Just ice and slice ’em off with a sharp razor

Just a couple of typical posts under the Tumblr #mastectomy tag. 

Nothing to see (or think about) here. Move along.

Or don’t. 

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I’m already post-op well over a year and want my nipples removed. (Not the areolas, just the actual nipple in the center).
Who do i go to for this? does it require a plastic surgeon? It seems like such a minor procedure… just a local anesthetic.
Can a body mod person do it? I googled and couldn’t find any information. I dont wanna have to pay a lot of money for a plastic surgeon when its such a simple quick thing to do
They are so small maybe i can just ice them for a good hour or 2 and slice them off with a sharp razor myself


The nerves behind my left nipple are starting to heal, which is the part of recovery I was dreading. Every few hours I get agonising pulses behind/in/around that nipple, to the point where I jerk my whole arm up in pain once it starts, then sit all hunched and stiff til it goes away.
It’s doing it right now and it’s fucking awful >_<
Less flesh was removed behind the other one so I’m hoping there was less nerve damage to grow back. 
Feels a bit like the agony of a dentist hitting the nerve of your tooth before the anesthetic kicks in. 
(It makes me wonder what the growing nerves feel like after phalloplasty actually, not that it’s a deterrent for me)

15 thoughts on “Just ice and slice ’em off with a sharp razor

    • Wow. I had sort of been waiting for people with BIID or BDD to step forward, given the current climate around medical transition. And why not? Who’s to say their personal identities are any less valid than that of someone who identifies as the opposite sex? Trans activists scoff when gender-critics compare an 11-year-old boy who “feels” like a girl to another boy who “feels” like a cougar, but really, if we are going to pay for body-altering surgeries for one person with a subjective feeling, why not everyone? This article deserves its own post…

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      • Government funding of desired plastic surgeries would break the health care systems. Transgenders have opened a very big door with this one.

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      • I thought you were kidding, but that’s a real site! Green face and a forked tongue. With genetic engineering, anything will be possible in the future, and Medicare and the NHS should pay for it!

        Anyone who has seen “The Hunger Games” and the citizens of The Capitol could posit that such extreme body modification may become the norm amongst the hoi-polloi in a dystopian future.


  1. I want to know if exists a biid with genitalia the target.
    Let me explain…the current targets are : the sight, the legs, arms, the all body…but why not genitalia?
    Maybe transexualism is a form of biid.
    Another interesting question : why not transexual want their genitalia removed without living as the opposite sex?

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    • Gender dysphoria is a form of BID. There is a feeling of things being out of sync, thinking you have missing parts, or extra parts that don’t belong. With gender dysphoria, and by process of elimination[there are only two primary choices for gender, and at first, it seems hopeful there is a excuse it is because of some how being the other choice rather than the person’s obsessional BID, a mental illness.

      If the SRS is pushed due to BID, and the obsession can no longer be catered to, the offending parts removed or added has made no difference whatsoever and they don’t accept their lives any more than before- their world crashes when they put all their hope that this cures them.. This is why there is a high suicide rate after transition. If you have BID and accomplish the ‘goal’ of changing, they feel their life is over. Also, if their addiction cant be fed, many feel their life is over. They were feeding an obcession that calmed their depression, and now they can’t.

      People with BID gravitate to the body modification culture, the beauty industry, and the trans[gendernator] medical industry in hopes of feeling better about accepting themselves in ongoing self-treatments. Self-treatment can be abusive and self-punishing on purpose.

      The beauty culture has facelifts, botox and juviderm at it’s extreme, Joan Rivers is the perfect example of a BID plastic surgery addict.

      It is a mistake to make these procedures government funded, available and put them in the same category of critical medicine.

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  2. It is heart-breaking to read the way these girls/young women feel about their bodies.

    They must be living in a bubble, constantly receiving encouragement to recreate themselves with synthetic hormones and surgeries, believing that their discomfort in their own skin will dissipate.

    When the bubble breaks, reality will set in and it won’t be pretty.

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    • The worst thing is that it is taboo in the trans community to admit regret. Destransitioners are shunned. I don’t see why anyone objects to calling it a “cult,” because no questioning of the dogma is tolerated. It is infuriating that our medical establishments have essentially abandoned these young women, giving them no alternatives or support for seeking something less drastic than major surgery and ongoing drug treatments.

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