Transgender Children PREDATOR ALERT: Riley Byerly

Warning: This is a highly disturbing, important piece of investigative journalism by GenderTrender. All parents of trans-identified youth need to read it.

Many parents turn to adult trans activists for advice on how to parent their kids. While no one would suggest every such “advisor” is a dangerous predator, is it really a wise idea to seek counsel from such individuals? Particularly since some better-known trans activists, and organizations run by such activists, encourage young people to abandon parents if they won’t endorse their transgender identity–and seek solace in “glitter families” of strangers on the Internet.

17 thoughts on “Transgender Children PREDATOR ALERT: Riley Byerly

  1. It doesn’t take a genius to see how vulnerable trans identified teens are online . I would bet that for everyone as reckless as byerly there’s 20 more that actually try to hide their pedophilia so it isn’t totally obvious.

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  2. I wonder why the State even allowed him online or for that matter out of the grounds of the Hospital. With that kind of evidence that he has, he should be in federal prison for 25 to life.

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  3. I’ve noticed this myself looking at different blogs by mothers with boys that identify as girls (of very young age), like Gendermom for example. Gendermom describes how she found her daughter an older “sister”, who is like her (don’t know anything about this person though). In other posts, she describes Caitlyn Jenner as being like her daughter. She doesn’t mention autogynephilia at all. (She is probably one of the more famous bloggers out there).

    I don’t think they have any idea that autogynephilic transsexuals even exist, no idea anyhow about the autogynephilic/homosexual transsexual taxonomy.

    When you have one paraphilia such as autogynephilia there is a very high likelihood that you have another one (in this case pedophilia most likely). There are lot of people of this type in the media, in Stefonknee Wolschts case it’s probably autopedophilia, but it’s described by Stefonknee as “transgender” and “play therapy”. (He has sex with his adoptive parents dressed as a little girl, and plays with their daughter who is like 6 years old or something). This guy was a lot in media, and it seems people in general can’t tell the difference between this dude, and an effeminate boy/man wanting to present as a woman for non-paraphilic reasons.

    Btw, I don’t see GenderTrender as a reliable source though overall, I’ve seen them misrepresent things in the past. It’s a very radfem place. Most the people I’ve tried to discuss things with there have seemed insane to me, one said that all autogynephiles are rapists and molesters of children, and I asked for a source, she responded with a study of transsexual prisoners in California, 400 or so, it stated clear that less than 15% was in there for life or more, and around 20% was sex offenders, very few were white (autogynephilia is most common among white and asians), and it’s most likely that a lot of the sex offenders were homosexual transsexual prostitutes (if you are convicted of prostitution in California you are a sex offender), I pointed this out, and she stopped responding.


    • Who is ‘she’? The comments are not heavily moderated, so you are twisting the evidence yourself if you say it isn’t a reliable source because of conversations you’ve had with the readers of it. The readers are not the ones who write the blog.

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      • GenderTrender has done groundbreaking investigative work that no one else will touch with a 10-foot-pole. You don’t have to agree with everything written on the site to realize how important her work is. And LC is exactly right: commenters on a blog are responsible for their own opinions. You cannot ever assume that a blog author agrees with everything commenters say. Speaking from experience‚Ķ

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      • From what I have seen during several years of being a regular GenderTrender reader, if any GenderTrender blog post contains misinformation, the blog owner corrects it when alerted to the mistake. As others have pointed out, anyone with an internet connection can leave comments. Many commenters leave their opinions rather than facts; that’s what comments sections are for.

        Like the writers on this blog, Gallus Mag over at GenderTrender is not afraid to stick her neck out in defense of those harmed by gender ideology — who are, for the most part, women and children. Both 4thwavenow and GenderTrender consistently go where no paid journalists will go, lifting up rocks to expose the creepy-crawlies and nastiness hiding underneath. Parents who are fighting the child/teen/young adult transgender epidemic owe Gallus Mag a huge debt, because just as 4thwavenow does, Gallus Mag is fearlessly exposing the ridiculousness, hypocrisy, and abusiveness of transgenderism, and of gender in general.

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      • 4thwavenow:

        “groundbreaking investigative work”

        Really? Maybe you know something I don’t, but mostly from what I’ve seen from GenderTrender it seems to be reposts of articles about convicted autogynephilic transsexuals from online newspapers. In this case it mostly seems to be stalking a person online and for once finding something good (which I admit). It also seems to be a lot of youtube videos of autogynephiles making fools of themselves, and general stuff of the day.

        I entirely agree it’s important to gather it all on a blog for general consumption and that people can learn about autogynephiles and be warned this way, so in that way it’s good. But it’s seems to be driven by paranoia, and Gallus Mag makes some pretty “mean” comments herself.

        However that blog is misinformative about the science overall, and presents a very feminist viewpoint (sex as a social construction and overall gender theory).

        I wish I could point out the articles I’ve reacted to in the past, is there a way to see them all in a list somehow so I can find the ones I found a bit misinformative?

        Btw, as I wrote on GenderTrender, I sent a tip to the Norwegian police about this person, just to make sure.


      • It’s hard to imagine any other blog or news outlet doing the work she just did to inform the public about this individual, with sourced material (not unfounded allegations). GenderTrender was also one of the first sites (as early as 2011) to discuss the less-than-rosy issues related to child transition. For that alone, she deserves recognition.

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      • Nicholas, we received your latest comment. We aren’t going to publish it, because we’re not interested in 4thWaveNow being used as a venue to attack another blog which shares our fundamental objectives: shining a light on little-known aspects of pediatric transition, as well as the excesses of trans activism. 4thWaveNow contributors and administrators have a diversity of viewpoints on the question of biological vs. sociological aspects of “gender.” But we respect the work of Gallus Mag and GenderTrender, and aren’t going to provide a platform for someone who just appears to have an ax to grind. Why not start your own blog?

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      • I dont understand why I can reply to some comments and not others. this is to Nicholas, who said:

        >However that blog is misinformative about the science overall, and presents a very feminist viewpoint (sex as a social construction and overall gender theory).

        What do you mean ‘however’ it presents a feminist viewpoint? As if feminists viewpoints are a bad thing? It’s feminism that is attempting to defend women and girls, and mainly, that now means radfems, since libfems have totally forgotten that feminism is about liberation and freedom and all the difficulties that brings with it, and have retreated into ‘messing around for a few yeras before getting a man to do the heavy lifting is my choice, so that’s totally feminism, lol, and whatever sexualised behaviour I present in order to capture that man is also feminism.”

        And the feminist viewpoint is NOT ‘sex is a social construct’. Its GENDER that is the social construct. Sex is a biological reality. Whatever the hell ‘verall gender theory’ is, I don’t know. But here’s the facts: Sex is reality. Its why Isis take Yazhidi GIRLS for sex slaves, while any man ‘identifying as a woman’ could just hide that, and not be taken. To claim ‘biology isnt real’ is insane.

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  4. Unfortunately, this story is not the first, nor will it be the last, one that details a sexually and mentally troubled person, taking advantage of parents’ credulity, to gain access to children and teens for improper purposes. Look … it might be that a man who offers your child candy and a ride in his car, only wants to be nice. But you don’t advise your child that it’s okay to go with him, do you? What I see in this brave new era of transgender activism is men, all over the place, telling parents, and women, “forget your normal and natural scruples, because this time we’re different.” They’re fine in our bathrooms and locker-rooms (trust them!), they’re fine in our prisons and DV shelters (trust them!) and they’re fine with our children and teens, unsupervised (trust them!).

    If some guy came and started chatting up your child or teen at the mall, or the library, or in the park, every red flag would go up. You’d never in a million years permit your kid to spend any time in that person’s company. But somehow – and crazily enough, in a situation that’s sort of inherently sexual – we’re told that if we don’t trust random internet men with our kids, we’re the ones with the problem.

    Predators predate, and the reason they live to predate another day is because they get smarter at it as they go along. They figure out situations and people and even causes to exploit. I saw this, sadly, when I was a PFLAG leader. Yes, a small percentage of disturbed men did take advantage of being involved with gay rights and family causes to gain access to young people. Not even close to everybody – the vast majority of folks involved with it were upstanding – but those few bad apples that I encountered showed me that it was never right to suspend my protective instincts.

    Whether it’s dressing up young boys as grown women and parading them at drag queen events (Ru Paul, I’m looking at you, and I’m not happy at what I see), or wanting to serve as “transgender mentors” to teens, or telling kids to go and find their “glitter families,” there is a seedy, shady underbelly to a lot of this. And just because parents might prefer not to look at it, or to assume the best, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

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