Mom worried her 7-year-old “son” will be scarred for life if not taught that some mommies make sperm

Of all the issues related to pediatric transition, the indoctrination of very young children into delusional, anti-science ideology is among the most disturbing to me. Preschoolers programmed with picture book gender dogma. Confused kids of parents who transitioned from mom to dad considered “douchebags” for not using the correct pronouns.

And here comes another little kid brainwashing story, dutifully carried by Cosmopolitan magazine. This one is a double whammy: not only has the 7-year-old girl already been “transitioned” to a boy; “he” is being intentionally taught that people can defy the objective realities of human reproduction ….just because they feel like it.

Do boys have uta-whatevers?

And here came the tricky part. My son is transgender, meaning that he was assigned female at birth and transitioned to male. How did I explain this process without including gender?

Something I’m noticing lately about these daily trans kid stories: the parents seem to completely jettison any possibility that some of these younger kids might change their minds. Isn’t that the whole point, supposedly, of the “puberty blockers” they’ll get later? To “buy time” to allow the kid to make a final decision when they’re older?  This mom talks about her first grader like it’s a done deal. “Transitioned” to male. Past tense.  Said and done.

Because the truth is, some boys do have uta-whatevers. And some girls have penises. And there was a very real possibility that my son might give birth to a baby of his own someday and become a father.

No, “the truth is” your daughter has a uterus and might someday be a mother.

But parenting no longer has to involve teaching children about reality. If this first grader wishes she were a boy, mom’s job is to warp and bend the truth of mammalian sexual dimorphism into language that fits her child’s (and more importantly, her own) fantasy.

It’s bad enough that trans adults are insisting that midwives expunge any words describing actual science when they talk about giving birth. But that parents of little children are brainwashing their offspring with a belief system with no more veracity than Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny is beyond mind-boggling.

But only if I managed to explain this process in a way that didn’t scar him for life. So here goes.

Scar “him” for life. So if she said that women have uteruses and vaginas, and men have penises, this would psychologically damage the kid beyond repair, just hearing such blasphemy? (I choose the word “blasphemy” deliberately, because this strict adherence to received truth, to the belief system promoted by the trans activists, is non-negotiable; any apostasy is forbidden.) But how can a first grader who is asking how babies are made, for the very first time, be permanently ruined by being taught a scientific truth so basic, so uncontroversial?

Are we entering an age when, if a child “feels” the earth is flat, we must teach the child this is true? But won’t s/he be psychologically destroyed anyway, on learning that the vast majority of humans on the planet know it is round? Which is more “scarring:” being taught a lie which this child will inevitably learn contradicts objective reality; or being taught the empirically verifiable truth accepted by most reasonably intelligent human beings on planet Earth?

“You remember how we talked about the different body parts that people have?”

“A bagina and a penis?”

“Vagina, and yes. Those parts are used in making babies.”

This ship was sinking fast. I tried harder. “We call them reproductive organs, and these organs produce different things. The penis makes sperm, and the vagina and uterus, along with some other parts, make eggs.”

Up until as recently as 5 or 10 years ago, mom would have been considered basically on the right track (except for the fact that the penis isn’t what makes sperm, and the vagina and uterus don’t make eggs, but whatever,  “A” for effort). But not in 2015. No, even talking about the actual body parts involved in sexual reproduction meant she was on a slippery slope. In danger of her child being scarred for life. Because reality was intruding a little too much.  So much that, uh-oh, the kid actually figured it out!

My son stared at me for a couple seconds and I could see the wheels turning, the thoughts flying, the cylinders firing off.  I was a little bit afraid of what was going to come out next.

“So a mommy makes an egg and a daddy makes a sperm and they put it together in the uta—”

Oops. The first grader was smart enough to grasp some facts that a steady diet of trans Kool-Aid had washed away from Mom’s 5th-grade-biology-class memory banks.

Uta-whatever, but no, that wasn’t quite right.

Sometimes mommies make sperm and sometimes daddies make eggs. Sometimes a baby has two mommies or two daddies, and that’s a whole different process to make those babies. Sometimes parents can’t make a baby at all and they adopt someone else’s baby. Or doctors help them make a baby. Or someone else carries the baby for them in his or her uta-whatever.

Except for the first sentence, Mom isn’t actually mis-educating her kid. But oh, that first sentence.

On first reading, these kinds of stories, which are appearing more and more often, strike me as parodies. Certainly, in the halcyon days of Monty Python, they would have been parodies. And the part of me that appreciates a good satire can get a chuckle out of them.

But it’s a short-lived mirth. Because this particular “struggle against reality” has succeeded far beyond what even the most clever satirist could ever imagine.

42 thoughts on “Mom worried her 7-year-old “son” will be scarred for life if not taught that some mommies make sperm

  1. Basic biology isn’t going to scar a kid for life. Just give the facts. If the kid gets upset, then end the discussion. Tell the kid you’ll talk about it another time when he/she is ready to hear it. This child is only seven. There’s no reason to make any of this stuff more complicated than it already is.

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  2. Brainwashing the little girl into thinking she’s actually a boy, socializing her “as male,” pumping her up with toxic pseudo-“hormone” chemicals (thereby sterilizing her) and fast-tracking her for massive surgeries are what will REALLY scar her for life.

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  3. Regarding that Monty Python clip (which I love), it’s altogether ironic that a number of the Youtube commenters, in their justified incredulity towards “Loretta,” rather simplistically ascribe that kind of thinking to “feminism” as a whole, when many of its theoretical and ideological assumptions are directly antithetical to the sort of critique of gender that used to be de rigueur for feminism.

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  4. OH FOR HEAVEN”S SAKE! If a kid is too young to know the facts of life and how sex organs work, the kid is too young to determine that they “actually should have been born” the opposite sex. This is insanity. STOP TRANSING KIDS!!!!

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    • Very interesting. Thank god I was allowed to be a tomboy myself when I was 7 years old and no one meddled with me. I hung out with the neighborhood boys. I’ll bet if someone back then had said to me, “hey, would you like to have a penis?” I might have said yes. And then if they had given me the impression that actually BEING a boy were an option, I might have gone with it. Why not?

      I’m sure this mom thinks her kid can’t be a tomboy, because she said “Mommy, I’m a boy, I know I am” several times so that settled that.

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  5. Anybody who says they put kids on puberty blockers to give them more time to think about it, is implying that otherwise it would be feasible to perform SRS on a small child. Normally one’s bits grow and mature as one does, I don’t think that’s going to end well if you do it to a four year old. But “we’re giving the child more time to think about it” sounds a lot less horrible.

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  6. I think these parents need to be told, as plainly as possible, that they should just stop worrying about teaching their kids about reproduction because they’re deciding that their kids will be sterile.

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  7. “Except for the first sentence, Mom isn’t actually mis-educating her kid.”

    Yeah, actually, she is. No baby has two mommies or two daddies. They might have a mommy and a stepmommy, or a daddy and a stepdaddy. It is biologically impossible for two women or two men to make a baby. Some third party will have to be involved and if we want to honor the child’s right to a full identity (the actual identity, you know, the one that involves other people whose relationships to that child help anchor that child in reality) and not treat full-grown adults like breeding or gamete-producing machines, we’ll stop lying to our kids about this right now.

    I’m telling my daughter about gay marriage and how same-sex couples get kids, but I am making very very sure she understands that “mother” and “father” are biological relationships, not job descriptions. It’s not her fault OR my fault that our language has no good, non-culturally-burdened words for “adult unrelated to me who is raising me as if they are my parent”. But here we are, deliberately producing children who can’t grow up with both their parents. So be it, I suppose.

    (I’m not a huge fan of nuclear families. I actually prefer matrilineal clans–if my mother weren’t bats?!t insane, that is. But if you don’t even like or care about the guy whose genetic material you’re using to become a mommy, that’s half–by chromosome count, anyway–of your own kid you don’t like. Cold hard fact. And don’t even get me started about gay men renting wombs or buying women’s babies. My ideal scenario for same-sex couples is for a gay couple and a lesbian couple to work together to make kids between them and then co-parent. It’s no worse than going through a divorce and then co-parenting.)

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    • Come on now. Yes, kids do have “two mommies” or “two daddies”. Walk up to any gay couple with kids and ask the children if they have two mommies or two daddies and they will flatly say yes. No indoctrination involved. Ask pretty much any adopted person who their “mother” or “father” is and the image they will instantly conjure is going to be of their adoptive parents. You might have a case for a term like “biological parent” (in the meantime, considering same-sex reproduction is shaping up to become a reality), but language in that regard has simply changed.

      It is also incredibly pedantic for you to present this bizarre Gay Utopia and how gay people ought to bring and raise children according to you. Not your place, really, considering it is evident you are not gay.


    • Is this “the” peachyoghurt? If so, I love your videos! I can’t show them to my daughter right now because I just don’t dare bring up the trans stuff at this point — the less we bring it up, the less adamant she is about being trans, it seems. However, when the time is right, I will show her all your videos. I find such inspiration and hope in them. My hope is that they will help my daughter know that she can be her own unique kind of female. Much thanks and kudos to you, and keep the videos coming!

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  8. This mother seems to want to be their child’s friend instead of their parent. Her daughter needs to know the facts about her body. Being a parent is NOT a popularity contest, sometimes we need to tell it like it is for the long term benefit of the child, instead of the short term avoidance of discomfort (parent’s and child’s). What is going to scar this child for life is the cascade of lies that this mother has and likely will continue to tell.

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  9. Of the person affronted that their small child misgendered his “daddy”. Well. Way to go there messing with that poor child’s deepest and prime attachment to its mother. Hope they’re stashing some money away for therapy.

    I’d been saying to myself that ‘no, I guess these people are so self-absorbed partly because they don’t have kids or adult caring responsibilities’. I guess I’d better put that thought aside.

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  10. So… You have to have dyphoria to be trans, but this child doesn’t even know what body parts go with what, just that she’s a boy? What happened to consistent, persistent and insistent? I feel so badly for these kids, they don’t have a hope in hell…

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    • How could a kid who has been paraded in the media as already transitioned at age 7 feel they could change their mind? Don’t these parents realize that exposing their children’s identities in major news outlets sets them up to continue as “trans,” whether they want to or not?

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  11. Munchausens by proxy. See the praise and attention these parents get. Soon they will be initiating trans ideas in their non-trans kids (ie all of them at 7 y o) as they see how easy it is to get all the adoration.

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    • Nope. Munchhausen’s by proxy was something said about the parents of kids who were sick, with real symptoms of real physical diseases. And all or most turned out to really have diseases. The doctors were wrong. The “attention” seeking was the attention of doctors. That the parent supposedly wanted so so bad. Getting this stuff wrong doesn’t help. These media-parading trans kid parents definitely have something wrong with them. But media-parading was never part of Munchhausen’s by proxy.

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      • Yeah, I don’t really care. The mayo clinic probably says trans is real too. The mayo clinic is not guaranteed to never fuck up. But what Munchhausen’s by proxy is said to be in no way matches anything to do with trans. It just muddies the water. The media-parading parents are definitely abusing their kids. And would be even if trans existed and was exactly what the trans narrative says.

        A lot of people REALLY want to believe in Munchhausen’s by proxy but there’s not one shred of evidence that it exists. Never has been. The guy who invented it was struck off the medical registry in Britain and removed from the list of acceptable expert witnesses in law cases. His testimony led to the wrongful convictions, subsequently overturned, of at least two women for killing their babies that actually died of untreated genetic diseases. Dozens of children were taken from their families on the basis of it who were in fact not being abused. And when this is all expose they weren’t even given back. They’re going to grow up and then find out that mommy and daddy are who they were given to after a doctor lied about their real mommy and daddy. It is a fiasco. And a huge feminist issue. And in gender critical analysis of trans it’s a distraction.

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  12. Even within the confines of their inconsistent ideology, is it so impossible to go “there are male and female people, and males produce sperm and females produce eggs”?

    Or is she terrified that, should her child learn that she is female, she will stop thinking she’s a boy?

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