Transgender youth group leader charged with felony rape and strangulation of a minor

UPDATE 5/26/16: Please see this comment for an update on Fialkowski’s legal situation. Linked in the comment is a revealing statement published in Planet Transgender from one of Fialkowski’s teen victims.

Parents of kids who yearn to be the opposite sex are constantly told to trust the gender experts. Trust the doctors. Trust the caring people who run support groups for these unhappy teenagers. They (and your kid) know best. “Born in the wrong body” is a real thing (despite no actual evidence to prove it), and despite the fact that even the experts admit they don’t know what the long term outcomes will be for children given puberty blockers and cross sex hormones.

Clearly, not every parent is on board with pediatric transgenderism. This blog is frequented by skeptical parents. And you can find other doubtful moms and dads in corners of the Internet, agonizing on advice forums, or pushing back in the comments thread of one of the many trans-kid media portrayals.

Young people with “unsupportive” parents are encouraged by adult trans activists to turn their backs on their families; to seek comfort and community in one of the many organizations popping up to “serve” them with support groups, summer camps, and counseling. These organizations are staffed almost entirely by adults who consider themselves transgender. Hey, they’ve been there, right? They understand.

One such youth “support” group in Lynchburg, VA was headed up by a “trans woman” formerly known as Joseph David Fialkowski, who was indicted by a grand jury today on multiple felony charges pertaining to rape, strangulation, abduction, and “intent to defile” a  minor.  Bail is set at more than $8 million.

The story was reported today by multiple Virginia news outlets, including television stations.  Here, the Lynchburg News & Advance reports:

Julianna Tourmaline Fialkowski, 25, faces one count each of felony rape; abduction with the intent to defile; enticing another into a dwelling with intent to commit a felony; strangulation; and misdemeanor assault, according to the indictment. 


Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Bethany Harrison said in an email Wednesday the incidents involved one juvenile victim.

Fialkowski was arrested Sept. 1 on eight counts of producing child pornography, Lynchburg Police Lt. Malcolm Booker said in an email last month.

fialkowski 1

He said the charges stemmed from an incident on July 28, but declined to give more details because of the ongoing investigation.

Harrison had no comment about whether the charges on which Fialkowski was indicted occurred during the production of child pornography.

fialkowski latest arrest

Interestingly, although the above Lynchburg County arrest search shows Fialkowski’s gender as “female,” an inmate offender lookup search indicates incarceration in the men’s section of the jail.


Fialkowski was previously glorified as a hero in transgender press outlets when first arrested last April. It seems Fialkowski fancied himself a rescuer of a teen who attended his transgender support group, Sanctuary Lynchburg.  Fialkowski evidently decided the 17-year-old’s father was not sufficiently supportive of his “transmale” teen, so Fialkowski took matters into his own hands.  On April 9,, a Virginia new outlet, painted a rosy picture of Fialkowski’s role in “assisting” the youth:

gayrva story

According to Julianna Fialkowski (top image), 25, she found out about the unnamed, 17-year-old transmale after a cry for help went out on the social media site Facebook late last month. The youth claimed that he was self harming- adding that he was suicidal. Fialiowski said that she was also led to believe that the youth was being forced out of his house.

…Fialkowski found the youth’s house through an internet search, and accompanied by a prayer chaplain from a local trans support group, went to the home to offer their assistance. After a dispute between the youth and his parents, the youth left the house, indicating to that his father had kicked him out and that he had permission to leave.

The teen’s father didn’t quite see it that way, however, and filed charges leading to Fialkowski’s arrest.

Planet Transgender also promoted the image of Fialkowski as a savior of trans youth last April, leaning heavily on the suicide angle, and painting Fialkowski as the innocent victim of a transphobic parent and an overzealous legal system.

planet transgender

Lynchburg advocate Julianna Fialkowski couldn’t have imagined saving a trans youth’s life might mean destroying her own future.

What of Aubrey Mariko Shine, Zander Mahaffey, Eylül Cansın, Jay Ralko, Taylor Alesana , Ash Haffner, Andi Woodhouse, Jay Ralko, and Blake Brockington? Most of those named were in their teens and all were under 25 when they committed suicide. And all of these tragic deaths since December 2014 might have been avoided if an advocate brave enough had been at the right place at the right time as Fialkowski was.

Would those advocates have been subjected to arrest as well?

Julianna Fialkowski began a transgender community support group in what she calls “the barren and unforgiving climate of small town Lynchburg, VA” but soon ran afoul of local bigots. She says that she was arrested without cause, made to strip in front of male deputies, misgendered and dehumanized while remanded in county jail.

“In the process of helping persons of all ages to explore their identities in a safe space with like-minded sponsors and adults,” Julianna Fialkowski wrote “I have come to be personally attacked by the hateful parent of an attending minor.

“Within just eleven days of meeting this child, their father has brought police to disrupt my life, taking out his frustration and fear on me.”

“Worse still, in the process of being arrested for false claims, I have been severely mistreated by the legal system of the city. I’ve been kept from knowing the extent of my charge, jailed with ridiculous bonding amount, and made to strip nude, exposing myself and my breasts before four male deputies.”

The comments thread on the GayrVa piece was, predictably, filled with outraged trans activists, attesting to the “innocent and pure” nature of the transwoman who “only wants to help people.”


The article publicized a GoFundMe link to help pay Fialkowski ‘s legal expenses, and the Trans-blogosphere dutifully joined in the fundraising effort:

fialkowski 3

But something changed over the months following the arrest to make some of Fialkowski’s former supporters jump ship: multiple young people from the trans-youth support group Fialkowski founded were apparently also victimized by him.

tumblr victim

So now that this predator has been indicted and charged, maybe justice and truth will finally out in the case of “Julie” Fialkowski. But what do all those progressive, pro-trans news outlets that were leaping to Fialkowski’s defense a few months ago have to say now?

Today, October 8, 2015,  the day Fialkowski’s indictment broke in the Lynchburg paper and across Virginia, did a single LGBT or trans news outlet cover it? The Advocate? Planet Transgender? I scoured. And …crickets.

The very journalists and organizations who purport to “care” about our kids can’t be bothered to cover a story when one of their own is brought up on rape, strangulation abduction, and child pornography charges.

The Advocate, for its part, was apparently too busy with more important stories. Like denouncing the Tacoma, Washington YMCA for actually protecting children in its locker rooms from predators like “Julie” Fialkowski.

advocate ymca

Parents, doesn’t this story help you feel more secure, entrusting your children to leaders of organizations that bill themselves as havens for transgender youth? Can you rest a little easier, knowing that these caring support group leaders only want to help your child “explore their identities in a safe space with like-minded sponsors and adults”?

julianna fialkowski crushonion

How many more “Julie” Fialkowskis are out there, eager to rescue your troubled kids from your unsupportive clutches?

It seems to me it’s long past time to find out.

108 thoughts on “Transgender youth group leader charged with felony rape and strangulation of a minor

  1. Well as a transwoman myself, I think it is important to speak out against sexual predators posing as transgender to infiltrate our communities and take advantage of young people. They give us a bad reputation that we don’t deserve.

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    • What. That is your major concern? The reputation of your community?

      Your top concern should be the people that this deranged predator is seriously harming.

      Also, what makes you think this guy is merely ‘posing’ as transgender? That sounds like a “No True Scotsman” argument to me.

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      • Well no, my main concern was to “speak out against sexual predators”… which this article does. Wasn’t that clear?
        Oh and if ze had been a genuine transwoman then ze would by definition have a feminine mind … which obvioulsy as a rapist, he didn’t have… hence an impostor, skewing the statistics and public opinion unfairly against us sweet innocent transgirls.

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      What a typical TG response, to deny that the sexual predators that are rife in the TG community are not TG after all, but rather imposters.

      I’m sure there are a few TG women about who are not sexually deviant or fetishistic, but the one that raped me was a rapist man like any other

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    • Ah, the man who loves his Bratz dolls. Notice how he likes his own comment, FFS. And how convenient, to just simply say “Oh, that creep’s not REAL trans” whenever a tranny behaves badly or criminally. Very convenient. You’re as slimy as they come, Bratz Doll Man.

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    • To be fair, sweet feminine females can be sexual predators as well. Certainly, less common, but not unheard of.

      When stuff like this happens, it is extremely upsetting. It is a trusted person taking advantage of someone who is very vulnerable. The damage done in those instances is hard to overcome. As if the victim wasn’t confused and hurting enough.

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    • Of course, your reputation. It’s incredible how prepared all of you are to play this game of “NOT one of us” every single time one of YOU does something that is too inconvenient for your image.

      See: the Planet Fitness case that ultimately turned out to feature a trans male who had an obsession with women’s thighs and being “crushed” between them. Just a few days before this info become known (it never hit mainstream news outlets, of course), you were all crying foul on how oppressive and horrible the woman who reported him was, all for exerting her right to a sex-segregated space.

      You’re a total one-trick pony.

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      • Oh really? This (link below) is what you call “innocent?” First, even Planet Transgender (not exactly what one would call an unbiased source) printed the account of the teenager who was preyed upon by Fialkowski, which is very consistent with that of Fialkowski’s other victims, as reported in the post you are commenting on here. You’ll find more young people attesting to Fialkowski’s deeds in the comments section of the Planet Transgender article below. Very interesting that you take sides with the adult leader of a support group for YOUTH (that is minors), vs. the young people themselves.

        Second, charges being dropped on a technicality is not the same as “innocence.” And the charges may only be temporarily dropped (see excerpt below).

        Third, the EIGHT felony counts relating to child pornography have not been dropped. Those cases are active, with hearings set this summer.

        A search on the Lynchburg circuit court website for “Fialkowski” gives us this:

        As the news story linked by Planet Transgender says, Fialkowski is subject to a curfew and GPS monitoring. That’s what they do with all “innocent” people, right? Oh, and “innocent” adults have sadomasochistic relationships with minor teenagers all the time, right? And child pornography charges? No big deal.

        Oh, and then there’s this from the Planet Transgender story:

        Prosecutors had elected to bring the case directly to the Grand Jury but dropped the charges citing ‘inconsistencies’ in following testimony from the victim.

        “The messages detailed what happened during the assault, but who sent them has not yet been determined”, said Attorney Bethany Harrison.“There are a series of subpoenas for documents still pending that may or may not give us more information,” she said.

        Accordingly the case could be reopened should new evidence come to light.

        Don’t miss the screenshot of Fialkowski’s lovely text messages to the teenager in the Planet Transgender story

        So, at best, Fialkowski is an adult “youth group leader” who sought out relationships with teenagers; is still under surveillance, with evidence still to be pondered; 8 felony child porn charges still pending. Sounds like a great “gal”!

        But then, it seems people like you, Angelica, will defend adults who prey on confused teens simply because they “identify,” as you do, as transgender. You ought to be ashamed.


      • The reason I defend hir and others is because I myself was falsely accused of similar and I know 100% for a fact it was all lies: In the end (like after about 5 years of persecution and intrusive investigations) the authorities concluded the accusations had been made out of malice, yet all the investigators ever said is that they were not “taking it any further”.

        There is a fable about the boy who cried “wolf” and IMHO if you want any credibility at all, you will have to desist in your blanket accusations every single trans woman you doxx without cause.

        Many of us are just genuine nice people even if you don’t think we qualify as “women”.


      • Angelica, for the record, 4thWaveNow (as an entity, as well as the people who write here) do not “doxx” anyone. The definition of “doxxing” is discovering personal, non-public information about a person and then PUBLISHING that information in order to destroy someone’s anonymity online. You must be mixing 4thWaveNow up with a different website, because as a matter of policy, we do not do that here.

        You came to an old thread to defend someone who by all the PUBLIC evidence (which is linked to copiously in the main post, and in my comment to you) harmed multiple young people and is still facing federal charges–simply because this person is a male-to-female transgender-identified person, like you are. I find that despicable.

        The post you are commenting on is one of the very few on this site that has covered the actions of adult MTFs. Why did 4thWave cover it? Because many of the parents who are members of this community have teenage minor children who could be vulnerable to the predations of adult “youth group leaders” like Fialkowski who–instead of being a mentor–took advantage of his role to prey on the teenagers who trusted him. That you would find it necessary to come over here and call a person like that “innocent,” when so many young trans-identified people wrote about their terrible encounters with him, is a revealing comment about your own priorities. Planet Transgender gave a platform to the young person he harmed, and in the main post above, you can find the accounts of several others who faced similar abuse. But those young people apparently don’t matter in your estimation. All that matters, apparently, is that no one see or scrutinize the behaviors of ANY trans women–even when they are harming minors.

        I am perfectly aware that certain people who “identify” as women are nice, upstanding citizens who don’t wish to harm anyone. But anyone who reads the PUBLICLY AVAILABLE information about Julianna Fialokowski would be hard-pressed to include him in that category.


    • there are many woman sexual predators as well, by the way – it is more common to hear a woman sexually abuse a student than a man, and when the woman does it she says she has a disease. A trans gendered person no matter what sex you think you are, are capable of sex crimes.

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    • Same old patriarchal tale: Man preys sexually on vulnerable youth while using a “proper” identity as shield, which protects him. Priest, helpful transwoman, soccer coach…
      I notice that the tumblr blogger calls him “an unsafe dom” 😦
      Now that BDSM is so trendy and accepted a man who wishes to rape and harm others also have BDSM terms to hide behind.

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      • Exactly. So, an “unsafe dom” implies there’s such a thing as “safe” dominators and sadists. As if sadism against another could be the opposite of what it is. And, of course, the idea that some bad men “pose” as transwomen. As if not all transwomen are men posing as women.

        Most of the battle is taking place in the realm of language; meanwhile, in the material world, men carry on doing what they’ve always done: exploiting and assaulting women and children.

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      • I dunno, considering the amount of actual “kink fans” in the community, I’m creeped out by the possibility that these people were not merely borrowing a term but actually engaging in BDSM. With these young charges.

        …which makes my head want to explode.

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  2. I was glad to see the comments in the original news article. All but one commenter(in which the poster was totally confused about how a supposed “woman” could be responsible for this rape & was unsure of how this could happen – the type of confusion the language used is meant to create) spoke up to name a spade a spade, making it very clear to readers who may not know, that this “transgender woman” is a male posing as a woman.

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  3. Godwin’s law notwithstanding, the trans adults encouraging kids to defy their parents who don’t buy the trans ideology reminds me so much of how Nazi Germany indoctrinated German children in school and through the Hitler Youth group into their way of thinking, including encouraging them to defy and denounce their parents who didn’t go along with the Nazi party line. Why the mainstream media and the various child protective agencies are not all over these attempts to break up families is beyond me.

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    • Left/liberal people hail the dominant trans politics as “progressive” and the protesting feminists as “dinosaurs,” forgetting how many awful social movements have branded themselves as “progressive” and youth oriented. Really, if all you’ve got going for you is your progressive branding, that says a lot about the emptiness of your positions.

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      • I suspect that a lot of liberals really don’t buy the trans philosophy, but they are so invested in being seen as “tolerant” and “open-minded” and also are afraid of being branded as “hateful”, “intolerant”, and as “bigots” (dog whistle words for liberals), that they just go along with it and don’t stand up and point out that the Emperor is wearing no clothes.

        Normally, being open minded and tolerant is a good thing, but it can be taken too far. It’s like the old saying goes,- “Don’t be so open-minded that your brains fall out”. Excessive open mindedness leads to gullibility and the suspension of critical reasoning. Sadly, too many liberals don’t know where to draw the line and just swallow this Orwellian nonsense uncritically, to the detriment of their chidlrens’ well-being, all in the name of being a “good, tolerant liberal”.

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      • Me, this definitely makes me feel like I’m caught between a rock and a crazy place. I don’t like thinking of myself as intolerant and bigoted, but if that is the case here, I guess I’ll deal.

        From my perspective, I’m the parent of a young person dealing with “something”. It is my goal to be honest with him about it. If he ends up doing this, well I’ll chalk that up to him not being able to help himself. So many people are pushing this craziness and twisting facts, that it’s hard not to get caught up in that when you are having thoughts you can’t make sense of and that stress you out.

        This may be upsetting and make you angry, but don’t lose sight of the fact this is a real thing. Not all of these people are faking disordered thinking. And not all of them can help their actions. And I really don’t believe they are in on some sort of conspiracy.

        I don’t know how to be understanding, angry, and confused all at once for lack of a better way of putting it.

        It’s been hard for me to stand up to the pressure, but here I am. I just want to give that perspective and hope you realize how incredibly difficult this is for anyone to stand up to. I’ve been called all sorts of hateful things simply because I asked a few questions.

        Open minded and tolerant can definitely be taken too far. I feel like the openness has mostly just made some people come off as very ridiculous. And we can’t ask questions about that. We are told to just go along with it. Otherwise, we are just mean and heartless. Which I get. Sure I don’t want to make fun of people who are hurting, but I’m angry at people who have pushed this stuff to a point we are at now. And I’m very nervous about the future for my kid.

        Lot of rambling there, but geesh I just don’t know how to make sense of this in my mind.

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      • @Me – I think a lot of the “tolerant” “liberals” make an active effort to avoid thinking about the contradictions involved, and about how the ideology of the transgender movement as it stands in 2015 (with all the “born in the wrong body” “female brain” “woman’s way of thinking” “brain intersex” stuff) is exactly contradicting with traditional feminism and women’s liberation in a way that CANNOT be resolved.

        Belief in innate gender is anti-feminist. Period.

        If they think too deeply about it, they hit peak trans pretty quickly.

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      • Oh yeah entertaining the whole gender contradiction stuff is an exercise in futility. I’ve always seen the concept of gender as pretty vague. And most people aren’t extreme in either direction. Yet more times than not the transwomen I’ve talked to come off as the weirdest “females” I have ever encountered. The whole, “You are jealous because I’m so pretty.” I’ve heard that several times. Who talks like that? LOL Seriously. I don’t know if I’m just not noticing how women really act, or some of these men are doing a very weird job at it. I don’t know if I should laugh, cry, or feel insulted.

        I did read once that they don’t always get that whole gender thing down right because they haven’t had the benefit of being socialized in their proper gender. Good grief. And what exactly does that entail?

        Eh, maybe I flunk as a frilly female.

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      • This is a good discussion that is difficult to find on the internet these days.

        Like many people, I’m sympathetic to most progressive positions, but the unwillingness to allow ANY criticism of even the most outlandish concepts has left me tired and drained and feeling like I don’t belong anywhere. Politics are so absurdly polarized that you can only be a true believer or a heretic. For instance, it says something when libfem progressives will champion the rights of trans incarcerated male rapists, but still consider right-wing Republican women the mortal enemy.

        Now anyone online who questions even the most outlandish of progressive causes like the trans narrative gets relegated to the bigot, rwnj, or TERF box.

        I used to write for a gay paper but quietly walked away when it became dominated by trans-politics. In the 90s and during the Bush era, I felt like we were all working together towards a common goal, but since the internet era and rise of identity politics, it has just become “too many cooks in the kitchen”. I never wanted to be a part of a movement that would support pedos and rapists and take away women’s rights and enable the exploitation of children, but that is exactly what has happened in the past few years.

        One of the biggest victories in gay rights was getting mainstream Americans to see gays and lesbians as regular people instead of just a sexual minority and now we have gone so far in the other direction that any ol’ perverted fetish is considered worthy of rights and the men that commit these acts are given victim status by law. It’s such a travesty. I’m so glad to have found blogs like this and other people who are open-minded and compassionate but unwilling to deny reality.

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    • Also, similar to Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution. He rallied the youth in China to overthrow adults in authority- from teachers , to doctors. Several works of art were destroyed, and the very poorest and uneducated were put in power. The ‘Too much privilege over the poorest’ excuse was used to lynch people, starve them, and some were pushed to commit suicide and take the blame to save the rest of their family.

      During this time, an uneducated poor person put in power to make decisions, set out an order to kill all the sparrows, because it was assumed that the sparrows were eating all the grain planted. Of course, without the sparrows, bugs ate most of the crops, and wide spread starvation plagued China for years.

      The cultural revolution was a toxic, destructive power that lasted 15 years, tore families apart, encouraged children to turn in their parents for not going along with it- and for the most part -put people that had no idea what they were doing, [including young people that changed the education system to prevent people from becoming too educated], -in charge.

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      • I read a bit about the Cultural Revolution while working on my bachelor’s in economics, and I’ve been aware for some time that a lot of the trans-cult/cis-enabler thinking is similar. I’ve hesitated to draw too many parallels, however, because the CR was so horrendous and it seems insensitive to connect these struggles to that event. Over a million people may have died in the CR, and those who survived had their lives ruined. Things haven’t gotten that toxic, and they are unlikely to, because trans is more of a grass roots program. Still, there are enough similarities in outlook to make me glad these wacko idealogues aren’t allowed unfettered power. One lesson we can take from the CR is that the “revisionists” came back much stronger than before, and the “gang of four” got their just desserts.

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      • This is definitely OT but if this Chinese Cultural Revolution stuff has got anybody curious there’s a fantastic book, a memoir, called Bend Not Break, by Ping Fu. Came out like two years ago. It’s about how her one life was affected. Much more digestible then a giant history study.

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  4. When people point out that a pedophile man posing as trans could get access to children by trans-friendly policies, we’re told that’s unimportant or it never happens. When a so-called transwoman harmss a child, the transactivists just say, “well he was posing trans.” Which is it? Time to tell trans people they can’t play both sides here.

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    • When women (adult female humans) are talking about men (adult male humans), progressive people accept, even applaud, the concept of “Schrodinger’s rapist” – the idea that it’s reasonable for women to be wary of unknown men because we can’t know if said men are rapists until it’s too late.

      But if exactly the same unknown male puts on a dress, or makes some other claim to be a woman, our safety concerns don’t just disappear,they are demonized. So many times I’ve seen people be supportive of women against male violence as long as the males in question don’t claim to be women. But if the claim to womanhood is made by a male, we are bigots for continuing to treat said male as potentially dangerous. Saying after the fact that a violent or abusive male wasn’t really trans just reinforces the obvious fact that Schrodinger’s rapist sometimes wears a dress. No one can tell until the damage is done.

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  5. Planet Transgender have today, 9th October, reported on the case under the heading ”Trans woman Julianna Fialkowski facing additional charges of felony rape ”. A short piece giving themselves all the kudos for being the first to report it….”Thanks to reader tips and brilliant
    investigative reporting by Claire-Renee Kohner, Planet Transgender was the first and as of press time the only to report on what many LGBT news sources would prefer to ignore.”

    Reader tips? Maybe someone was reading 4th Wave Now? From looking at commenters avatars it would certainly seem that some of the ”trans community” have turned up to get the full information.

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      • Sorry, forgot to put in the link……

        Obviously Planet Transgender were hoping to ignore the fact that one of their ”brave trans advocates” who was selflessly out trying to prevent teenagers from their own parents and potential suicide by ”being in the right place at the right time” was actually out there taking advantage of confused and and vulnerable kids. Not until they had a wake up call from you 4th Wave and from their own readers did they have the guts to print anything. In fact if you now go to their 11th September report ( and look at the you can see that it took 3 messages over 6 hours on October 8th before Kelli Busey, a Planet Transgender contributing editor responded with ”Wow and thanks for the heads up”. Were they really so surprised?! There really are transgender people out there acting as ”sexual predators”, but we’re not allowed to say so because it’s transphobic.

        Bottom line is that this crime was committed by a man; and rainbow hair and a year on female hormones doesn’t change that.

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  6. This is why things like the Portland, ME organization mentioned in yesterday’s post terrify me. Offering to send little girls binders in “plain brown wrappers” to an address other than their home in order to escape parents’ attention is not safe. Teaching young children that it’s OK to keep secrets from their parents is not safe. Encouraging young children to trust strangers, just because those strangers seem like loving, accepting adults is not safe. Well-meaning people, trying to be politically correct and sensitive, are supporting identity politics that endanger their own children. Unreal.

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  7. Expect more and more of these kinds of crimes as laws protecting women and children continue to be knocked down in favor of MEN who are (successfully!) demanding legal, unrestricted access to women’s restrooms, showers, locker rooms, dormitories, barracks and retail changing rooms. As the laws allowing men into women’s private spaces multiply and get more and more publicity, more and more sexual predators and pedophiles will come to realize that these often secluded rooms, usually with only one way out, are easy pickings where they’ll find women and children undressed, vulnerable to physical attack.

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    • Sooner or later society is going to have one hell of a massive Peak trans Moment when they find out that these so called Trans are Men and sexually Violent men. Some of them are on sex offender registries as well.

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    • I was attacked by a man years ago who surreptitiously drugged me then played the good Samaritan for cover. He dragged me into a restroom under the guise of “helping a sick girl” and I was unable to get away from him. There are no items in a restroom to hit someone with, and I guarantee had I had access to weapon(even something simple like a vase) or been someplace people could hear me, he would not have gotten away with it.

      The bathroom threat is real, and many people can tell personal stories like mine. When trans advocates say no one has ever been attacked in a bathroom and it’s absurd for people to be afraid, they are simply lying and they know it. As others have mentioned, restrooms can be secluded and sketchy and we don’t need laws that make it easier for predators to get people alone.

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  8. Even in cases where no sexual assault occurs, unrelated adults are influencing and meddling in the lives of minors, alienating them from their parents. Not only that, but endangering them by giving kids harmful items such as chest binders and black market hormones. They are endangering children — not to mention in this case, the unrelated adult took the minor from her parents without parental consent. This is against the law and parents need to do as the parent in this case did, and call police. Transactivists need to come to terms with the fact that it is illegal to take off with a minor child without parental consent, and that hormones and chest binders are physically harmful — eventually they will find themselves in legal hot water if they continue making dangerous items available to minors without parental consent.

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  9. Disgusting. I was also glad that in the comments of the article everyone was calling this guy and man and some pointed out how misogynistic it is to blame women for a crime The only exception was a confused individual who thought that this guy really was female because the news article said so. This is why language is important!

    I’m not surprised the “not really trans” argument has shown up. Anyone can be trans, but when one of them commits a crime suddenly they’re fake trans. Well the various “lgb”t newsources sure were falling all over themselves to proclaim that he was a poor victim of transphobia before!

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    • @KgSch – you point out that “Anyone can be trans, but when one of them commits a crime suddenly they’re fake trans.”

      Indeed. I think we need to be clear about the fact that really, it doesn’t MATTER if the person is trans or not. If this person was “not really trans,” it doesn’t matter, because the issue is that we CAN’T TELL the “trans” from the “not trans, actually a creeper.”

      So either it’s okay and reasonable to raise hackles and ask questions when an (obvious, let’s be clear about that) male-bodied person is in women’s space, OR not.

      And hell – step back and look at the story a bit. Obviously the various kids he was “helping” and allowing to run away from home to his center thought he was trans, didn’t they? He was “trans enough” for THEM, at the time.

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      • I think we need to be clear about the fact that really, it doesn’t MATTER if the person is trans or not. If this person was “not really trans,” it doesn’t matter, because the issue is that we CAN’T TELL the “trans” from the “not trans, actually a creeper.”

        That is indeed the crux. But worsened, when the Trans Borg insist that EveryTrans has the ‘right’ to be in women’s spaces if he declares himself trans (aka ‘feels like a woman inside’), meaning, there is not a quantifiable standard to ‘certify’ the so-called legitimate trans from the so-called non-legitimate ones.

        Then throw in their backsteps when a trans-creeper does his creep, then it’s all “No True Scotsman” time.

        Fucking gaslighters.
        There are actually a shitload of creepers in the mix, both “legitimate trans” (LOL) and the “non-legit trans”. Don’t care dudes, get your own bathrooms and changing rooms, your “laydeepeens™” are not welcome in women’s spaces. Because:penis. It really is that fucking simple.

        Liked by 4 people

      • @Adrian

        It’s a real simple problem in my opinion. Men cannot be women and women cannot be men. Always raise the alarm when you see a dude in a place like the women’s bathroom!


        Ever hear of the 50+ gender identities on Facebook? Or the extra speshul tumblr pronouns (like “botself” and “plantself” which involve identifying as a robot or a plant respectively?) Yeah, there is a big push to get more people (usually dumbass college kids) as some kind of trans.


      • The “I” is for Intersex, who got roped into the alphabet/trans thing regardless of whether they wanted to or not. Intersex are disorders of sexual development – and nothing to do with transgenderism. Transgenderism hijacked the intersex case to legitimise ‘trans’.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Oooooh, of course! SMH. And yeah I know the intersex story, it’s enough to make you lose your lunch. John Money was involved in that too. Castrating and doing forced sex changes on the boys born with a condition called micropenis. Which often corrects itself at puberty. And there’s other items in the intersex ‘treatment’ hall of horrors. Yep, the Trans Borg try to pretend they are intersex too. To get the sex change operation’s that were forced on intersex people. Mad world.

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  10. Men rape, women rape ,trans people rape, the problem seem to be rapists not gender identity.. for example in the uk a 21 year old woman repeatedly raped a 11 year old but was let of a prison sentence as the 11 year old boy was noted to be sex mad.. we live in a insane world and this is just part of the insanity. sick pervert men will pose as women to get near little girls and sick perv women will pose as men to get at little boys. If male and female brains are the same then male and female sexuality are the same.. hence lots of perverts of both genders. personally i just want the world to stop so i can get off. Most trans people just want to be left alone, interestingly these people are never trans advocates, etc


    • I’ll let someone else fully respond to your comment, but if you think the rate of women raping is remotely close to the rate of men, you are out of touch with reality. Of course with all of these men “transitioning”, the statistics are going to be skewed to make it seem like there’s an increase in women rapists. I find that despicable.

      Liked by 8 people

      • well i personally know three people that were raped as children two of them by their mothers and one by a uncle. when a young boy is raped by a older women he is often told how ‘lucky’ he is.. there are many female sex offenders that are 100 % female. but that is not the issue, i believe they used to say similar things about gay men. Trans people are not evil in some way, some people are evil,men, women or what ever.


    • Males (including M2Ts, aka ‘transwomen’) make up 98% of sexual offenders. Of the 2% that are women (ie females), about half of those did not act alone, but were incarcerated because of a male offender. Of the few women who do act alone (most often, an adult woman, and the victim a teenaged boy), it is the result of an immature infatuation, ie a romantic interest in one specific underaged victim. Some of these women have been victims of CSA themselves (therefore fear adult males), others have intellectual or emotional development issues. Very few women out there stack up as ‘evil predators with a trail of victims’ like the average male rapist. Not saying that these women should not get away with it, but some understanding as to the underlying issues, rather than lumping them in with male predators who do not have the same underlying issues.

      ‘Transwomen’, being male, and male socialised, have exactly the same rates of criminality as regular ‘non trans’ males. There are now so many ‘transwomen’ in prison (M2Ts prior to incarceration), that they have the numbers for their own prison wings.

      oh, and trans killing their own? Yes, that does happen too.

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    • “sick pervert men will pose as women to get near little girls and sick perv women will pose as men to get at little boys. If male and female brains are the same then male and female sexuality are the same.. hence lots of perverts of both genders.”

      Yeah, right. We’re all only human, right? There’s good and bad in everyone, as they say. Oh, why can’t we all just get along?

      Snort! You’re a funny one, Me83/bitternurse.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Male and female socialization is not the same. Hence, there are not “lots of perverts of both genders”. There are lots of male perverts. Period. Whether or not you’re stating outright that there’s an equal number of female rapists(which you had to admit, after being called out, was false), you’re confusing the language deliberately to make sexual violence a “human problem.”

      It isn’t. This is a problem with MEN. Regardless of whether they want to be women.

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  11. On another note. I posted some responses to the latest blog post at CrossDreamers in case anyone is interested in reading. The best part was at the end where the argument kinda went nowhere and I was told to: “Help my kid and forget the science.” Because ya know, why in heck would I want to know the science behind injecting blockers and hormones into children? Apparently ideological banter and that some trans activists “say so” is a substitute for science. It’s sound medical advice, and I should rest assured the gender docs have it all under control.

    Liked by 3 people

    • From another mom who is worried that her son is being overly influenced by the pro-Trans culture, I sympathize with your comments. My 16 year old is certain that he will transition when he is older. My husband and I have a great relationship with our son as long as we avoid discussing his recent announcement about wanting to take hormones and ultimately get surgery. In public, he is still presenting as a male so being “Trans” is something that he discusses with just a small number of friends. I don’t want my son to lead a repressed life, but I fear the other option is so much worse.

      Liked by 1 person

    • This makes 4 kids from San Diego this year. Two were 14 years old–both girls who identified as trans. And both were supported in transitioning by their families, including blockers/hormones, as well as legal name changes.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Holy crap! Is anyone looking into this like say the medical examiner? Makes me wonder if the hormones are making people really super depressed.

        I tried to look at that Advocate article but it told me “permission denied”. I don’t know if it’s paywalled or because I’m in Canada.

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      • Hormones can cause depression. That is not a new fact. They claim this is a “minor” side affect. I took the Depot shot when I was in my early 20s. After a year of that I was extremely depressed. I stopped the shot and did take antidepressants for a year after. I’m now 41 and have never been depressed since. So yes, I fully blame the hormones.

        I told my kid about this because several other people in my family were affected by hormones in that way. Depression is not a minor side affect. Anyone who has suffered from depression freaking knows that. But somehow that fact gets glossed over.

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      • Puberty blockers aka grnh agonists cause depression. The most studied drug is Lupron. You can find the studies on lupronvictims.hub.

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      • Yeah and I bet they are claiming that depression is a minor side affect of Lupron. That seems like a dangerous thing to give a kid. The worst are those implants they sometimes do. At least with the pills you can stop it if there is a problem. I imagine the implant is not as straight forward.

        Either way, I am not “pulling the trigger” on that one. When my kid is an adult he can do whatever the hell he wants to his body. I could never live with myself if I signed him up for that and it turned out very badly.

        I remember being a kid. I changed my mind 100,000 times. I did not know what I wanted. I did not fully understand myself. That’s so normal. Why must we drug kids who are asking questions about their sex or gender?

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      • Even if the kids don’t change their minds, they will be more mature physically and psychologically and in a better position to navigate their way through the transition process. They will also have stronger academic and critical thinking skills in their toolkit. Unless a 14-year-old is an off-the-charts-IQ genius, he/she doesn’t have the academic ability to gather info from their doctors, check that against the medical literature and other resources, and then decide which drug is safer, which surgeon is better, which support system will be most helpful, etc. From what I’ve seen of transkids on TV and from what I’ve been reading here, the doctors are the ones calling the shots. All the kid knows is that doctors are smart and have years of training, so they must be right about what they’re recommending.

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    • Thanks for the link!

      OK that was really mawkish. All these people went to the same ‘support group’ and then they committed suicide. Now of course if they were suicidal as this young woman was when they came in that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. But it does make you wonder if there’s a Julian Fialkowski in that San Diego support group. And wonder at a minimum it’s the people running it have absolutely zero idea how to spot and respond to people who are seriously depressed. Also looking forward to legally changing your name? That sounds an awful lot like how kids think: you have a problem, depression say, and there will be this single thing that you do and then it’s all fixed. And of course when it doesn’t fix it then you feel much much worse. This is so tremendously sad.

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      • ‘All these people went to the same ‘support group’ ‘ – Actually, no. According to the report, two of them went to the same support group, the latest child to suicide went to a different support group, and the fourth also attended a support group, but which one is not stated.

        The child who died this week, Emmett Castle, went to Hillcrest Youth Center in San Diego, where the program on offer includes ‘Queer Movie Monday’: ‘This group … watches and discusses age-appropriate LGBTQ themed films. Topics include coming out, *homelessness*, identity, *being undocumented* and more.’ (my emphases). It doesn’t sound very cheery.

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      • No not cheery at all. That isn’t the kind of stuff that you encourage people who are already depressed or in any other sort of emotional distress to talk about. And if somebody’s a middle-class transgender teen all this jazz about homelessness and being undocumented would scare the crap out of them. While also not being something that they have to think about. This sounds like a Contemporary Issues seminar in a University.

        In the transgender world their experts’ understanding of biology is pretty flawed. It sounds like their understanding of how to deal with psychological problems is too. Gee, what a surprise. 😟

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    • Uh yeah thank goodness my kid turned down support groups. I’m starting to think these things are just a cult. The whole WPATH is a damn cult too. Don’t ask questions, just believe what we tell you, do not quote science at us because we don’t believe in science, and if you don’t support us you are evil and hate people. And your kid will want to kill himself if you don’t let him join us. *sigh*

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    • That’s pretty sad. I was pretty depressed when I was 15 and so my parents took me to a real therapist and in general tried to get me to engage in cheerful activities that I liked. They didn’t have me watch a bunch of depressing documentaries about various contemporary problems.

      Also, my therapist told me right away that therapy requires work, and that antidepressants and/or changing one thing in my life was not a magical fix to my problems. I was not on antidepressants as a teenager, but I did take them for a few months when I was 20 while still going to talk therapy.
      It sounds like these groups are saying that “once you change your name, you’re problems are solved”. The whole thing involves superficial changes like plastic surgery and hormones. It’s not a “create a brand new person” procedure, so it’s not fixing their problems.

      Hormones can make you depressed. Some women can get depressed from taking the pill, especially if it’s a higher dosage.


  12. I want to post something that hit the nail on the head for me. I don’t know who posted it, but this was on crossdreamers.

    “You miss the mark COMPLETELY when you say that a paraphilia is a “perversion” – hence all your outrage. But you are starting off on a false premise. Your moral approach to this issue – seen in black/white moralistic terms speaks volumes. It is the language and thinking of religion.

    The whole situation can be summed up as such:
    Autogynophilia is evolution.
    Trans activist theories are creationism.

    Whether you like it or not, autogynophilia is well documented. There is evidence for it. Hard facts.
    Trans activist theories of “hormone washes” and gendered brains are backed by NOTHING but belief.

    That is why Trans Activists make the EXACT same attacks on science that fundamentalist Christians do. Trans Activists believe SO deeply in their “faith” that anything else is absurd blasphemy to them.

    For the record, sex researchers do NOT condemn trans people – they merely want accurate understanding of what causes people to be trans. The Trans Activist community, for their part, has offered no enlightenment other than motivated reasoning and reverse-engineered theories to substantiate their pre-existing feelings. Again, that’s religion and dogma.”


    • Women rendered unspeakable at the behest of teeny, tiny group of men with “beliefs”, also, these guys abuse children.

      Gosh no, never seen that pattern of events before…

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  13. As a transgender woman, I believe that Julianna is being smeared and accused of crimes she did not commit because the authorities in Lynchburg do not like her. They initially denied her name change request (then granted it, later) and arrested her earlier this year for ludicrous charges that were eventually dismissed. Furthermore, I believe that this is an attempt to make all of us trans women look like predators and perverts. Normally, I would say throw the book at child molesters, having had 3 of my own children raped repeatedly by one when they were younger. But, this case is different. The legal establishment in Lynchburg has it in for Julianna and the entire transgender community. At this point, I believe she is a heroine for what she has done in the past to help trans youth.


    • What does you being a “transgender woman” have to do with the fact that this individual was indicted by a grand jury (not “the legal establishment”) for felony rape, strangulation, abduction, and more? Do you even know how the legal system works? To be indicted on criminal charges, first there has to be someone bringing the charges. That would be the parents of the MINOR child, based on the child’s evidence and statements. Second, a grand jury consists of at least 16 and usually 23 JURORS who examine the evidence before them to determine if there are grounds for indictment. In this case, there obviously were. Third, did you even bother to look at the Tumblr screenshot/post wherein several young trans-identified people stated they had been victimized by Fialkowski and to beware? Fourth, the far less serious charges in April were put aside because of “an agreement between the parents and Fialkowski.” That does not mean no wrongdoing occurred. It means the lawyers made a deal, possibly involving a financial settlement paid by Fialkowski. Fifth, Fialkowski was already charged with child pornography offenses a month ago–again, charges have to be based on actual **evidence** not just some crazy idea in some sheriff’s head. Still think this predator is a “heroine?” Why are you so invested in defending someone like this, when the real victims appear to be KIDS who also identify as “trans”? Just because you say you are a “transgender woman,” does this mean you want to throw KIDS who identify as “trans” under the bus in order to avoid a light being shown on the predatory behavior of some men who fancy themselves women? I published your comment to show the extent some will go to defend the indefensible because they are afraid of the disinfecting effect of looking at reality as it is. You say you have children. Would you really trust someone like Fialkowski to “rescue” them from their own parents, knowing what we know now? Really?
      The Advocate covered the situation in April, which involved a different and far less serious offense. They have not as of this writing (5 days since the news broke of Fialkowski’s indictment) bothered to write about the current, far more serious charges Fialkowski is now facing–with bail set at over $8 MILLION. No, the Advocate is obsessed with defending a “trans man” who can’t believe the TSA did its job by investigating the packer this individual just HAD to wear, before going through AIRPORT SECURITY, in the groin area–exactly where terrorists wanting to bring down airliners try to hide things. Would you support me jamming anything I wanted into my pants and being ignored by the TSA just in case I might be “offended” in some way? Would you?

      Pertinent quote from the Advocate re: the April arrest: “all charges against her were finally dismissed after she reached an agreement with the teen’s family. ”

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    • What’s your opinion of convicted pedophiles and rapists who are currently in prison and seeking transitioning? Are they all innocent? Do they demonstrate that “all” trans women are pedophiles and rapists? Or are you ever going to be willing to concede that individuals who identify as trans women offend at the same rates as men and therefore have the same rates of committing sexual assault as men? If you become willing to concede that at some point, will you stop making excuses for any trans “woman” accused of sexual predation?

      Your excuses are the same as any other man, whether he is a leader of the Catholic church or the director of a men’s college basketball program or the father of an abused child who refuses to believe that his male relative could be a pedophile or rapist. Men will always protect their own from mere children and women.

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  14. I have a friend who is a writer. She wants to write a story about what I’ve gone through with my son and what I’ve dealt with when I went to see a gender therapist and my concerns for the direction these treatments are going. She would like to know if any other parents are willing to talk about what they have dealt with. She is keeping me anonymous. So you do not have to give your name or name names of any person you have dealt with along the way. I created an e-mail account using a fake name (using a mask-me address). You can do the same and send me anything you are willing to share. Or maybe even share here if that works better for you. I have passed along some of the information from here as well.

    The address is

    Please, anything at all you’d like to share related to this would be very helpful. I am in the US; she is in Europe. So anyone in Europe or in the US…that works.

    She plans to write the piece and approach various news outlets to find one that will publish it.

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  15. It seems like the Trans community is a haven for sexual deviants, sexual predators, violent offenders, sex offenders and convicted felons. It just goes to show that the media will not expose the trans cause they fear the LGBT backlash from the ugly truth.


    • Glad to see this. Since it appears that most trans want to distance themselves from him–he was really just “posing” as trans after all (read with sarcasm)–maybe there won’t be a lot of traction to get him moved into the women’s section.


      • What’s interesting is that the arrest record (see the main blog post, which I updated yesterday) shows the gender as “female,” but this inmate locator shows him as “male.” So someone in the prison system refused to put him in the women’s prison, despite originally identifying him as female.

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