UK pediatric transition referrals DOUBLE in SIX months, girls far outnumber boys, many under 10 years old

Scanning through my Twitter feed this morning, I nearly scrolled past this little news item tweeted by the Guardian:

According to a freedom of information response obtained by the Guardian, the number of children referred to the Tavistock has jumped from 314 referrals in 2012-13 to 697 referrals in 2014-15. In the last six months the service has seen a further increase in referrals with 634 children referred between April and September.

Children? LITTLE children:

Many of the referrals – 151 from 2012-13 to 2014-15 – relate to children under the age of 10, including one three-year-old and 12 four-year-olds.

Yesterday, I posted about a very recent research survey conducted by members of the Dutch team of clinicians who pioneered pediatric medical transition. They found that, worldwide, there is a growing sense of unease amongst clinicians working in child gender clinics. It is widely acknowledged that there is no long-term research to support the current medical paradigm for “treating” children with gender dysphoria–to the point that some providers are even forming “moral deliberation” groups to “rethink” aspects of the pediatric “treatment” protocol.

Does the Guardian article hint at any such doubts? To be fair, the director of London’s Tavistock clinic, Polly Carmichael, does hint:

“The increase is challenging,” Carmichael said. “We are keen to provide space for young people to fully explore their options and find their own way forward. It is a very complicated issue.”

If Guardian reporters would bother to read the 17-clinic survey study, they might be able to expand a bit more on some of these “complicated issues.” Oh wait, they do–in one paragraph, written in the passive voice, accompanied by a glamorous photo of Laverne Cox:

Increased media interest, the proliferation of social media where children and young people can discuss gender identity issues, and the prevalence of trans figures in popular culture such as Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox, is thought to be part of the reason why there has been such a significant increase in these referrals.

“Thought to be”–it is thought by whom?  Couldn’t you find anyone to go on the record to say this publicly? And just how ironic is it that this reporter touches on “increased media interest” without even a phrase devoted to her OWN role, in this very article, in promoting the media circus.

But never mind, because the rest of the article makes clear that the real issue is how important it is to serve all these kids and parents who are demanding transition services.

The Tavistock and Portman NHS trust gender identity development service in London has said that attempting to meet the demand from children seeking their services has put them under huge pressure…

A spokeswoman for the Tavistock said: “Gender expression is diversifying”, adding that it was important for young people to explore and develop their own path.

Let’s see: Should some of those kids with their “diversifying” identities perhaps just be advised to be comfortable in their own bodies?  Is it the duty of the NHS to be “candy sellers” (to quote the wise ethicist in the Journal of Adolescent Health survey) vs. raising a few questions with primary-school children and their doting parents? If question-raising or encouraging other, less extreme options is part of what “support from specialist services” means, it is certainly not stated in this article.

Instead, we get to hear from none other than Jay Stewart, of “Gendered Intelligence,” that NGO which has been teaching preschoolers to obsess about gender for the last 7 years.

Jay Stewart, director of Gendered Intelligence, an NGO that promotes greater understanding of gender diversity, said there are now more than 50 gender options on Facebook rather than the traditional two.

Tail wagging the dog much? Kid signs up for an account on Facebook. Kid has 50 “identity” options to choose from. Hm, kid ponders. Guess this gender thing is really something I need to worry about.  Guess I need to decide whether my body is some alien appendage attached to my all-knowing, gender-generating mind. Because I can’t possibly actually BE my healthy, evolution-crafted body, can I? I am only my ideas, my notions–one of the “identities” Facebook helpfully cooked up with the help of trans-identified employees.

This is the tip of the iceberg of what gender identity is going to look like in the future,” [Stewart] said. “Young people have a very sophisticated understanding of gender yet the world is lagging behind. There is poor understanding of these issues and a lot of hostility and discrimination. Everyone’s gender identity and journey is unique and the numbers of children and young people wishing to transition are going to keep going up and up.”

If it wasn’t clear from other statements Stewart has made publicly, this paragraph crystallizes the matter. “Gendered Intelligence” is not in the business of helping children (with their “sophisticated understanding”) feel positively about who they are. Stewart isn’t teaching 4-year-olds to break gender stereotypes. Right here in black and white, we see that children “wishing to transition” is what those drug-company-taxpayer-funded “lessons” are all about. Because the word “transition” means only one thing: rejecting the sex you are to become one you aren’t.  And as we know from the story reported a couple of days ago, granting childish wishes is what Stewart and his minions are all about:

It’s so important to be teaching children in schools that they can be anything that they want regardless of the gender that they have been given at birth.

Seems Jay Stewart might as well be appointed as a government minister in the UK. Yesterday’s Guardian also featured Stewart as the key advocate for what sounds like soon-to-be-implemented governmental oversight of social media for UK residents who use Twitter, Facebook, or other online networking sites:

Jay Stewart, the director of Gendered Intelligence, a transgender youth group, agreed that more needed to be done about transphobic abuse online…

…“There needs to be more regulation. If people behaved like that in a school or at work it would be dealt with.

Dealt with how? Jail terms? Firings?

“People also think that being trans has something to do with child abuse or they obsess over gender reassignment surgery. All of this comes down to an educational issue and the government can do more here,” Stewart said.

Seems like the government is doing quite enough, paying for Gendered Intelligence to propagandize children in the UK schools, and providing free-at-point-of-service medical transition. But hey, a new Ministry of Thought Police would give taxpayers more bang for their buck, with Stewart at the helm.

Returning to today’s Guardian piece, what about the surge in girls “wishing” to transition, a trend that is being noticed around the world?

According to the Tavistock figures, more girls want to become boys (893) than boys want to become girls (579). Carmichael said the larger number of girls was likely to have a complex explanation. “It might be to do with increased confidence in natal females coming forward but there are lots of unknowns. But we’ve seen a large rise in natal females coming forward, which deserves fuller exploration,” he said.

At least this spokesman thinks the issue “deserves fuller exploration.” But the Guardian reporters aren’t going to do that exploration, now are they? ARE they?

Because, right. It’s just that girls who hate their bodies are feeling more “confident.” Confident of what? Certainly not that it’s perfectly ok to be a “gender nonconforming” female without spending the rest of your life injecting testosterone, undergoing surgery after surgery, and, oh, maybe regretting the kids you never got to have because your parents and people like Jay Stewart–and the “charity” Mermaids–thought it was a brilliant idea to sterilize you instead of allowing you to go through natural puberty.

The charity Mermaids, which provides support to children and families on the issue of gender transition, says children who want to transition can be given gender hormone blockers to prevent the onset of puberty followed by cross-sex hormones. The former are reversible but the latter are less reversible. Currently cross-sex hormones are available from the age of 16 on the NHS.

Signal boost, parents and teens! Just letting you know to come-and-get your free-at-the-point-of-service testosterone when you turn 16! But cross-sex hormones are “less” reversible. That’s a pretty wishy-washy way of saying that your beard, deep voice, and a host of other things that haven’t even been researched are going to be permanent changes. Oh, and then there’s that pesky little problem I keep harping about: that when you follow blockers by cross-sex hormones (as casually mentioned in the paragraph above) you won’t be able to have any kids of your own. But you couldn’t have mentioned that, could you, Diane Taylor, the author of this piece, with your “particular interest” in “human rights”? How about the human right of not being proactively sterilized and permanently altered when you’re too damn young to understand what you’re doing?

Susie Green, the chair of Mermaids, said:“Our children are being failed on a daily basis … There is a crisis. NHS primary care services often don’t understand what is going on with these children and can be dismissive and say, ‘This is just a phase they’re going through.’

Mother's Day card offered for sale by

Mother’s Day card offered for sale by “Mermaids” on their website

Except that the people who know the most about these issues, including the Dutch clinicians who started this whole pediatric transition thing, say, over and over again, that most prepubescent children ARE usually just “going through a phase.

Parents, family members, reporters-with-a-conscience, child development specialists: Are you going to let this continue? Are you going to let the media just go on racing ahead with its propaganda, while the rate of children who “wish” to “transition” doubles, triples, quadruples–how many is too many?

And in case it isn’t painfully clear, you bet I am writing this post in anger this morning. When even some of the people who administer these “treatments,” who are profiting from them, are expressing doubts, but the lazy mainstream (and even the supposedly “feminist” media) continues to behave as de facto propaganda organs for adult trans activists, it’s hard not to become infuriated.

I keep thinking I’m past outrage. But the blood pounding in my ears right now tells me I’m nowhere near Peak Trans.

28 thoughts on “UK pediatric transition referrals DOUBLE in SIX months, girls far outnumber boys, many under 10 years old

  1. Lot of work here, thanks much for this. I keep wondering how the medical community is going to extricate themselves from this mess. I wonder how they’re going to handle all the lawsuits or are they going to persuade congress to pass a law rendering it impossible for the victims of this atrocity to sue. I wonder how many children have to live their entire lives with mutilated bodies and realize too late that no one in authority at all was wiling to protect them from the media cult.

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    • They are already passing bills to make it difficult for young patients to sue. I think these anti- “conversion therapy” bills are mostly about protecting medical providers from being sued for transing kids after things go badly. These bills are advertised as prohibiting the awful conversion therapy that many adolescent gays went through 20+ years ago. But they define conversion therapy as ANY therapy designed to change sexual orientation OR perceived gender. Why are these bills being passed now? At this point, Christian counselors in the US can still try to change sexual orientation, but they can’t engage in that practice and remain licensed by any professional behavioral health body that I’m aware of. These bills wouldn’t prohibit anti-gay counseling for non-licensed counselors. The only thing they do, that I can see, is inhibit therapists who are not on the trans train from seeing kids who are gender non-conforming. That, and protect the social workers and doctors who are transing the kids like crazy from ever being held accountable. I don’t see the medical community suffering from this in the future. They’re already getting their ducks in a row.

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      • I know about the “conversion therapy” bills they are passing, whereby they are trying to prohibit therapists critical of transitioning kids from even TALKING about other options (and, as always, the trans brigade has piggybacked on the LGB gains–the Orwellian irony, of course, being that many of these “trans kids” would grow up to be gay or lesbian). But I don’t see how this is going to prevent a child, or the child’s advocate, who was given hormones or surgery as a minor from suing LATER–in adulthood, or maybe still as a minor depending on the situation. I don’t see how these transition providers will have immunity against such suits, because outlawing “conversion” therapy is not the same as giving therapists/doctors legal immunity for harms they cause. That’s why providers carry medical malpractice insurance. Just because they outlaw “conversion” therapy does nothing to prevent them being sued for malpractice–right?

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      • I personally hope it’s not going to take decades for people to wake up, with unhappy adults bringing suit 10 or 20 years after they were sterilized. And I agree with you that things don’t look good, with any alternative to “transition” being made illegal. But even when there is only one legal or recognized “treatment” for some disorder, it didn’t protect providers from lawsuits (e.g. lobotomies, Thalidomide).

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  3. It just seems that there is one new article after another in the UK press coming out at the moment. Perhaps it is because the Parliamentary Inquiry on Transgender Equality has just finished hearing oral evidence and receiving written submissions. The Committee received 230 submissions. There
    are 5 recorded committee sessions attended by various ”interested” groups, including Gires, Gendered Intelligence, Tavistock and Portman Clinic, Mermaids and various others plus 194 written submissions. All of these are available in PDF form here

    I’ve not really begun to sit down to watch or read through all of them, but I’m sifting through them!

    Who knows just how much this Inquiry has cost the tax paper? In your last 3 posts you’ve asked the pertinent questions about medical treatment that I haven’t heard being asked by the Inquiry or in the media. The reason for this is that as far as the UK government is concerned those questions regarding the medical treatment of people who identify as trans or GD have been answered and they have produced explanatory leaflets to prove that. The remit of this inquiry is……..

    – how well the current law is operating
    -employment and workplace issues
    -transphobia and hate crime
    -trans people in the criminal justice system
    -NHS services for trans people
    -issues affecting trans youth.

    I can’t believe that the government is going to keep spending money on this ever increasing number of referrals without asking why for too much longer. I’m afraid it might be budgets that dictate further investigations. My worry is that the ”hate crime” legislation may cause any intelligent questioning to become impossible. It really is an Orwellian scenario.

    Of the submissions to the Enquiry that I’ve looked at so far only one has stood out from the others, apart from Sheila Jeffrey’s that was highlighted on Gender Trender a little while ago. It’s made by Angela Gbemisola on behalf of Parents campaigning for sex equality for children and young people. I don’t know anything about them or how to contact them but they are on your wavelength…….

    ”We are a voluntary group of concerned parents and grandparents who are raising our own young children or are responsible for caring for our grandchildren. Like many other parents groups, we aim to raise our own children in non-sexist ways as far as possible and to challenge the pervasive gender stereotypes for boys and girls that are promoted by the toy, clothing, entertainment and media industries. We also campaign for more effective social policies and practices to counteract socially produced gender conformity in early years education, primary and secondary schools in order to achieve greater sex equality for girls and boys in adulthood.

    We are not against equal rights for transgendered adult people except where they conflict with the equal rights of others. In particular we are very concerned about the recent developments in the transgendering of children. We believe that children also have rights to be protected from harm as stated in the UN convention on Children’s Rights (l989) and not be subject to social and medical experimentation where the long term outcomes are uncertain and harmful.”

    So at least not all parents in the UK are rushing along to the gender identity clinic when John wants to wear pink or Jane wants to play with trucks and won’t wear dresses.

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  4. I can’t help but wonder what it’s like in some of these families when it comes time to take the kid to the gender doc. Most kids HATE going to the doctor. They resist it with everything they’ve got.

    “No, Ma! I don’t need a doctor! My earache is getting better. I’m sure I’ll be able to go to school tomorrow,” says the kid who is running a 103 degree temperature and has goo coming out of her ear.

    “Why do I need a doctor? I only threw up six times… BLLLLLLAAAAAAARRRRRFFFFFF… Seven times.” This is coming from a kid on the verge of dehydration.

    “No shot! No shot! No shot!” Actual words from my younger sister circa 1975.

    Or how about that episode of The Brady Bunch where Peter is faking sick but suddenly recovers when Mom & Dad threaten to call the doctor?

    On a more serious note, what about children with severe or even life-threatening illnesses? All they want is to get better so they can live a normal life, without all those doctors’ visits and hospitalizations. The same goes for their parents.

    So what exactly is happening in these households with trans kids? Do these kids actually LIKE going to the doctor? Don’t they get creeped out when the doctor checks them over to determine if they’ve entered that stage of puberty where they go on blockers? Doesn’t it bother them to get hormone injections? Don’t they ever tell their parents no, this hurts too much, I don’t want to do this anymore, I’m not sick? If so, how do the parents respond?


  5. This morning on NPR I heard a story about research on producing chimeras — animal/human hybrids. As always with such efforts there are benign goals — for instance, growing extra kidneys and other body parts for transplantation. As always with such efforts there are also questions the scientists can’t fully answer, regarding the potential for cells at a low level of differentiation to become human brain cells or gametes in animal hosts, and the somewhat murky possibilities. As always with such efforts, there are the eager scientists assuring the public that negative consequences are very unlikely — almost impossible.

    “Just trust us.”

    At least the story was somewhat balanced, with the reporter even raising (very appropriately, IMO) the concept of HUBRIS in this scenario.

    Where are the reporters willing to raise the concept of med/psych/pharma hubris in the transkids scenario? Where are the reporters willing to dig into the potential physical and psychological consequences of just letting this “movement” keep steamrolling forward, locking kids into a lifetime relationship with med providers and sterilizing them when they absolutely cannot provide informed consent? Where are the reporters willing to investigate WHY clinicians and doctors and researchers with doubts are afraid to be quoted in this environment?

    Where are the reporters with a decent grasp of research practices, sociopolitical movements, and (dare I say it) ethical/moral/existential questions with regard to this runaway train?

    Not at the Guardian, that’s for sure.

    Jay Stewart thinks the old fogeys should simply embrace the notion of kids being asked to contemplate 50 gender identifications. Because, hey, progress, right? The human race marching forward to its next phase of happiness and justice?

    You know what? If a person could walk into a magic box and press a button and come out healthy in any one of 50 gender flavors, with zero long-term physical and emotional tradeoffs? I’d sign off on that. Whatever. I don’t think this kind of fixation on your body and your self-identification is in any way a healthy way to live, but … whatever. However, we don’t have any magic boxes. We don’t have anything close to magic boxes. We do, however, have Jazz and mermaids and Caitlyn and Laverne and Aydian and a lot of media organizations who are super fascinated with the exotic transkids.

    I’m tired of ranting. It feels pointless. I appreciate your work so much, 4thwave, but … there’s a tragedy unfolding here, and unless some of the professional med/psych insiders and some of the reporters join forces, grow some backbone, I don’t think this thing’s going to turn around.

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  6. “People also think that being trans has something to do with child abuse or they obsess over gender reassignment surgery. All of this comes down to an educational issue and the government can do more here,” Stewart said.

    I wonder who is educating the government? So the thought police are suggesting that a parent who expresses worry about a child making life altering decisions,( a child who is unable to give informed consent due to the fact that they are aminor/ child), will now be considered to be using hate speech? So, no more asking questions?

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    • Yes they are basically planning to put curbs in place, to censor people making “transphobic” comments on social media. The article that quote comes from makes it sound like this regulation is more or less a done deal; it’s just a matter of implementing the policy.

      I spend a lot of time watching social media. What most activists call “transphobia” is often simply people raising questions, or expressing the opinion that it is impossible to change sex. The threats of harm I’ve seen are nearly always aimed at feminists who dare to question the trans narrative. Death and rape threats are common. There is something very odd about a UK minister of culture (who is quoted in the article) only seeming to care about “transphobic” comments but no mention of the nasty threats aimed at anyone who dares to question.

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      • That attitude is really prevalent in lefty UK circles at the moment. If you even ask an innocent question about gender identity, even if it’s because you genuinely want to know the answer, and have not framed it in an antagonistic way, you are likely to get flamed.
        It’s actually the same when people genuinely need answers about topics such as refugees, Islam, sex work, sexual preferences or the whole “cultural appropriation” thing. If you leave a door open for someone to give a dissenting opinion by asking a question, you are enabling “bigotry” and must be shut down.
        Trans activists tend to be the most aggressive users of this tactic.

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  7. “This is the tip of the iceberg of what gender identity is going to look like in the future,” [Stewart] said. …Everyone’s gender identity and journey is unique and the numbers of children and young people wishing to transition are going to keep going up and up.”

    This is so disturbing. Such a warped viewpoint. Stewart believes everyone should just accept an ever increasing rush to transition kids. No concerns about what potential damage this may do to their bodies or their mental health.

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    • I was so struck by that statement too. It makes it so obvious that that organization is in the business of promoting medical transition for children. They seem to see it as an unmitigated good. That Stewart is being quoted all over the major media in Britain and being listened to as the expert on these issues is beyond disturbing. Especially because the media seems to have no interest in presenting an alternative view.

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  8. O Brave New World that has such notions in it.

    It sounds like Stewart actually believes that everybody ought to be able to pick a gender ID on a revolving basis. Like whatever you want to order this week from the Chinese menu. And … then get a body to match that. Just as a normal human variation. (Presumably if your ideas about your ID change, you ought to be able to keep changing the body to match, too.)

    Where the strictly practical problem with this notion lies, is, why should insurance pay for all that? (I’m not talking about existential problems here. Though they are enormous. IMO.)

    if it’s just a normal human variation, like a human desiring to have a differently shaped nose or get rid of those pesky frown lines — why should insurance pay for that? If it’s not a pathology but rather a beneficial evolution in human choice, freedom, and happiness? (Because that is where he appears to be going with this, and that is the propaganda that his group and others like his are promulgating among the tiny children to whom they have access. It starts with non-discrimination and equal rights because those things are palatable to well-meaning people. But what he is saying about choice and young people and oldthink goes WAY beyond that.)

    Someone’s going to start asking these questions. Likely the insurance-company someones. When/if it stops being an infinitesimally tiny phenomenon and becomes more widely touted as the ‘new normal’ for human development. You know?


    • Yes. Pro-transition advocates want to have their cake and eat it too. They want no “gatekeeping,” even for little kids. If you want it, you get it, full stop. They want people to stop calling it “disorder.” But they want it to be “medical necessity,” not just cosmetic surgery (like a nose job), because they want taxpayers (in the case of public insurance, like the UK’s NHS or Medicare/Medicaid in the US) and your insurance premiums to pay for it. If you read my post about the skeptical clinicians in the Dutch survey study, I included screen shots of WPATH clinicians actually saying patients should get the treatment even when there is no dysphoria or “distress.” That maybe it’s just “time for a change” to have a more “joyful, happy life.”

      Stewart being the spokesperson for all this, quoted all over the place in the British media, Gendered Intelligence established in the schools and writing “guides” for the NHS–this is so obviously a conflict of interest. Adult trans activists peddle the idea that little kids can be “transgender” because it obviously justifies their own choices. At the very least, the media and the NHS should be seeking out advice and opinions from people who don’t have a vested interest in diagnosing little children as trans.

      They make is sound so benign….kids just “exploring” their identities. We know that’s not what it is. They are promoting extreme medical treatments, AND calling for regulations and the muzzling of anyone who would question this–even on social media.

      I’m really glad that quote appeared in the Guardian. No one could read it without realizing Stewart and his organization have an agenda. They see this as the “tip of the iceberg,” so they want and fully expect that more and more kids will get vacuumed up into this. Any sane person would want to REDUCE the number of sterilized, surgically-manipulated patients. And in fact, until recently, saying that most kids “grow out of it” was settled understanding and best practice was supporting kids in expressing themselves without claiming an “identity.” But now it’s verboten and “transphobic” to even suggest that some of these little kids might AVOID a future of double mastectomies, “neovaginas” that must be inflated daily, sterility, and all the rest of it. In what universe is it a GOOD thing, “a “joyful” thing, to promote these extreme medical treatments? We have gone from these surgeries/hormone treatments being seen as a horrible necessity for a vanishingly small sector of the ADULT population, to a lifestyle choice for preschoolers. It’s hard to believe more people aren’t waking up to the cult-like aspects of this…

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  9. This is getting so ridiculous and out of control! I’m so glad I was born in an era when my parents were able to raise me and my little brother as people, not a collection of stereotypes erroneously based on biological sex and the dominant culture. Had I been born in the 21st century, I’m sure people would’ve hounded my parents to “transition” me because of things like getting in the boys’ line in kindergarten, hating the color pink, never having or asking for a Barbie, loving the Three Stooges, preferring male to female company, loving creepy-crawlies like worms and spiders, and almost never wearing makeup. I wish we could get back to that culture of the Seventies, Eighties, and early Nineties, the attitude embodied in the classic “The Story of an X.” Even X’s parents knew what sex their child really was, in spite of letting X do things and wear clothes associated with the stereotypes of both.

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  10. You give the view of the pro-transitioning doctors:
    “Signal boost, parents and teens! Just letting you know to come-and-get your free-at-the-point-of-service testosterone when you turn 16! But cross-sex hormones are “less” reversible. That’s a pretty wishy-washy way of saying that your beard, deep voice, and a host of other things that haven’t even been researched are going to be permanent changes.”

    You can find posts around the internet in various trans circles encouraging young women and teenage girls to “try out” transitioning, and taking testosterone. They too minimize the long term effects of testosterone (and sometimes even surgeries), pointing out that it’s not “really” permanent because hey, if you don’t like it, you can always “transition back” by getting the same treatments the MTF crowd is getting – breast implants, electrolysis, “facial feminization surgery,” all that.

    They seem to truly believe that the various MTF procedures make them “female,” “changing sex” is “fixable” if you don’t like it (but of course you won’t really regret – those people who regret weren’t really trans, and you’re really trans, right?) and that breast implants after mastectomy would be the same thing as the original – but I suppose if you view breasts as something decorative that helps you fill out a cute dress it might seem that way.

    I too am interested to know how it will go for the first cohort that will have gone straight from “blockers” to cross sex hormones. Not only do they not have a chance to bank gametes, they don’t have a chance for any brain maturing from puberty, and in the case of MTF, they don’t have penile growth that gives the raw materials for the current “best practices” SRS, do they?

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    • I really think some of the attitude with these teens is that it’s like uber-piercings and tattoos. Just slightly more extreme body modification and it’s no big deal. You just change back if you don’t like it. No big deal, right?

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    • “You can find posts around the internet in various trans circles encouraging young women and teenage girls to “try out” transitioning, and taking testosterone.”

      Are their peers encouraging this, or is it adults?


      • Both, which makes the message very amplified. Their fellow “trans girls” and “trans boys” recommend this route of “harmless” exploration (especially on Tumblr and in Youtube transition videos) in addition to the adults.

        If you haven’t taken a look at the blog, it documents the cult-like advice these adults give to confused teens. Highly recommended, but be warned that the conversations are hard to stomach.

        It is one big echo chamber. And the voices like ours are too weak in numbers to be heard.


    • In the case of mtfs – no sexual maturity means most likely no libido. Grnh agonists and cross sex hormones are a killer for the normal adult sex drive. If males never went trough puberty and get all these drugs on top of that – they are rendered sterile with no adult sex drive. These children will never be able to enjoy their bodies as normal adult do. Trans activists, their Patents and doctors took it from them.


  11. I really do feel that those of us who see the insanity reigning now are confined in a global insane asylum & we are getting buried into extinction.


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