NOT an FTM transition video–just a tomboy with supportive parents

Wow, oh wow, do we need more of these. YouTube should be flooded with vids like this. Beautiful girl, beautiful message. Go peachyoghurt!

The research says one of the risks for “gender nonconforming” kids to self harm or attempt suicide is unsupportive parents. This is what I call support. My parents gave me that support. A lot of us who grew up before the trans-trend had it.

Genderqueer? Trans? No way.

If more women make videos like this, maybe our girls won’t be so quick to abandon the female tribe.. Peachyoghurt’s got a whole YouTube channel full.

“There was no such thing as transgender back then. I was just a tomboy and I could do what I wanted. I never changed. I became my own woman.”

Enjoy! It’s a 3-minute mood lifter to lighten all the heavy stuff that usually gets posted here.

12 thoughts on “NOT an FTM transition video–just a tomboy with supportive parents

    • That was phenomenal! And technically very well done, with writing on the screen instead of having to screw around with adequate microphones.

      I was born in 1962. You know that picture where you’re leaning against a tree? We all looked like that in the 70s. Boys and girls. Unless we had long long hippie hair. Boys and girls.

      Watching it I was thinking Yeah you never see pictures of middle-aged women in our society. You’re thin and athletic but there’s also that chubby body, shorthair middle-aged women look. I look like that. I wonder if the invisibility of we ‘fashion agnostic’ middle-aged women is affecting the teenage girls who think they want to become men but you got a wonder.

      Super video!


  1. I wish there had been videos like this when i used to spend hours on YouTube watching transition timelines while wishing it could be me, videos like this would have made me stop and think alot sooner. There needs to be more videos like this but I’m afraid that they will get bombarded with comments claiming they are “transphobic” or something.

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  2. What comes through is the twinkle in the eye and the genuine smile of someone who has lived life to the full and who’s strength comes from within. It struck me too that she had so much freedom to be and do what she wanted which many kids growing up nowadays do not. I wish there was some way to recapture the innocence of those times and give it back to today’s kids.

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