Head transplants: Obviously THE solution for gender dysphoria

The actual headline to the article is:

 Head Transplants ‘Could Replace Gender Reassignment Surgery’ for Gender Dysphoria

Quote from lead neuroscientist in this piece: “There might be an ethical quagmire there. I’m not getting into it, I’ll leave that to society.“ Ya think?

That this is a serious article in effing NEWSWEEK magazine–about as mainstream as you get–shows how far down the rabbit hole we’ve gone because of trans activism. Head transplants…Head transplants! are actually being considered as a viable treatment option for gender dysphoria. Even if it’s a scientifically improbable idea, it is being contemplated. Is there any hope for sanity in this upside-down world?

Hey, here’s a radical idea: How about we reverse the equation and focus on changing the mind that believes it’s attached to the wrong body, instead of the other way around?

10 thoughts on “Head transplants: Obviously THE solution for gender dysphoria

  1. Actually, I doubt this surgery would become available to anyone but the über rich. They could achieve a form of immortality and continue to amass their fortunes. A terrifying thought…and only the young and healthy would desirable donors. Science continues to outrun morality and rational thought.

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    • I hope you’re joking. It isn’t possible and never will be to transplant a head. Organs that are transplanted are only connected up to the blood supply in the new body. The nerves to them are connected. If you have a heart transplant all of the nerves that normally go to your heart to speed it up aren’t there. Your heart can only be speeded up by adrenaline in the bloodstream. So it’s kind of 0 to 60 and nothing else. There are other reasons to to do with connecting a brain to a different spinal cord, peripheral nerves that come straight out of the brain, and the whole bone thing. Thus Newsweek should pull its head out of its ass.


  2. It seems like a joke. I’m not surprised that jacktivist Paris Lee is quoted as wanting to reach “trans kids” before puberty to give them drugs.

    Yeah, who is the donor body anyway? I wanna be cremated.

    Anyone with a sense of ethics should be alarmed at them doing this to anyone and the super rich getting a hold of this technology so they can continue to amass their wealth.


  3. Update. This doctor has just done a head transplant on a monkey (poor monkey). And prior to that on many mice. Plans for human victims soon.


    Actual quote:
    “Theoretical neurobiologist Mark Changizi said he thinks the ethical issues may be resolved with a simple rebrand.

    “Setting aside the ethical issues of primate experimentation here, if one calls this ‘torso-and-limbs transplant’ rather than ‘head transplant,’ then the nightmare-ish ethical associations are dissolved,” Changizi told Gizmodo.com.”

    Sounds like Mark Changizi has the skills to become a transactivist. Just rebrand. POOF! All problems gone.


  4. In 2017, doctors from the UK are suggesting womb donations to transwomen from biological women. They think it is ‘ethical’ to burrow wombs just to give men the so-called right to children.


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