That’s ok, the kid I sterilized at 7 can just use my frozen eggs when he’s ready

Mom of 7-year-old boy plans to freeze her own eggs after she sterilizes him

It really is a brave new world. And now, the new frontier is parents and other family members harvesting their own eggs and sperm to be used by the kids they proactively chose to sterilize. The comments on GenderTrender are well worth the read too. Munchausen-by-proxy gone rogue. This is what passes for good parenting of elementary aged children now:

 “I have a transgender 7 year old daughter. She has become a beautiful, happy, vibrant person since she started transitioning a year ago. I have no reason to think her identity will change and neither does her therapist. 

Because she is so young, she will most likely go on puberty blockers before she ever creates sperm. If she then goes onto hormone treatments directly from the blockers, she will be sterile. She will never create sperm. She’s too young to tell me whether she might someday want biological children, and I strongly suspect, knowing her personality as I do, that she will not want to give up hormone treatments for the length of time it would take to create sperm, because the effects on HER would be, well, significant.

“She’s too young to tell me whether she might someday want biological children.”

…but not too young for you and her “therapist” to make that decision for your child. Orwell lives. Long live doublethink.

4 thoughts on “That’s ok, the kid I sterilized at 7 can just use my frozen eggs when he’s ready

  1. Yes, this is insanity. I try not to talk about this too much on GenderTrender, but testosterone is implicated in autism (see the ratio of boys to girls is 8-1, and even higher in severely autistic, which is around 15-1). Of course an autistic boy would feel better on estrogen. This was the reasoning behind Mark Geier’s Lupron protocol for autistic children, to eliminate the testosterone. Now, many people think of Asperger’s when they think autism…oh, it’s not a big deal…IT IS. Any degree of autism is hell compared to being neurotypical (I’m a recovered autistic). These kids do need help, but calling boys girls is just muddying the waters. These are sick kids, not girls trapped in boys’ bodies.


  2. There’s a whole list of things that children cannot legally do: Children may not live independently, vote, get married, join the armed forces, consent to sex, drink, smoke, and so on. Nor may parents allow their children to do these things contrary to these protective laws. Why? It is in recognition that children have not completed their cognitive development and are not yet mentally equipped to make such decisions on their own. Why should this be any different?

    A hundred years ago, the unnecessary sterilization of healthy bodies was called eugenics. People today call such sterilizations for any other reasons other than transgenderism a human rights violation. Why are so few people protesting this human rights violation?

    And, as far as the nonsense of “My 6 year old just knew he was really a girl since he was 2 years old, he feels like a girl (how do girls feel, anyway?), and so on, well, feelings aren’t facts and since when do responsible parents go along with everything their child wants to do? I can just imagine how these same parents would react if their child told them they didn’t want to go to school any more! Parents need to be parents and lovingly guide their children when their wants and desires are not realistic or healthy for them. We’re supposed to know better and many times saying “no” is the kindest thing we can do for our children.

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