UK’s “Gendered Intelligence” has been indoctrinating students for the last 7 years, Daily Mail “can reveal”

Children as young as four are receiving lessons from transgender campaigners – including a man who revealed to primary school classes that he is a ‘trans man’ and was ‘assigned female’ at birth.

Thousands of pupils have had the controversial classes, in which they are encouraged to explore their ‘gender identities’ and are questioned on what being a transsexual means, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Up to 20 primary schools a year pay for the classes, given by campaigners’ organisation Gendered Intelligence. Parents’ groups have reacted with concern that pupils may be ‘frightened’ by the workshops, while experts warned the lessons may confuse young children.

What is a “campaigner’s organisation” (aka “trans activist group”) doing in UK schools?

A look through its extensive website and blog makes it clear that Gendered Intelligence has been embedded with, and partially funded via, the National Health Service, the London Museum, UK lottery funds, and the pharmaceutical company Burroughs-Wellcome for many years. In fact, young people affiliated with Gendered Intelligence literally wrote the book used by the NHS to indoctrinate teachers, kids, and providers about “trans kids.” (See page 3).

Why is the Daily Mail only “revealing” this now, 7 years after the group’s inception? Better late than never, I guess.

Gendered Intelligence has confirmed it teaches pupils of all ages in primary schools, from reception class – where children are aged four and five – up to Year Six, where pupils are aged ten and 11. The workshops cost an undisclosed sum and have been available since 2008.

The Mail on Sunday has seen footage of Gendered Intelligence conducting workshops with primary classes, in a video available for teachers to hire at the cost of £20.

Gendered Intelligence’s founder Jay Stewart, who is giving the class, asks the pupils if they think ‘life will be hard at school if you’re a boy at school who likes doing “girlish things”?’

Mr Stewart then asks the class what they think the word ‘transgender’ means and he follows this by revealing he is a ‘trans man’. He says: ‘When I was assigned at birth, I was assigned female when I was born. So I am transgendered. So have you got any questions for me?’

Let’s see. If I’m a 4-year-old girl, but I’m jealous of my boy classmates, or I like to play with trucks and wear my hair short, maybe I can actually turn into a boy, just like this important, authoritative adult I’m seeing in this film did!

At the second school featured in the film, Westerhope Primary, also in Newcastle, Mr Stewart again tells the pupils that he is transgender – despite teachers asking him beforehand not to do so.

Wow, are those teachers just horrible transphobes? Or do they maybe understand that little kids tend to look up to and EMULATE adults, especially ones they see on a cool video?

Have no fear, though. The Mail reporter tells us the transphobic teacher relented (caved?) and decided it was “right” that Stewart revealed his identity. But at least one psychotherapist, Dilys Daws said:

‘What can get confused is that children who just happen to be unhappy at the moment actually fixing on this being about their gender, when it might be to do with the relationship with a parent.

What is Ms. Daws driving at here? Could a kid decide they are trans for reasons not necessarily to do with some innate gender?

Margaret Morrissey, of pressure group Parents Outloud, said four and five-year-olds were ‘far, far too young’ to receive the lessons. She added: ‘We’re in danger of frightening children and making them feel they ought to feel like this.’

Interesting. Parents Outloud is a “pressure” group, while Gendered Intelligence is…an activist a (no pressure!) “campaign” group.

Mr Stewart said: ‘It’s so important to be teaching children in schools that they can be anything that they want regardless of the gender that they have been given at birth.

It’s so important to tell little 4-year-old children that they can be or have anything they WANT. Because kindergartners don’t ever engage in magical thinking. Little kids don’t ever confuse fantasy with reality.

Gendered Intelligence are very serious about their work. In a blog post this past July, members laid out their vision of the future indoctrination education of all students in the UK schools:

Compulsory introduction of information concerning trans identities and issues into PSHE would give trans* young people the language to talk about and understand their gender identity, as well as reducing the amount of transphobia stemming from ignorance. It is also important to include trans people and the discussion of the issues they face in other areas of the curriculum, for example studying the work of trans writers and artists, or influence figures such as the actress and trans activist Laverne Cox, this provides role models for all students.


What’s next? Uniformed Thought Police patrolling and monitoring classrooms?

Strict policies should be in place for challenging transphobia, as there are with other types of prejudice and discrimination, this includes deliberate misgendering. Once students have been educated on what transphobic actions are and why they are harmful, as well as the appropriate way to discuss trans issues, a zero tolerance policy should be adopted. If both students and staff are encouraged to consistently challenge transphobic actions, it will soon become clear that transphobia is not tolerated, creating a safer environment for trans young people.

In addition to providing posters for schools (only one pound!) like the one pictured above, with helpful pink-in-dress, blue-in-pants stereotyped stick figures, the folks at Gendered Intelligence are busy with many other projects. They run the “whatmakesyourgender” blog with a number of important initiatives, such as helping kids realize they are just fine as they are might very well need packers, pills, padding, or makeup to express their gender identity.


We each use many objects in order to manipulate our bodies and express our gender identity. Gender can be thought of  in terms of  ‘boy’ and ‘girl’, but also in terms of ‘boyishness’ and ‘girlishness’. Sometimes we call this ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’.

Not only do they educate the ignorant on the science of “gender” and what it means to be “boyish” or “girlish.” They are also involved in the arts, some of it generously funded by the grant-making arm of pharmaceutical giant Burroughs-Wellcome (see Excel spreadsheet, with 30K British pounds to “Drawing Gender, Drawing Sex, Drawing Bodies” earmarked for Jay Stewart.) Odd. Why would a pharmaceutical company have an interest in funding a drawing project run by trans activists? No conflict of interest there.

And there’s much, much more than a slick website, school programs, youth (ages 11-25) support groups, and summer camps. The Wellcome [as in, you know, the pharmaceutical company–Burroughs-Wellcome] Collection features a comic exhibit by the Transvengers, a group of 13-19 year old Gendered Intelligence members. Comics!  A sure way to appeal to today’s anime-obsessed youth. And like most of the Orwellian propaganda helpful information distributed by trans youth organizations, these comics turn common sense on its head. They sound like they are about breaking the gender mold, but then….if you’re not into gender roles and stereotypes, how come you need to “transition” to the other sex?

trans avengers

Seems there is no end to the money available to fund activities the staff of 12 has been working on all these years. And the busiest one of all must be director and Gendered Intelligence co-founder Dr. Jay Stewart, who, besides being the star of the preschool video presentations that help children question themselves and reject their own bodies discover their true gender identity,

carries out and oversees the main activities that take place across the organisation. Recently Jay has led on the projects: ‘What makes your gender? Hacking into the Science Museum’ – a £10,000 project funded by Heritage Lottery Fund with the Science Museum, London – and ‘GI’s Anatomy: a life drawing project for trans and intersex people’ – a £30,000 project funded by the Welcome Trust carried out in collaboration with Central School of Speech & Drama, London Drawing and the Gender Identity Development Service, Tavistock Clinic, NHS Trust. Jay also delivers much of the youth group sessions and is a mentor.

A mentor. That sounds benign. Kind of like Big Brothers/Big Sisters? Except we are talking about a “mentor” who was born female but now has a beard and the other accouterments of medical transition. If you’re a little girl “assigned female at birth” and you really don’t like those itchy girl clothes and feel like the boys are having all the fun, Jay tells you “that you can be anything you want regardless of the gender you were given at birth. How exciting is that?

The UK organization Schools Improvement is asking for feedback on the role of Gendered Intelligence in the UK schools. (See bottom of linked page.) Have an opinion? Let them know, especially if you’re a UK resident.

39 thoughts on “UK’s “Gendered Intelligence” has been indoctrinating students for the last 7 years, Daily Mail “can reveal”

  1. Before reaching cognitive development in young adulthood, children, especially those as young as those mentioned here are very suggestible, gullible, and prone to magical thinking. It’s very easy for trusted adults to plant ideas in their minds that they would be unlikely to come up with on their own.

    This “Gendered Intelligence” group is engaging in Orwellian indoctrination and not education.; They have no business teaching classes in a school environment, where the children are a “captive audience”, any more than a religious group belongs in a school teaching creationism. Both are based on politically based junk science and have no business in a place where the goal is to teach objective facts, not belief based fantasy.

    Are these classes mandatory? Or do parents have to sign permission slips and thus have the option of keeping their children out of these propaganda seminars? I’ve never been one to believe in home schooling, but if this is how it’s going to be, I’m thinking that if I were sending a child to school in the UK today, I’d be strongly thinking of doing it now.

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    • I’ve heard that homeschooling is not legal in the United Kingdom, as it is in the US. Anyone know? And I’ve had the same thoughts. Always a believer in public education, some of what I’ve been reading about in the last few months has made me understand the mindset of homeschooling parents much better.

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      • Hello 4thwave, homeschooling is legal (but pretty rare) in the UK. You have to ensure your child has a full time education from the age of 5 and write a letter to the school your child would be at to say they will not be attending, the council is then notified and they can do a check at any time to see that the child is being taught. If they think not they can serve an order on you to send the child to school.

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      • Homeschooling (or “home education” as it’s more usually called here) is certainly legal in the UK. It has an image of being something that’s only really done in the US or by very insular/fundamentalist types who don’t want their children learning about the theory of evolution and so on, but it’s become more common in recent years and has advocates.

        I would also like to point out that contrary to what other posters have suggested, LGB people do educate in schools here about being LGB and that there have been similar media outcries over the idea of teaching 5 and 6-year-olds about homosexuality. In the interests of full disclosure, I have no experience of this at the school where I work (I’m a teaching assistant at a London primary school and the class I work with is 9/10 years old, so closer to puberty when those conversations might be classed as more “appropriate.”) However, I think there’s a difference between teaching children about same sex love (which is not somehow inherently perverted just because children are young; it is no different from them watching a Disney movie where Cinderella and the prince kiss at the end) vs going into medical details – which I consider the mention of packers, etc. to be, even if hormones or surgery aren’t mentioned. My stage of wanting to transition was around 15-16 and even at that age, I would have found that level of detail intimidating in a school class

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      • Home education is legal in England and Wales. The law simply requires that parents ensure their child receives an education, not attend school.
        Parents have to state in writing they will be educating their child themselves and the local authority will likely make a home visit to check it is suitable but that’s it.

        My daughter is too young for school yet but i would withdraw her from a lesson like this. Right now she loves trains, badgers and climbing stuff. I can’t shield her from society’s gender straitjacket forever but I’ll do my best to help her recognise she doesn’t have to do or like “girl” things in order to be a girl.

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      • Homeschooling is legal in the UK, as long as certain administrative stuff is done. It is illegal not to educate your child, but school is not compulsory.
        The “trans kid” thing is not quite as big here in the UK, but vigilance is needed. Current leftist doctrine here is to be completely uncritical of any “outsider” group.

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      • Unfortunately, the trans agenda is also being pushed within the homeschooling/home ed/unschooling movements in the UK. Here, it’s more likely to be very liberal, ‘alternative’ types who choose to educate their children themselves – the very sort of people most likely to go along with the whole ‘born in the wrong body’ nonsense. I have friends who home-ed in various parts of the UK, and they report far more problems with people in their particular home-ed communities pushing the trans agenda than me, and other mothers report from our kids going to primary schools (zero trans stuff going on in my son’s primary school or anywhere else in our area).


  2. That is a scary pedo group. This is the new pedo -grooming? What gives them the right to bypass parental concerns to talk to children about how they have sex as an adult and what their sex fantasy is, ??? It is grooming because it launches a sexual conversation with children away from their parents- that migrates from, ‘I’m a boy and I’m a girl too’- to an inappropriate conversation about their sex organs of the trans person running the class and showing children dildos. It is an adult sexual conversation that belongs in a kinky sex-ad.

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  3. Did the LGB part of LGBT ever do this? I can’t imagine there being a talk to elementary school students by a group from outside the school about being gay – they’d be accused of indoctrination outright, wouldn’t they? Students being gay, or being suspected as such, is still very much under wraps in a lot of smaller schools, in my experience.

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    • Excellent observation. It’s impossible to imagine the equivalent. Gay and lesbian advocates going into preschools and kindergartens, telling the children they too can be gay or lesbian? Never happened did it?

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      • Honestly? I’d rather they did, as its held amongst some experts that a GNC child may most likely grow up gay. And that’s fine.

        Because I’d rather have my daughter navigating the world as a butch lesbian, than do so thinking flannel shirts and testosterone will magic away her vagjna and render her immune to the realities of female existence.
        Because if anything will, it’s NOT transition, but rather the abolition of genderised thinking that punishes female children not for playing with trucks, or Barbie dolls, or whatever – but having a vagina, and it’s cruel to let a GNC girl pretend otherwise, downright abusive even.

        What’s the statistic for rape in transmen? I wouldn’t mind betting it might be somewhat raised, (and it’s too bloody high to start with)and we all know of the consequences medically of such magical thinking, a prime example being Buck Angel.

        Transition [as equation] = homophobia+misogyny

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      • @therealthunderchild – The statistics suggest that the rate of sexual violence against transgender men and women is very high. However, they are lifetime rates so it is not clear if the assaults happened before or after transition.

        from Violence against transgender people: A review of United States data. Abstract at

        “While all surveys have found evidence that sexual violence is shockingly common, the proportion of transgender people reporting violence varies from survey to survey. As discussed later, these variations in rates probably result from differences in how researchers conducted their surveys, and we cannot draw firm conclusions on the actual likelihood that a transgender person will experience sexual violence. However, the most common finding across surveys and needs assessments is that about 50% of transgendered persons report unwanted sexual activity. Clements-Nolle et al. (2006) surveyed 515 MTFs and FTMs and found that 59% reported a history of forced sex or rape, Garofalo et al. (2006) also found her/his survey of 51 MTF youths that 52% reported unwanted sexual intercourse, and Kenagy (2005b) found that 54% of participants reported that they had been forced to have sex. The report with the highest percentage of people who reported being either directly involved or secondary victims (i.e., witnesses) of sexual violence was the FORGE (2005) report, which had 66% of their 264 respondents in the mid-west state that they had been the victims or witnesses of sexual violence, and 23% had been the victims or witnesses of five or more incidences of sexual violence.”


    • I’m studying to be a teacher and the most I’ve encountered were individual teachers who simply dropped the fact that their partner is someone of the same sex (depends on whether this puts their job at risk, obviously). The few times this happens, it is always at the inquiry of the students.


      Student: “Ms/Mr X, do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband?”.
      Teacher: “I have a girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband”.

      When it does happen, the teacher always cuts the conversation short, never really getting into too much detail as per basic teaching protocols.

      That, or a teacher simply reads kids a family book that so happens to feature gay characters. Nothing more than “There’s all kinds of people in this world. Please don’t be mean”.

      I have personally never heard of a gay org advocating for the teaching of sexual orientation to 4-year-olds. That would be absolutely ridiculous. Not even when gay rights were in their infancy did gay orgs parade around kids on television telling the public how they knew they were gay since they were 2.

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      • I am sure the LBG will be the ones to get blamed for the trouble and backlash. Most all of the pedo-trans that want to do this call themselves ‘lesbian’, or ‘gay’, to protect their fantasy and intimidate others [straight and gay] with a ‘pedo-grooming’ concern.

        When my child was 4, she would not keep shoes on and was extremely boyish. If I called her ‘trans’ and bought her a strapon/dildo to wear or pee through, she would take it off after peeing through it once and it would be in the hands of another child pretty quickly. And- kids at that age, often put toys in their mouth. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

        Of course fetishists that eat poop claim that this is something they got interested in around 2 years old. We don’t let Coprophiliacs come into kindergartens to promote eating poop to children, but- I am sure more children would try eating poop if we held a Coprophilia class and told them that a certain # of adults eat poop.


      • We are already blamed for trans politics by the mainstream, yes.

        Notice just how misleading the URL and title are. The commenters of course see all of this as some kind of “Gay Agenda”.

        It is absolutely infuriating, but then again trans have done one hell of a job infiltrating former gay orgs and shifting their priorities (see: Trans Takeover of GLAAD, to the point where GLAAD has abandoned its original name). The overlap between gender-nonconformity and gay meant that during the early days, it was pretty logical to include “tranny/trans” as a part of our community. This was certainly a noble cause, but it sadly opened the door for people who claimed to actually BE the opposite sex and the rest is history.

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      • Well, the Houston ordinance was just fine until the Left insisted on making sure it was trans-inclusive. Catering to them is hurting the LGB, which doesn’t bother trans at all.


      • Me neither. In my experience, a lot of lesbians and gay men are worried that they’d look like they’re “recruiting” kids. I came out in high school, and I’m 99% sure one of my teachers was also a lesbian but she never talked about it and always dodged the question when any student asked her.

        This high school was not completely horrible and I was never bullied for being a lesbian. The most I’m aware of younger kids learning about gays and lesbians is if they have two dad or two moms and the examples you mentioned. Nothing at all like what this trans group is doing.

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    • It was specifically banned in England snd Wales under Section 28 of the local government act 1988. The law was repealed in 2000 but before then not legal to “promote homosexuality” in schools
      This meant that any lgb pupils being bullied were often lacking support as teachers were afraid to be seen to even say “it’s ok to be gay” as it could be deemed promoting homosexuality. Thankfully the law no longer exists

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  4. While I don’t think transgender activists should be in schools, much less infant schools, I’m unsettled that we’re taking articles from the Daily Mail. They’re the rough equivalent of Fox News. I’ve seen what they do to subjects I have knowledge of and I wouldn’t trust them if they said the sky was blue.

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  5. It is one thing to have your child become indoctrinated by trans activist communities online (like mine was), but it seems downright creepy to bring this “campaign” to children at school. Sandwiching these “classes” between science and math would make their narrative appear more valid, like it is any other kind of education.

    I read this comment on a Mumsnet forum a while back (the mother doesn’t say how old her daughter is):
    “My dd’s fixation stems from a talk at school where they talked about transgender issues and said that if you have this you are unhappy and hate your body. So she thinks to herself “that’s how I feel so I must have this”, no matter that I love wearing makeup and have a boyfriend and used to love wearing girly dresses.”

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    • Also, simply by bringing up the issue of “gender” to little kids who, if left alone, would just play and have fun, makes them think about it and wonder if something is wrong with them. The way to “teach” young children that they are ok just as they are…is to TREAT them like they’re ok. No one needs to point out to them that playing with a truck is a “boy thing” or playing with dolls is a “girl thing.” Even if an organization like Gendered Intelligence is not actively promoting the idea of “transition,” their very presence plants seeds in kids’ heads. When my teenager was a little girl, no teacher in preschool or kindergarten interfered with kids and how they played. THEY WERE LEFT ALONE. These groups are intruding on and interfering with normal childhood development.

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      • Re: gendered toys and wishing to be the opposite sex, just spotted this comment th illustrates how children’s minds work-
        “Today me and my son (he’s 4) went to the sainsbury’s toy sale. When down one of the aisles I asked him to pick a few things he liked so Santa could collect them and wrap them up for Christmas. He picked up a barbie and said he wished he was a girl so he could have one I explained to him that he doesn’t need to be a girl to have a barbie if that’s what he wanted he could have it. He then went and happily picked everything you see in this picture
        smile emoticon
        The main thing that stood out for me on this shopping trip was that my 4 year old who I have always allowed to have any toy of any colour automatically thought he couldn’t have a barbie as they are for girls. I’m not sure if it’s the adverts on tv or if it’s his dad (we’re seperated) that has told him this but it’s so heartbreaking to think that a child that young is being told certain toys are for boys and others for girls.”

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      • @grumpyuncleR
        OMG! I LOVE these toys. I love the post. Let the four-year-old have what they want. Toys for four-year-olds are to practice moving their hands and using their imaginations. And playing with Robot Kitties! The Scooby Doo set with an airplane! 😮 AND horses! Is amazing. Incidentally all those Lego and playmobile toys with “figures”? Figures are dolls. OK? Darth Vaders are dolls. G.I. Joe is a doll. Boys have always played with flippin dolls. Just not bloody horrible baby dolls. But what is the best toy here, and the one that will make the genderists heads explode? Robot Kitty. 🤖😺 You’ve got the stereotypically Fembot thing of babies and cats. And you’ve got the stereotypical male thing of basically All Technology Of Any Sort In The Known Universe. Cuz women like never ever use microwaves or cars. Robot Kitty, it actually crosses the bogus male things versus female things line that trans just redraws. Just wanted to wallow in that happy thing. Because the content of this post is so horrific.


    • So she thinks to herself “that’s how I feel so I must have this”, no matter that I love wearing makeup and have a boyfriend and used to love wearing girly dresses

      Even if she hated make up and didn’t have a boyfriend she would still be a girl.

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  6. Having taught students who were trans, I think that students do need very ordinary people who happen to be trans to talk about this. Just makes life a lot more inclusive for everyone. I’ve brought a trans person in to talk to students. She had been hassled in the community, and was terrified but brave enough to come in, and our students were thoughtful, considerate and learned a great deal. It stopped the hassle, n provoked compassionate and interesting conversations. It would’ve been good if the primary schools could have tackled it so it was a non issue


    • our students were thoughtful, considerate and learned a great deal.

      What did they learn ? If it was not to pick on people who look odd, then that’s fine. Or were they expected to take on the delusional beliefs that a woman is nothing more than what a man with a fetish says so, and any woman who dares say no is a transphobe ?

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  9. What on earth?! This should be stopped. It’s completely bizarre. That this organization would think it was appropriate to talk about things to do with genitals to four-year-olds in school shows that they’re simply not fit to be allowed anywhere near such small children. The fact that this is hard-core indoctrination shows they shouldn’t be anywhere near older children either. Plus why is public money being spent on this looney crap? People have made the point that gay rights organizations don’t aren’t allowed to do this. As I was reading the part about policing other people’s transphobia I was thinking we don’t even have stuff like this against racism. And we should. The amount of money in and the pervasiveness of the promotion of what is clearly an ideology and not just rights for some category of people who simply exist, is astonishing. We talk about the backlash and the lawsuits coming hopefully within the next 10 years, but there’s also going to be some mad investigative reporting into how this whole thing was produced. This isn’t a grassroots political movement this is a public relations operation.

    Probably most people know this but the term “campaigning” in British grassroots politics just means activism. For instance there they would talk about “anti-rape campaigners”. It’s not just these weirdos who use that term.

    One thing no one’s mentioned so far is what about a wee girl exposed to this garbage who isn’t gender nonconformist but starts wondering if if she’s girly “enough”. Kind of like the girls and women of normal weight, not anorectic, definitely not fat who because of mass media influence think constantly about their weight. Unhappy and insecure forever, but not actually damaging themselves. This creepy and bizarre Gender Intelligence presentation is teaching the girls that how girly you are is A Very Important Thing. Yow. As somebody else said I hope the parents have to sign a permission slip for them to be exposed to this crap. And that they’ll now stop signing it.

    Thank you, 4th, for letting us know about this appalling thing. 😫

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    • This creepy and bizarre Gender Intelligence presentation is teaching the girls that how girly you are is A Very Important Thing.

      Yes, it’s awful and yet no-one involved with this in the schools is picking up just how backward this all is in terms of stereotypes and pressure on girls particularly that “something is wrong with you”

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  10. Thank you to all of you from across the pond for the additional details! I fell prey to my America-centrism, unfortunately. I find it interesting that LGB groups give talks in schools; I’d love to know more details on how those talks go and what information they contain.

    I looked at the handouts that the trans presenters again, to try to clarify my feelings on them. In theory, I’m not opposed to someone coming in and talking about how transpeople exist – similar to children of LGB kids, there might be kids of trans parents and bullying might be a concern that a little consciousness-raising could prevent. My issue is that all this material looks like it’s trying to get children to decide *right now* if they’re trans or not (that “Everyone thinks I’m a …/But I feel like a…” handout). That shouldn’t be something kids have to worry about, and I’d say the same to anyone trying to get a kid to figure out if they’re… any sort of identity, really. Does that follow?

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