An open letter to the medical profession

“I know better than most how precious a career in medicine is and I am willing to risk it for the sake of preventing harm. Why aren’t you?”

This fine article (reblogged below) launches a new website by a detransitioned Welsh medical student, “More Rote Than Meaning.”

In her first paragraph, MoreRote mentions the case of Helen Webberley, the UK GP under investigation by the UK General Medical Council for prescribing cross-sex hormones to 12-year-olds. In the US, gender doctors do the same with impunity–with no media or medical-board scrutiny in sight. We tweeted about the stark contrast between the two countries here:

Many thanks to MoreRote for telling her story, and for raising crucial ethical questions about medical transition of children and young adults.


More Rote Than Meaning

In recent years, the presence of transgender issues in the public consciousness has seen a seemingly exponential rise. There has been a concurrent rise in referrals to the Tavistock and Portman paediatric gender clinic, with almost two thirds of those referrals being for natal females (1). Though there is currently no NICE guidance governing the treatment of trans-identified children, said children are routinely treated with GnRH analogues (aka puberty blockers) from as young as the age of 12 and cross-sex hormones from the age of 16 (2, 3). This policy is next up for review in 2019, and a number of transgender charities are calling for the age limit for cross-sex hormones to be lowered, with some demanding hormones be freely available over the counter (4). A private GP, based in Wales, recently took matters into her own hands, prescribing cross-sex hormones to children as young as 12, despite an…

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7 thoughts on “An open letter to the medical profession

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I believe if more bravepeople like you start to become more vocal than maybe ,just maybe, things will start to change. Thank you and I wish more medical professionals would have your courage and ethics.

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  2. Yes, thank you very much! You are very brave. I sent a link to a friend, who is not directly involved in all this, and she was very impressed. Every medical professional who stands up against the present extreme and fanatical regime of addressing gender identity issues is making a huge difference in these vulnerable person’s lives.


  3. this is a brave post (and braver life position) by morerote. I hope courage abounds because in the med/psych/pharm business it is very hard to go against the grain like this.


  4. This is an excellent article countering the lies, half truths, alternative facts of the trans cult and their attack on women’s and children’s rights. I would love it if all doctors and so called mental health workers could read it and that we all could, as mature adults, have open, level headed debate and dialogue on the trans madness and the false concept of gender identity. And why has the medical profession, supposedly based on science and scientific fact, exploration and factual well designed evidence, fallen for the false concept of “gender?” Gender is a patriarchal concept, feminine/masculine, created to keep females oppressed and males dominant. All our institutions are part of the patriarchy, so have accepted the trans narrative, as feeble as it is, built on sand, because it furthers the patriarchy. For trans and their allies, it is shamefully acceptable for men to Appropriate femaleness, to define what a female is. How oppressive this is to all females. And, how destructive to all children it now is, steering vulnerable youth into a life of drugs and surgery instead of encouraging children into healthy exploration of their own sexualities and identities, free of medical intervention. The bullying, the shutting down of free speech, and differing ideas that the trans cult engages in is proof of their own weak arguments, based on quick sand, on faux ideas. It needs to end, and articles like this one will begin to shed light on what is true.

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  5. Fantastic! I clicked through and read the entire post. I applaud your courage to speak out about the lack of support for detransitioners and the precarious position doctors are in when it comes to trans issues. I hope this reaches a wider audience in the medical community.

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  6. I would cautiously recommend The Menninger Clinic in Houston, Texas as a place with a more sober approach to gender identity issues. My therapist and I listened in on one of their many call-in training sessions.


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