Honeymoon’s over: the truth about transition

I have just received the go-ahead from this blog’s author, truth-about-transition, to link to it. Why did I ask permission? This is Tumblr, after all. Reblogging and linking are our bread-and-butter.

But the material collected here is sensitive. It is a catalog of reblogs, of FTMs discussing–sometimes agonizing over–problems they are encountering with their transition. Some are celebrating various aspects of their transition.

These folks–some, but not all of whom are hurting–aren’t the enemy. Please don’t hate on them.   truth-about-transition acknowledged that they would like the extra traffic my reblog might bring, and it is important stuff they are bringing to light.

I struggle sometimes with what to post and not post. In many ways, I subscribe to the belief that, if you post publicly on the Internet, you’ve given tacit approval to share what you posted.

But these are kids, at least some of them. And of course, that’s what my blog is all about: what is happening to kids.

Thanks in advance for being respectful. But feel free to reblog or otherwise share a link to this important site.

2 thoughts on “Honeymoon’s over: the truth about transition

  1. Transgenderism harms people. Some of the re-blogged posts of those poor confused women are so sad to read.

    For every tranny who claims that “transition” has “saved” his or her life I’m sure you can find 10 who feel completely scrambled, mutilated and unhappy and don’t know what to do next. Whether or not they’ll admit this non-anonymously (after such a huge emotional/physical/financial “investment”) is another story.

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