President Obama, how is this not anti-gay conversion therapy?

In a study of pre-pubertal male and female children with gender dysphoria followed-up approximately 10 years later, only 27 percent of children with gender dysphoria remained gender dysphoric at follow-up [10]. Of those individuals who no longer expressed gender dysphoria at follow-up, a significant portion (all female and half the male participants) expressed a non-heterosexual sexual orientation [9]. Thus, gender concerns in neurotypical children prior to puberty may represent a developmental process related to both gender and sexuality for many individuals. 

…Facilitating an exploration of sexuality seems especially pertinent given recent findings that most children with gender-related concerns eventually identify with their natal gender following puberty and frequently adopt homosexual or bisexual identities [19]. It is possible that individuals with ASD may experience similar trajectories in their gender narratives, but potentially follow a different timeline than normally developing individuals owing to reduced social interaction and fewer opportunities to explore their sexual identity.”


While this article is specifically about autism and gender identity, it cites multiple research studies that confirm, once again, that MOST children who question their gender in childhood end up as gay or bisexual if left alone. Also, socially immature/isolated kids, or kids with ASD, probably need even longer to figure out who they are, which makes a good argument that dysphoricadolescents and even young adults with social anxiety or other similar issues should not start medical transition, as they too often do.

On April 8, 2015 the New York Times reported that President Obama has called for an “end to conversion therapy for gay and transgender youth.”

Somebody explain to me, please: If most children–especially girls–resolve gender dysphoria and grow up to be non-heterosexual adults (and study after study corroborates this finding), how is childhood “gender reassignment” not proactive conversion therapy to prevent adult homosexuality

Given these findings, why do doctors, psychologists–and increasingly, compliant parents–assign gender non-conforming children as trans until proven otherwise?

And can it even be “proven otherwise” if they spend their entire childhoods  being told, and treated as if, they are actually the opposite sex?

Your thoughts, President Obama?

5 thoughts on “President Obama, how is this not anti-gay conversion therapy?

  1. Perhaps because affirmation is the opposite of conversion. You don’t seriously think people transition to avoid being gay or lesbian, do you? That would be jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. And even still, there exist trans people who turn out gay or lesbian after transition.

    Treating your child like the opposite sex shouldn’t mean treating them much differently at all. If a seemingly Male-to-Female child turns out to be a boy, and you let him explore early, then he’ll grow up to be a man with better understanding of sexism. The same goes for seemingly Female-to-Male kids — walking a mile in the other sex’s shoes, so to speak.


    • Of course, young children are not already gay or lesbian. But statistics show that the vast majority of kids who have gender dysphoria in childhood will grow up, as adults, to be gay, lesbian or bisexual. The trans’ing of pre-pubescent kids flies in the face of evidence that if you leave them be, their dysphoria will go away. Assuming the dysphoria experienced by a 3 year old means they are “really a boy” is where you and I part company.

      Here are some links to research on the subject:

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      • I disagree that boys and girls don’t start out gay or lesbian early. I think we’re all born with our orientations just as we’re born with eye color and hands and a nose, but that everything develops over time.

        With the caveat that they have found actual genetic links to male homosexuality, but haven’t found any for female yet. That’s not to say female homosexuality can’t be inborn, they just don’t understand how at this time.


    • “And even still, there exist trans people who turn out gay or lesbian after transition.”

      You’re talking about:

      Transwomen who prefer sex with women
      Transmen who prefer sex with men

      And you’re wrong. It’s homoSEXuality, not homoGENDERality.

      A transwoman who prefers women is heterosexual. A transman who prefers men is heterosexual. Because their SEXES are still male and female respectively.

      A boy putting on a dress isn’t “being the opposite sex” because girls are not born wearing dresses. There are parents of boys-who-like-dresses who, shockingly enough, still treat them like boys. To do anything else IS sexism–implying that a boy shouldn’t wear a dress because he’s a boy. Nonsense. There’s a certain famous pop star from the ’80s who’s worn dresses nearly all his life and he’s very much male, very much Boy, and he’d tell you so, too. He’s braver than most, including nearly everyone in the transgender movement.

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