Research evidence: most gender dysphoric children grow up to be gay or lesbian

(If they aren’t railroaded into “transition,” that is):

anonymous asked:

Hi, would you be able to give a link to resources/studies that say that a significant proportion of children who experience gender dysphoria / think they are the other sex / however you want to word it end up being okay with their biosex and turn out lesbian, gay or bisexual as they enter their teens and/or adulthood? I’ve always pondered on whether that would be the case with children who are so quickly assigned a trans identity, so it would be really interesting to see some research on it!


8 thoughts on “Research evidence: most gender dysphoric children grow up to be gay or lesbian

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  3. That’s five. Five studies. Um, that’s kind of a lot more than there are studies showing any of the stuff in the trans narrative unless I am a stake in. Holy monkeys.


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  5. THANK YOU for running this blog and gathering these resources. I don’t have kids, but my dog in the fight is being a gay man who was non-conforming as a little boy. Would I have been fast-tracked into therapy and puberty blockers these days? Sure seems like it, all because “little boys don’t want to dress up like a princess, you must be a little girl.” How confused I would have ended up, a life-long medical patient to fit someone else’s version of a “girl” instead of just being my own version of a boy. Thankfully, my parents humored me and got me a tiara until I moved on to the next fantasy. Which I did. Same for my best friend, a little girl who hated pink and playing house but who loved jumping in muddy piles of leaves with me every autumn.

    You made another post on unexamined homophobia in these parents, and I think it’s a vital point. One mother in a recent feel-good story said she couldn’t stomach the idea of having an effeminate gay son, but if “he” was really a “she” it was okay. I feel so bad for all of these little boys and girls being “liberated” from their gender, when they’re really just being railroaded from one box of stereotypes into another. Will we see less well-adjusted gay and lesbian adults in 10 years because of this? How have gay role models and feminists been completely silenced by trans activists? I could speculate this being the umpteenth instance of straight white male privilege, even if they call themselves women, but the point has already been made elsewhere.

    Transactivism has set feminism and gay rights back 50 years. It’s no coincidence that in many countries, it’s still illegal to be gay but acceptable for a man to “really” be a woman and have a straight relationship that way.

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