“Sometimes I worry that we’re raising the tiniest douchebag”

My blog is primarily about the current mad rush to medical “transition” and its impact on girls and their parents. But there are some other kids being hugely affected by all of this: the confused children of mothers and fathers who make the decision to start “presenting” as the opposite sex.

This post would be good comic relief from my usual grim fare if it weren’t so sad.

Oh, well, there’s a silver lining. At least psychiatry and psychology will be growth industries in 10 or 20 years when all the kids currently swept up in the transgender maelstrom grow up to need serious help coping with their devastated lives.

From a thread on the subReddit “asktransgender,” we have this post by Stop Trans Chauvinism.


“Our son is 3.5 and while he’s gotten good at calling us both Mommy, he deliberately misgenders my wife and calls her Daddy when he’s angry. Sometimes I worry that we’re raising the tiniest douchebag

“ My wife skipped town and left our child in my care.. It wouldn’t hurt so bad if his “insults” to me were once in a while but they are everyday…

“ Our son was like that too. Before she came out and was still always presenting male, he was never willing to accept Daddy was a boy. We would work on his pronoun confusion, telling him to use she/her for girls and quizzing him on which gender people were. Mommy (me)? She a girl. Grandma? She a girl. Himself? I a boy. Daddy? …Both? I don’t know! Cue tantrum. …

He immediately accepted that Daddy is a girl. He had a lot of trouble adjusting to her new presentation and switching to calling her Mommy, though. He’s very stubborn.”..

My partner spent months drilling her kids to stop calling her daddy. They really didn’t like switching but it just turned into a safety issue for the same reasons you’re listing.

That’s right–let’s blame the befuddled kids whose parents decide to switch genders: the little douchebags, “misgendering” their parents out of pure spite!

4 thoughts on ““Sometimes I worry that we’re raising the tiniest douchebag”

  1. Poor children … that’s basically gaslighting. How are they to ever trust their own perceptions when their parents act like this?
    Why be so cruel? They could at least let the poor children adress them as “parent”, and leave gender out of it altogether.


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  3. That first excerpt? Seriously, I worry for that child’s safety. I can NOT imagine ever calling my kid something so horrendous, especially for acknowledging reality. These parents are mentally abusing their child, I hope CPS is called and they are investigated… how horrifying….


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