe that if one holds an effective monopoly, one is determined to be a public commons, with pseudogovernmental status. I don’t know the nuts and bolts of communication and utility regulation, but that’s my general understanding. It’s certainly done. Even my diehard libertarian friends and family are saying it’s time to break up and regulate the online giants, because they’re functioning to unconstitutionally enforce undemocratic policies made by unelected government agencies. It takes a lot to get libertarians to such a place.

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  12. GallusMag: Your site cannot be lost. Here is why: I tried to organize in Ma. against the draconian “gender identity” law repeal recently. Even among radical lesbian feminists there is such fear to put their names and bodies on the line against this war on women directed by the transcult. There are good reasons for the fear as we know from your site. But i took courage from you and the community gathered around your site of informed, inspiring women. I knew we all had each others backs even though we had not met in person. the reports you provided of the courageous women around the world determined to speak truth to power and your precise and inspired investigative journalism were empowering. What i suggest is that you figure out a way to continue using whatever means necessary and post only as much as you can to live the life you wish. A few times a month? a Year? We need you. It is clear from what others say here that we will support you in any way we can and that you need. Money? We can help. Etc. In other words, we need you to continue your ground breaking work. Thank you for your years of dedicated, radical, woman loving journalism/activism. Failure is Impossible (Susan B. Anthony). We cannot let the boys silence or defeat us. The future is female. And thank you 4thWave for this and all posts and for the essential work you do for children.

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  14. Please be suspicious of GT mirrors that have been posted. One is possibly linked to one of JY’s accounts. The archive.org backups are the best way to access the site.

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  15. Gallus Mag, after my daughter unexpectedly came out as trans a few years ago (she’s since desisted), your blog was the first one I stumbled upon that questioned the transgender narrative. Prior to this, I had come across numerous sites which recommended I blindly affirm my daughter’s sudden identity shift, facilitate transition, or risk her committing suicide. Finding GenderTrender and its blatant, no-nonsense style was a breath of fresh air. Finding others who shared my concerns was an immense relief. I just wanted let you know how appreciative I am. And thank you for inspiring other bloggers to shed light on how the trans rights movement is impacting impressionable tweens/teens/young adults and women, especially lesbians.

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  16. So, basically, GallusMag’s offense was “deadnaming” this dude. Oh, the HORROR!! Has Mr. Yaniv committed suicide yet? Or, maybe he just instantly dropped dead of the shock …

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    • That’s the ridiculous thing. WordPress are enabling this guy to hide his crimes. He’s a serial litigator, using his supposed transness to make money. Then there’s him as a heterosexual pedophile wanting to put tampons( and I’d hate to think what else) into little 10 year old girls.
      Do people have screenshots of his tampon rants etc. WordPress advertisers are not going to endorse someone like him, even if he claims to be trans. This is a safeguarding issue. Also the organisation in Canada who prosecutes his victims would know how he’s targeting specific groups of women. That is unethical practice on their part. They should have records online about their cases linked to his initials. We need to be doing some research. I’m sure automatic WordPress don’t have a right to supress disclosures of criminals acts, which is what they are doing. Anonymity is what’s enabling him.

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  17. Apologies for pointing out the obvious here, but this is a WordPress site. Have you guys taken precautions against this happening to you? Because I’ll bet anything it will. First they came for the … etc.

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    • Please see my post 2 posts up. Margaret
      Also, are there Murdock tabloids in Canada. I’d imagine they’d be interested in someone who makes a living suing women who won’t wax his balls. The fact he gets pro bono legals means he’s using tax payer money to rip off women. Govt funding to the service he’s using could be looked into. I’ll bet the money is there to help trans with legitimate claims not to provide him with an income stream.

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  18. Gallus Mag- I totally understand if enough is enough for you, and you want to spend your time and energy elsewhere. I just want to thank you for years off well-researched posts and informative content. I will miss your voice **so much**

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  20. Thank you so much for all you do on GenderTrender. My family couldn’t have made it through our peak trans without you.

    I’m considering removing my own account from WordPress, although I’m of two minds (or on a spectrum!) about it. On the one hand I don’t want to send them traffic. On the other hand, I like the idea of this issue continuing to flourish on WordPress.

    If you or anyone has any thoughts about leaving WordPress in general, or find an alternative that you like, please advise!

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  21. This is so infuriating and heartbreaking. There must be a way to recover the comment sections on the posts. I learned so much from them! Maybe a letter from a lawyer demanding access? I don’t know. Gallus Mag – I’m so sorry you’re having to endure this persecution. Take the time you need to lick your wounds before jumping back into the fray if you need to, for however long that may be. I appreciate all the work you’ve done for us. I honor you and your work, and I hope that things eventually work out and you’re able to set up anew elsewhere. We love and need you.

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    • “By the next day, it had become clear to all of us that, in spite of offering to allow us to download our content, WordPress had no intention of allowing us any access to our media files. The interfaces they directed us to work only if the blog is still live, and don’t allow the transfer of media files from suspended sites. Perhaps this is an oversight, but it isn’t our oversight, and it shouldn’t prevent WordPress from keeping their word to us.

      Years worth of screenshots, PDFs, and related data files, are now threatened with imminent deletion. All of this information, to our knowledge, was originally part of the public domain, even if it’s no longer available online anywhere besides the reporting archives of feminist blogs.

      No evidence has been provided that so much as a single post on any of these feminist sites contained any incitement to violence or other criminal activity, or in any way constituted speech not protected under First Amendment rights. Neither had WordPress formerly represented itself as a platform with a political agenda, nor one where the opinions of its employees would be imposed arbitrarily and without notice on longstanding customers.”

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      • 2 days ago I posted here a workaround how to get the media, the files were still available (no, they were not browser cache as another commenter suggested).

        AFTER that, WordPress has removed either access to those files or the files themselves. They are not available anymore.

        You can blame on sloppiness the initial problem, that the media files couldn’t be downloaded as a folder. But this is something completely different, them DENYING access.


      • So it seems as though the boys at WordPress are deliberately denying access to evidence in support of gender critical arguments, including screenshots and media that show some TIMs are violent or predatory. We really need to create a feminist platform.

        Gallus Mag, although I do hope to see your work again somewhere, you deserve a break–even a permanent one if that’s what you want. I can only imagine what horrific abuse you’ve been moderating out of the comments all these year. Thanks so much for giving us reliable news and a moderated forum for as long as you did. If it’s time for some of the rest of us to take point on this fight, that’s what we’ll have to do.


  23. I think my previous comments got lost or something in the spam filter. Anyway. I commented that it’s unfair and absurd to demand that Gallus Mag do even more when she’s labored endlessly mostly without any financial support. I want the blog back up as much as anyone but if she’s done with the shit and just wants to chill for a bit I’m good with that too. No one has earned it more. If we can get the blog back up with a (trusted) archive so we can still access it as a resource of scrupulously researched information that would be brilliant.

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  25. I’m kind of surprised this page is still here. I tried to save a pdf of it to my laptop but the url is too long and I don’t know how to shorten it to save it. Fortunately the post itself is also at DGR (although I can’t save that one either, unless I print and scan) and elsewhere. I will print and scan this one for my records.

    The archived version of gendertrender no longer has the final post (which indicates this is definitely JY who is doing this), and I cannot find any of the other blogs mentioned by Gallus Mag. The gendertrender.co mirror is also down, though I have a pdf of the first (final) page of it, as well as a separate copy of the last post.

    I was able to figure out how to install wordpress on my laptop but I cannot figure out how to import my blog intact – I can do the xml file but not the whole shebang, media and all, the way you can if you are moving from one domain online to another. Anyone know how they do that? If we can figure it out, we can use it to back up our blogs complete with media, instead of just the text. The other thing is creating a mirror. I do not know how to do that, for anything on archive.org or anywhere else. How did that person do that?

    This is so frustrating. I had just spent two months preparing a website of arguments, linking to gendertrender and feministcurrent among other places, and gendertrender goes down. Of course, with facebook and twitter it’s even worse. With twitter all you can do is screen capture – no printing or saving anything. At least I have pdfs of the pages I want to refer people to and hopefully the older archived material will stay up long enough for multiple people to mirror it, however that is done.

    I have reported JY to crimestoppers in the Vancouver area with a pdf of the gendertrender post and a link to the kiwifarms post. I don’t know if what’s documented is illegal or not but if the police don’t do something vigilantes might.

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    • That is, the archived version at archive.org. I gather there is more than one archive site, so maybe archive.org never had that post? But if so, then where did that mirror come from?


    • So it seems that if you have the business plan with WordPress.com you can use plugins, and there appear to be plugins that allow you to duplicate your blog elsewhere with one click. So for those with active wordpress blogs who are worried about being shut out, you can install wordpress on your desktop and migrate your blog over regularly, if you’re willing to pay them USD 33/month. 😦

      For that much money they’d bloody well better allow you to back up your blogs completely that easily.


  26. If they change Terms of Service, shouldn’t they email their users?

    Just realized. I have a very old WordPress (programming) blog where I didn’t post for years but it’s still connected to my email. I didn’t get any notices about Terms of Service change, although they sent me other messages.

    This is wrong on so many levels.

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  27. For one, yours truly is pissed off to no end that GenderTrender was removed by WordPress. At a time when so many brigade members claim that [SIC] ‘their voices are silenced’ (and sure as hell we all know they are not), this goes to how deeply entrenched the poisonous brigade has become.

    Second: What did Gallus do that was wrong?? NOT ONE GODDAMNED THING. She and the site had done the work that even many in the media either are instructed not to do or plain refuse to do. In street terms, this would be ‘calling others on their shit’. This goes from the incredible amounts of bad science that has been passed off as ‘actual science’ by those, who could barely pass the intro exam to middle school biology, to laws which, in effect…..will be a ‘get out of jail card’ for felons, who will hide their deeds under ‘gender identity’, to destroying protections for women and girls in school, employment and in the jails. Without GT shining a light on those misdeeds and others [the litany of same is extensive] the crap that has been on display would not have gotten the attention and scrutiny it deserved.

    Third: what GT did in showing how these bipeds operate and continue to do so, showed the world that what happened in Nazi Germany did not die. It just morphed into a movement of those who because they could not get their way thanks to [here is that dirty word] ‘biology’, no do so with poorly researched and reviewed science, social policies that not only are sexist, but racist [unless the persons of color in the brigade are the type who are acceptable for the entertainment or the ‘horizontal enrichment’ contingent] and class-caste based. Put another way….the only difference between the brigade and the Nazi Party, is that the Nazis were at the very least, open and honest about being worms, scum, maniacal, despicable, eugenics centered shitheads.

    It’s a shame that in this day, a corporation [even an internet one] will carry water, if not do the dirty work for those who, for the most part have the same stability of mind, like those who are on that special floor at Bellevue. This was one of the first sites I looked at in the morning, after waking up…..because I want to be informed on what level of societal insanity was afoot, from those who make many on the talk show circuit look like Rhodes Scholars.

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  28. I’m no lawyer nor do I play one on the internet. But it appears to me that the only action available to these suspended or deleted blogs is to pressure the site owner to follow though on their stated assertion that the blog owners could download their content. Past that, those restrictive Terms of Service seem pretty clear and NORMAL for web hosts. There’s this from the WordPress TOS, for instance:

    “…Automattic has the right (though not the obligation) to, in Automattic’s sole discretion… (ii) refuse or remove any content that, in Automattic’s reasonable opinion, violates any Automattic policy or is in any way harmful or objectionable, or (iii) terminate or deny access to and use of WordPress.com to any individual or entity for any reason. Automattic will have no obligation to provide a refund of any amounts previously paid.”


    • I’m not a lawyer either but a business can’t use ANY reason to deny services.

      Businesses can’t discriminate based on protected characteristics such as sex. The removed blogs were feminist and discussed impacts of the trans ideology on woman and girls. Unlike the infamous baker, WordPress can’t even bring up its own freedom of expression, computer code doesn’t distinguish between blogs.

      It feels, thought, that it was some knee jerk reaction as “gender id” is a protected class in California. But how is publishing publicly available former names constitute discrimination? Also, how is “deadnaming” a problem while maiden names are not? Sounds like… sex based discrimination, again.

      It’s not just censorship, it’s misogyny. I think, it’s time to call the ACLU.

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      • Yes, California has replaced legal sex as a protected category by redefining sex as one’s personal identification with the social sex stereotypes affiliated with individuals based on their reproductive class (“Gender Identity”).

        Which is why California is perhaps the least likely state to support the claim that publicly identifying an individual as transgender is a form of discrimination. According to California case law, “outing” someone as transgender confers no damage upon their reputation and is therefore not actionable. Whether you “out” someone as transgender, falsely claim someone is transgender, or identify a transgender person by the name they are generally known (“dead naming”), according to California case law no damage occurs, because treating transgender status as an actionable slur is itself illegal under state equality law.

        “Outing” someone as transgender, falsely claiming that someone is transgender, or identifying a person known under a previous name as transgender (“dead naming”) is completely legal, and in areas covered by “Gender Identity” protections like California, it is the claim itself: an assertion that the public exposure of an individual’s transgender status is damaging to that person- which is illegal, and actionable.

        Last year, gay male fitness guru Richard Simmons lost his defamation lawsuit against the National Enquirer and Radar Online for their apparently falsified articles which alleged he had undergone a transgender medical conversion to correct his flaming homosexuality and un-masculine demeanor. Simmons not only lost his suit, he was ordered to pay $130K to the media outlets who published the stories, to compensate them for their legal defense. This transpired because Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Gregory Keosian determined that being presumed to be transgender causes no harm to an individual’s reputation, therefore falsely reporting that a person is transgender causes no damage.


        More from the LATImes:

        “In his tentative ruling, the judge hewed closely to American Media’s position that statements that someone is transgender or transitioning “do not impute the kind of inherently shameful or odious characteristic that can support a defamation claim in modern times.”
        Keosian further observed that the history of courts’ allowing public prejudices to govern libel law is long and discreditable. At one time or another, judges have found that it’s defamatory to accuse someone of having cancer or some other “loathsome disease,” of having been born out of wedlock, of being black or being gay.
        Recognizing that such social prejudices are transitory, the courts have steadily moved away from accepting them as grounds for defamation judgments. Tom Cruise won a $10-million libel judgment in California against a gay porn actor who falsely said he’d had an affair with Cruise. But that was in 2003 and it’s not at all clear that he’d win now. In New York, state and federal judges scrapped the imputation of homosexuality as grounds for defamation in 2012.

        Keosian cites a 1989 Georgia ruling that “private biases may be outside the reach of the law, but the law cannot, directly or indirectly, give them effect.” The Massachusetts state Supreme Court, in its landmark 2003 ruling legalizing same-sex marriage, expressed much the same viewpoint — the court acknowledged that a segment of the community regarded homosexuality as immoral, but public opinion was irrelevant: “If this Court were to agree that calling someone a homosexual is defamatory per se,” the judges ruled, “it would, in effect, validate that sentiment and legitimize relegating homosexuals to second-class status.”
        Treating “transgender” as an actionable slur is especially problematic in California, Keosian ruled, because discrimination based on “gender identity and gender expression” is specifically outlawed. So, too, is the “trans panic” defense in murder cases, which would allow defendants to argue that discovery of the victim’s actual gender or gender identity in a romantic or sexual context was a reasonable provocation for homicide.
        But the principle the judge laid out is much more broadly applicable. “Even if there is a sizable portion of the population who hold prejudices against these characteristics, misidentification of a person as transgender is not actionable defamation,” he wrote. “The court will not validate those prejudices by legally recognizing them.”


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      • Re: “I think, it’s time to call the ACLU.”

        The ACLU is completely onboard with the Gender Identity platform and the removal of sex-based rights of women and girls.

        (little joke there, couldn’t resist)

        You can see the former director of the Georgiia ACLU, Maya Dillard Smith, speak about the organization’s silencing of women’s voices here:

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      • katiesan,

        The only “side” in what the law says (FYI the ACLU represented even Milo Yiannopoulos for free speech). We’re are not in some effing kingdom. Or do you want to be?


      • So, Julia, place the call. Prove everyone wrong. You seem to think you know better than everyone. Have at.


      • Re: “katiesan, The only ‘side’ i[s] what the law says (FYI the ACLU represented even Milo Yiannopoulos for free speech). We’re are not in some effing kingdom. Or do you want to be?”

        I may have missed something, but Julia seems to be the only poster “contributing” to the discussion here with a snarky ad hominem directed at a woman. Maybe just ignore her in future?


    • That would be great. Speaking of Feminist Current, Meghan Murphy was permanently banned from Twitter this weekend for referring to Yaniv as “him” in violation of their policy on misgendering, which–no one here will be surprised to learn–was only put in place after she posted the offending tweet. What kind of influence does this Yaniv creep have that major, on-line platforms are willing to change their rules just to take down anyone who exposes him?

      These are exactly the sorts of rule changes totalitarian governments have used to target people they want silenced and create a climate of self-censorship by making people afraid to say anything that might break unknown rules in the future.

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      • There’s a petition to have Twitter re-instate Meghan Murphy’s account, should anyone wish to sign: https://www.change.org/p/twitter-re-instate-meghan-murphy

        Also, I just read that WordPress didn’t actually change their Terms of Service page until AFTER they’d shut down GenderTrender and the other feminist blogs. It’s in the update at the end of this post: https://adland.tv/adnews/wordpress-shuts-down-several-feminist-blogs-without-warning

        If that information is accurate, they pulled the blogs, then retconned the Terms of Service to justify their actions!

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      • My guess is Yaniv has no connections. This is something Twitter has wanted to do for a while and this is just an excuse. There is no policy. If there were they’d have to ban half the users. Very few people consistently gender those clowns.

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      • I wasn’t been able to get the Feminist Current site to load this morning. Does anyone know what’s happened? It has its own domain name, so I wonder if domain hosting companies are now shutting down feminist sites–or maybe it’s some kind of anti-feminist DDOS attack.


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  31. Gallus, I am distraught at what is happening to you. I hope you don’t walk away but I will accept it if you do. It’s becoming untenable at twitter. Free speech has been completely shut down, particularly around pedophiles and violent men, who fall under the dead naming bullshit. I always used he in relation to the brigade, and I’m not about to change that, so I’ll be thrown off soon. The quicksand that is transgenderism is swallowing us all up and I don’t see anywhere to turn. Best wishes and heartfelt thanks to you for all you’ve done over the years. You will not be forgotten.

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  32. Hello, about four years ago I found your site and breathed a huge sigh of relief. I wrote about how my newly ex-husband was trying to compare his “breast growth” with our eight year old and telling her that they could “become women together”. I thought I was losing my mind because at that time everyone was so! happy! for him because of course this was such a brave choice. Well after a few years the horrid effects of the massive hormones and surgery made him so much worse. He has changed his mind about being a woman or man about four times-each time requiring his co-workers to switch pronouns…as of today is no longer claiming to be transgender but that might change! All contact was cut off from our kid after more terrifying behavior showed his mental instability. Your site was the the ONLY place I could go where I felt like people actually got it-they really understood what is happening here and I am so very sad it was taken down. I gasped when I saw the screen with the notice. I’m so sorry this happened. Thank you so much for doing all the work you’ve done.

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  33. I have been reading up on transgender issues for nearly two months now, and have been shocked at the speed at which this movement is getting larger and more influential. It now seems as though they are not happy at just rewriting the accepted science of biology, but have now turned their attention to rewriting history as well, in order to protect abusers and murderers.
    Is it any coincidence, that many trans people seem to be mysoginistic, aggressive and narcissistic, and judging by what is happening in the UK, they also want to close down any form of debate – even when invited onto debating platforms.

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