“Reality-departed activists have destabilized common sense”

It’s no secret that the left wing media is AWOL on the trans kid issue. Used to be, investigative journalism and probing inquiry were the purview of liberals. Now it seems the bulk of critical thinking on the trans’ing of children is emanating from the conservative press. Too often, right-wing peak trans stories are tainted with homophobia. But not this piece.

This article is too good not to share with you, even if its two female authors, Joy Pullmann and Bre Payton, are writing for the right-of-center Federalist.  Along with an incisive attack on the trans kid craze, these women tell us how they, as girls, also experienced what would now almost certainly be diagnosed as “gender dysphoria.”  But they are grateful to have grown up in a time when parents still operated with a modicum of common sense and sanity. Read the whole thing for a mammoth reality check. I ain’t shooting the messengers on this one. I’m getting pretty tired of waiting for truth-tellers on “my side” to show up.

…What has been confusing…has been to read about other clueless parents having their children injected with opposite-sex hormones and bodily cut and pasted at very young ages. It’s insane that nobody calls this child abuse. It’s not innocent but very dangerous and horrifyingly permanent alteration that a young child, who should be able to depend on his parents for protection and sanity, cannot possibly evaluate rationally or fully informed.

…Buzzfeed is among the many who gush rather than call Child Protective Services when learning about such incidents. It recently posted the video of a young boy in a ponytail getting his feminizing hormone treatments from the hands of his eerily excited mother.

Interestingly, the 14-year-old-boy didn’t get think he should become a girl until he watched YouTube videos of another teen boy who had transitioned to female and is now known as Jazz Jennings. His mother described coming across Jennings’ videos and realizing that her son, Corey, should undergo hormone therapy…

…We as a society need to be careful what we’re encouraging, especially when it could have disastrous consequences for vulnerable young people whose brains are not physically or experientially developed enough to make irreversible decisions such as “Should I cut off my penis and take cross-sex hormones?” People need to hear reasons why discomfort with one’s body is not a signal to mutilate it. In fact, anger and confusion about one’s body is a totally normal part of adolescence that most people outgrow.

Around my eighth birthday, I (Bre) remember asking my parents why I had been born a girl instead of a boy. Many of my friends at the time were boys and liked to play with sticks and climb trees, which I enjoyed much more than the games my girl friends would play. Boys seemed like they got to have all the fun, whereas girls only had childbirth and menstruation to look forward to.

My parents encouraged me in my efforts to find the answers to my questions, but instead of filling my head with the notion that I could be whoever I wanted, they gave me realistic answers. I was a girl because I had been born that way, they said, and nothing I could do would ever change that. Their answers helped me to embrace who I am.That period of questioning everything—including my gender—helped me to better understand myself and how I fit into the world. I am now happily settled into my skin and am grateful that my parents gave me realistic answers instead of fueling my childlike gender fantasies with hormones.

…Rigid stereotyping can cause problems as well. When I’m successful at remembering that ‘womanhood’ does not equal ‘loves princesses, gossips, cries, emotional-not-intellectual’ I’m a lot happier about being a woman. The main reasons I wanted to be a boy (and, occasionally, want to be a man) have to do with my desires to be smart, strong (physically), independent, intellectual, authoritative, courageous, and athletic. And my desires not to be petty, gossipy, overly obsessed with my looks, flaky, emotional-not-rational, and crying all the time.

…Rather than fill his head with untrue and unrealistic ambitions, his mother should kindly tell him what Bre’s did: that he will always be a boy because he was born that way. A child’s feelings and perceptions change constantly, but puberty-blocking hormones have permanent implications for the body and psyche. Cementing a child to feelings that don’t accord with reality is cruel and damaging.

Guiding our children along the path that reflects rather than conflicts with reality is the best way we can prepare them for adulthood. Giving them realistic answers isn’t cruel, it’s kind, and saves them a lot of unnecessary hurt, pain, and effort. Parents should be parents. They should answer their children’s questions with wisdom and temperance.

…Instead, common sense has gone out the window because a small subsection of vocal but reality-departed activists has destabilized common sense, a common understanding and common knowledge of truth.

35 thoughts on ““Reality-departed activists have destabilized common sense”

  1. Those right wingers that criticize transgenderism always fail to omit that kids who are gender non conforming with gender identity issues usually grow up to be gay, lesbian or bisexual. And they rarely, more like never, discuss how often homophobia plays a part in a parents decision to trans their child. And I couldn’t help but notice how we were assured that these women who may have identified as male as children grew up to be “normal”, even petite, feminine heterosexual women.

    Also couldn’t miss the dig that being a feminist was about being an immature child who envied men and wanted to be them. ” I couldn’t dig fencepost holes or lug hay bales or work a construction crew (besides being a girl, I was scrawny). So I briefly became a feminist, which to me meant “getting respect for paid labor and not sneers for babymaking.” For several years, I was miffed at God for having made me female. ”

    And Pullman in another article in the Federalist blames transgenderism on teh gays and feminists ” This is not just a transsexual thing. The separation of person from body was pioneered by homosexual activists and feminists, who repeatedly chant “biology is not destiny.”
    She’s also for business owners being able to discriminate based on their religious beliefs.

    I dont take heart from conservative getting their trans crit on, I read their stuff and what I read is that they lay the blame of transgenderism at the feet of feminists and gay and lesbian rights, they don’t care that kids who are gay and lesbian are being transitioned, they dont care that lesbians and feminists can’t meet without the venue getting threats ( actually they find that hilarious) and they don’t give a damn that women in prison and in homeless shelters are being housed with males or that the VAMA act has been gutted with gender nuetral language that makes it illegal for domestic violence shelters to refuse men. I have no doubt that conservatives will use the excesses of trans politics to attack women’s rights and gay and lesbian rights.

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    • You are absolutely right, stchauvinism. It’s pathetic that the only people writing articles like this hold the views you point out. I felt like the article pretty much stood on its own merits, but when you expose the dark underbelly…well, there it is. Still, I think some good points were made by these two women.

      It is HUGELY frustrating that the anti-trans viewpoints of right wingers are basically an extension of homophobia and misogyny. It’s a testament (once again) to how the “T” has co-opted the LGB. Depressing times indeed.

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      • yeah, it’s depressing as fuck. I think we will see a split in conservative christians on transgenderism, cause they are certainly some, like Pat Robertson, who are okey dokey with transgenderism but still think homosexuals will burn in heck. Im waiting for a conservative leaning “true transsexual” organization to form that is anti gay and lesbian and anti transgender.

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      • Yes this has been a major frustration to me. That the majority of those doing the questioning aren’t really questioning it for the same reasons I am. I’ve been downright confused over this fact.

        I am often dismayed when I come across an article on-line that says very much what I would say and then I figure out it’s some ultra right wing conservative publication. Some of their views I can’t get on board with at all, and I often find them more hateful than helpful. For example, a lot of them moaned about Target removing gender stereotyping signs. Some of them say we must teach our children what their place is in the world as a male or a female. Which in this instance is pretty ridiculous. Pink Lego blocks have nothing to do with being a boy or girl. So I do support Target removing those signs.

        But no, no matter how hard I try to see this differently, I just don’t. And what is worse, is that the general public doesn’t know much about this at all. They just parrot back the beliefs based on their political leanings. I admit, I did the same before learning about this. Also, the fact this gets lumped in with LGBs, people just assume it’s the same. It is not the same at all. One doesn’t have to take pills and undergo body mutilation to realize their sexual preferences.

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    • Why does Pullman think scrawny women can’t dig fencepost holes or work on construction crews? Scrawny women do those things on a regular basis. Lugging hay bales might require a second scrawny woman (if you’re reenacting Little House On the Prairie), OR one of the many, many hydraulic lifting devices that have been designed for exactly that purpose (if you work on a farm in 2015).

      As for “the separation of person from body was engineered by homosexual activists and feminists…” — sounds a lot like Cardinal Ratzinger, er, Pope Benedict XVI’s statement that support for gay marriage was a form of Gnosticism, by which he meant it seemed to elevate the spirit over the body, thus denying the goodness of creation, etc., etc. Because, as everyone knows, the latter can be summed up as “Tab A goes in Slot B.”

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      • Well that stuff is certainly repellent. But ‘raising the spirit over the body’? I thought that WAS Christianity. Plus how support for gay marriage, a purely temporal matter of laws, can have anything to do with some spirit thing I do not know.


    • You’re right that conservatives who disagree with transgenderism approach it from a different perspective than we do and it’s often stems from homophobia and an inability to separate the T from the LGB. They can’t see that sexual orientation is quite different from being confused as to what sex you are. I also remember that it was common when I was a young adult in the late 70s and in the 80s to conflate lack of conformity to stereotyped sex roles in personality and personal expression with homosexuality, though that is not necessarily so. Some gays and lesbians are stereotypically “masculine” and “feminine” in ways associated with their sex, while some straight people have non-stereotyped personalities and interests.

      I see both the trans ideology and some of the conservative criticism of the trans movement as being two side of the same coin. They are both gender essentialist in that they both believe that one’s personality (what trans activists call “gender idenitty” and conservatives uncritically call “masculinity” and “femininity”) must “match” a person’s body. They both believe that if a person does not “match”, then they must change. Where they differ is what what must change in order for that person to “match”/ Trans activists believe one must change their body to “match” their personality (“gender identity”), while conservatives believe that one must change their personality to “match” their body, by learning how to conform more rigidly to stereotyped “masculinity” and “femininity”. Neither gets the idea that it’s OK not to “match” and that there’s nothing really to match because such stereotypes are neither innate nor necessary to being a bona fide man or woman.

      But I have a far easier time reasoning with conservatives, at least the more moderate ones who are not religious fundamentalists or of the Tea Party variety. I’ve seen some conservative gencrit stuff that leans toward the understanding that it’s OK to have a non-stereotypical personality; that there’s more than one way or being a man or woman. I seem to remember reading an article on a conservative site — Blaze? — that featured a woman in a positive light who was a grown up tomboy type who talked about her experiences with not fitting into stereotypical femininity and how she dealt with that. In any instance, you’ve got a much better chance trying to reason with conservatives than you do trans activists.


  2. Perhaps you’ve already encountered this piece. It’s also from The Federalist, but since it’s more or less straightforward journalism, the potential biases are less determinant in the reporting:


    The fact that it’s mainly conservative outlets which are applying even a modicum of critical thought to the transgenderist agenda, even if not out the exact same concerns we profess, only further illustrates how derelict mainstream progressives have been in reading the PC discourse through a gender-critical lens. As long as they continue to abdicate responsibility in this area, I won’t necessarily feel bad about using alternative sources discriminatingly.

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    • Sex change regret is everywhere, just not on the mainstream news. Last night I had an argument with my 17-year-old daughter (who insists that she’s a guy) because I was expressing my concerns for the damage she is doing to her body by wearing these extremely tight binders (By the way, for any parent who is just getting exposed to this whole nightmare, allowing a binder is just the beginning of a slippery slope, I regret allowing her to do this). I explained that the damage she is doing is irreversible and could lead to very serious consequences (just as surgery is irreversible). Of course, the response to that is always, “This is why I need to have top surgery as soon as possible.” NOT while you’re in my house! I tried to explain that at her age people think they really need certain things, but when they get older they change their minds. In the end, she accused me of being MENTALLY ABUSIVE to her! We will discuss this today in therapy. I will not put up with her calling me mentally abusive, but, you know, this is what it’s coming to. And you know what? I’m scared that kids could actually start reporting parents. Society has completely lost it’s common sense. It’s not just in the realm of the transgender agenda, but also in politics, the environment, everything! We’re living in a bizzarro world and I don’t know whether I should try to fight it or just sit back and let it implode on itself, which it eventually must do. Un-fucking-believable!

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    • Yeah, since when do we treat medical and psychological conditions with ideological banter? That’s mind boggling to me. It strikes me that the progressive thinkers themselves are the ones with the problem. You think more like the opposite sex? Ok, we will attempt to morph you into the opposite sex. You are turned on by the thought of your male body having breasts and a vagina? Oh no that’s weird, lets just give you breast implants, chop off your boy bits, and stick a dress on you. You’ll feel better in no time.

      I have thought this through, read anything I can find, and asked a ton of questions. I came out in the end believing what I believe. The fact that it doesn’t happen to be a popular viewpoint, doesn’t need to mean I’ve been in the wrong camp all along. And interestingly, those closest to me who know that I tend to think things through have changed their minds.

      I just wish I knew how to change more people’s minds. This is a fairly complex issue that can’t be summed up in one newspaper article. I guess all I can do is keep talking and keep writing.

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      • Talking and writing make a difference. Also, if it helps, this blog is getting link referrals from diverse locations online. The web mostly consists of vastly more lurkers who read but never post a comment. Your words matter.

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      • I feel as you do, unrestricted. And the people I can spend the most time with explaining the whole issue, not superficially, also come out seeing my viewpoint. But it takes a lot of time and most people don’t want to listen that long, they just want information in little bite size morsels and not really have to chew on it. Or I just don’t have the time to explain everything. It’s very complex and multilayered and most people don’t get that. And why would they? If they’re not directly involved, why would they spend their time trying to find out. I get that. I certainly didn’t know so much before it happened to my daughter. I’m glad that this site is getting a lot of views, hopefully it will take off big time and people will start listening to us mothers.

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  3. I so sympathise with you and
    have recently been through exactly this experience . But my daughter, who wore a binder for two years, now wears a bra (so what you may say – as part of a generation that threw them away but relevant in today’s weird world) and no longer identifies as gender non binary. We simply ignored the gender stuff with her and as other issues solved themselves, the gender question was quietly forgotten. Sometimes it’s impossible to ignore, but if you can, it might allow time for change to happen.

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    • Imagine if experiences like maryw1792’s were covered by the media. Simply **ignoring** as an effective parenting strategy (it sure is effective for a lot of OTHER things teens go through). Would love to hear from from you, maryw, if you have other thoughts to share here or on other posts on the blog. I know I’m not alone in feeling a sense of relief in reading your comment.

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    • Mine’s been binding for about a year — and like Dorothy, I regret that. At the time it was a screaming demand and frankly it was that or “take me to the gender clinic dammit.” Lesser of two evils. I regularly do comment on the binder safety – I’m sure not buying any more – and I make sure she takes it off right after school, which she does. Kid is tiny and flat so frankly there’s not that much to compress and I hope that’s a good thing. I’m concerned re what happens at college when she’s around other kids 24/7. I”m afraid she’s not going to take it off except to sleep. I think she sees that binder as her safety gear, seriously. But her response to my protests at present simply consists of “I don’t give a shit what you think.” Seriously. Attempted force avails little, here. So I walk away.

      For the most part, we do ignore, at present, as you have done, Maryw1792. I am afraid that the bigger deal we make of this, the bigger the pushback will be and the bigger the danger. The kid doesn’t bring it up, and neither do I. Kid is highly functional, not apparently depressed, and frankly not particularly dysphoric as far as I can discern. Certainly not to the extreme levels I’ve read of in other people’s first-person narratives. We pay for the short haircuts and we don’t comment on the boy-department shopping (mostly) though I do offer the dress option occasionally, with a smile. (Kid usually rolls eyes and says, “yeah, right.”) God only knows what shopping for prom is going to be like. I dread the whole business. This scenario brings a whole new level of ‘pick your battles,’ you know?

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      • There’s nothing wrong with being a female and rejecting male defined femininity. “Boys clothes” aren’t boys clothes if I wear them. they are women’s clothes because I am a woman. Young women need to be exposed to the idea that there is more than one way to be a woman and a woman can not wear makeup, have short hair and prefer a tailored look and reject everything that is coded “feminine”, even desire and have relationships with other women and still be a woman. It’s crazy, it’s not just the transgenders who believe in innate gender and that there are correct and wrong ways to be male and female. I read some conservatives point of view on transgenderism ( some conservatives are very much in favor of transgenderism) and I see that both conservatives and transgenders believe in innate gender, they both think that sexist ideas of what men and women are and arent are real and hardwired. The difference is that transgenders think that innate gender/innate sex roles can occur in the wrong sexed body and ( some ) conservatives believe innate gender/innate sex roles are tied to biological sex. I think transgenders and conservatives are both genderists, people who believe in gender, and are two ends of the same dog.

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      • Speaking from experience, these teens have so bought into gender stereotypes, they think dressing, cutting their hair, and taking on almost a caricature of “dude” mannerisms and behaviors–say, a swagger, tone of voice, facial expression, etc–MEANS they are actually “dudes.” I told my own daughter countless times that all these affectations didn’t make her male. But when the obsessive goal is “passing,” when a teen girl’s whole purpose in life is being referred to by some stranger in public as “he,” all of that falls on deaf ears. From what I’m reading here and elsewhere, even the most liberal minded parents who harp on the message that “there is no such thing as boy clothes or haircut” don’t get anywhere trying to tell their kids that. It doesn’t help that ALL the media reinforce this, with their breathless stories about 3-year-old “trans boys” who never liked long hair, dresses and dolls. Those reporters, most of whom work for left-leaning news outlets, should feel really embarrassed to be writing this crap without even a timid whisper of a question whether these stereotypes are contributing to the trans trend.

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      • Puzzled, I chose the binder as a lesser of 2 evils, too. I refuse to buy anymore. I’m trying to be less reactive as was advised here because I know I can be very reactive at times. I’m just not bringing anything up anymore, but I do make these comments about the binder. I’m also worried about college, especially as to which dorm she will chose. She could realistically say she wants to share with a boy. Maybe that’ll show her that she’s really not a “guy”. She’s so far from being masculine. All of her friends have been girls.

        Maryw1794, I’m so glad to hear that your daughter has gotten off of the binding, it gives a bit of hope.

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      • yeah, 4thwavenow, very true re colleges. So what are we supposed to do? keep the kid at home when all the peers are going off to college? I can’t do that. The kid needs an education regardless of gender.

        stchauvinism — we’re a pretty liberal household, we’ve discussed the okayness of sexual orientation forever, we have gay friends. (Though looking at my kid’s history thus far I’m not at all sure she is actually not hetero. I don’t care either way, but that’s my observation.) I’m not remotely a girly girl myself. I’ve given all those speeches about presentation choices myself. I’ve sent those messages,the ones you are talking about. But society is louder. And these choices for my kid appear to be part and parcel of her rejection of being female-sexed, not just rejection of performance of femininity. (As for the adoption of the swagger and the toughness of male gender performance, noted by 4thwave, yeah, we’ve got that too.)

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      • I’m totally cringing at the thought of my daughter going to college and being marinated 24/7 in trans propaganda. Dreading it big time.

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    • Maryw1792, I am so heartened to read your comment. Thank you for the advice, too. I have read similar advice from a few places recently and now wholeheartedly believe that this is the path to take.


      • This is another thing I find baffling. They are on the one hand rejecting being confined to stereotypical expectations of male/female behaviors, dress, etc. by behaving and dressing in a stereotypical manner of the opposite sex. Most people aren’t on the extreme ends in general.

        This is one thing I have a very hard time with when thinking about my kid. I can’t imagine him turning into some hyper freak show female. That is completely inconsistent with his normal and natural behavior. His normal and natural behavior is not hyper masculine either. Some of the behaviors of some of these trans people appear forced, fake, and extreme. How is that normal and natural? How is this not an indication of something being off?

        I’ve read explanations that these people have a harder time because they weren’t socialized as their real gender, but as the gender assigned to them (at the gender assignment factory run by a sky daddy I guess). Ok, I’ll grant that probably some parents are more forceful in their expectations, but I don’t encounter that often. It’s not much of an explanation either way.

        Of course my kid doesn’t suffer from gender dysphoria to begin with. I’m sure after a few sessions with a gender specialist he would be gender dysphoric though.

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      • I assume that Gender Assignment Factory is like IKEA. And if you don’t have an Allen key nothing will work properly. 🏭 🔧

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  4. You’re right, 4thwave, universities are hotbeds. What can we do? I feel trapped. We want our children to be educated, we have to plan for this all their lives, then the place we send them to ends up going totally against our own reality. I’m stressed!

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    • Yeah don’t remind me. I’m taking a class now myself. On the wall in the classroom is an advertisement for the pride club. It’s a very small school with barely any clubs at all, but they’ve got that one.

      My kid will be starting with a class there in the spring. He is very excited and I’m glad for him, but yeah it’s going to be tough trying to stay on top of this because he is still not yet an adult.

      Today I’m feeling positive at least.

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  5. That conservative news resources are the only places publishing articles with this thrust scares me a bit. I feel as though liberal folks will simply use it as something to distinguish themselves from The Evil Conservative Enemy. Not that I like conservatives and their ideas (at all), but when the right is criticizing you for something, it often means you’re doing something right. Many will extrapolate even when what they’re saying is perfectly reasonable (or assume that the only reasons to criticize transgenderism is the hope that your child will turn out perfectly gender-stereotypical and straight). And many transgender teens who self-style as rebellious against what they see as evil will only be emboldened by stories like these coming exclusively from conservative press.

    That said, I always find it reassuring to hear “cis” adults talk about their gender issues growing up. They are so normal, and yet people are suddenly acting as if every child is perfectly gender-conforming and happy with their sex/the gender system unless they are a certified True Trans™. Maybe some parent who needs this will find this and feel reassured and spare their child some trauma, though.

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  6. I read all these comments and just want to scream, “Me, too!” I’m more than a bit unnerved by the fact that the critical thinking seems to come only from more conservative outlets. I want to change that, but it seems nearly impossible to find a way to do so without the Thought Police shutting us down. This is the first time that I’ve really felt betrayed by my progressive community’s ideology, the first time I’ve actually experienced having an argument shut down by people I’ve always believed to be open-minded. Where is the intellectual curiosity, the integrity, the respect for difference of opinion? Ugh.

    As for binders…my just-turned-14 year old daughter, who has a generously proportioned figure, bought herself a binder online a few months ago. I paid for one to replace it when it became clear that the one she’d purchased was too small and was painful for her, and because I decided it was the lesser of two evils. But I will not be buying more. She often complains that her breasts hurt and she can’t do even moderately strenuous exercise while wearing it because she can’t breathe. Because even the slightest suggestion that it’s dangerous leads to a raging blowup, I’ve let it go for now (this is a kid with a number of what appear to be serious mental health issues, and I’ve resolved to get those addressed before continuing the gender identity battles). But I do worry that she’s doing damage to her body. And don’t get me started on fears of what college will bring. I went to a women’s college and cherish that experience, and now I hear young alums talk about their trans and gender-nonconforming friends and the beautiful, male-identity-affirming experience of pregnancy, and I want to scream.

    I suppose we just keep talking and supporting each other and hoping for some sanity, right?

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  7. There is just no escaping this. Yesterday morning there was a message in my inbox from Amazon with the “Best Books of October.” Their editors’ pick was “Becoming Nicole:Transformation of an American Family” — a book that won’t even be published until the end of October. Not sure how they can consider it to be the best book of the month when it’s not even available. Of course the breathless review describes the “inspiring” and “courageous” true story of identical twin boys, but “Jonas preferred sports and trucks and many of the things little boys were ‘supposed’ to like; but Wyatt liked princess dolls and dress-up and playing Little Mermaid.” So, because a toddler liked Little Mermaid, OF COURSE he must be transgender! This child is now 17 years old, and will soon have a guest role as a transgender teen on a TV series. Sigh…..

    And 4th wave now, thank you for your willingness to link to, and appreciate, articles written from the “other side.” Politics does make strange bedfellows at times, and this is a critical issue in which I feel it’s important for us to concentrate more on what unites us than on what divides us, so that we can fight together for the health of our children.

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    • With propaganda there will always be saturation of one idea with the active exclusion of competing ideas. This is marketing, plain and simple. I’ve been reading about how the pharmaceutical companies embed their marketing in cultural narratives, this way people come looking to them for problems that are formed from these narratives. This way consumers seek them out for solutions to problems they never knew they had. The best propaganda or sales gets people to feel they are empowered and choosing something rather than being sold . Carl Elliott discusses these tactics in his book White Coat Black Hat.

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      • 123lane, what you wrote is extremely significant in the understanding of this whole trans narrative and why other views are not presented. When the swine flu craze was in full swing I did some research and found that James Murdoch, son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, was not only in his fathers business, but on the board of directors of GlaxoSmithKlein, makers of the swine flu vaccine. It was easy to find, just google it. So, it comes as no surprise that this type of influence is started by the media to create a need for the pharmaceutical products that will be produced. Also, Lupron is getting a bad wrap among the men who are using it for it’s original purpose, which is late stage prostate cancer because of its horrendous side effects. So, naturally, pharma needs to find a new market for this product that they have already put money into R&D. The same is true of the testosterone originally for men with low energy that are now bringing on class action law suits against the makers. Traditionally, what pharma does is dump the product, that is rejected in the 1st world , into the 3rd world countries. But heck, if they have 3rd class citizens in their own country (would be homosexuals), then why not force it on that market first. The media and pharma have a very tight relationship that has a lot of control over society and if we’re not careful we get swept up in it. Always question the money trail and you will see where it leads. Question, question, question!!!


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