“We don’t resist as a group anymore. We take medication.”

I have scoured the Internet several times, hunting for parents and “helping” professionals outside the religious rightwing who question the dominant trans paradigm, particularly as it pertains to the medical “transition” of children and teenagers. There are a few trans/gender-critical comments on articles and blogs, and a few gender critical blogs (that I’ve linked to in other posts), but otherwise it’s pretty much an intellectual desert.

But there is one psychotherapist who has been brave enough to question. The link is one of the posts on her blog, all of which are worth reading.


“Things I think right at this moment and I’m sure I’m forgetting something:

..That there is peer pressure to transition. That young people coming of age today come out into the queer community and not necessarily the gay, lesbian or bisexual communities. People have complained about a movie that a group of young people made about GLBT issues saying there was too much in it that was trans. That is looking at youth through a very old lens. We need new glasses. Young people today come out into the queer community which has trans youth. They also come out into a world where people explore body modification in a way that did not exist previously. They can pierce and tattoo and so taking the leap to sculpting with medical technology isn’t much of a hop.

…Another component is that as a society we have medicalized so many problems. This DSM included grief. We have social problems that we have individualized and taken out of the social context.
We don’t resist as a group anymore. We take medication.   

We constantly compare gender to the gay liberation movement. Unlike being gay or lesbian, there really are other issues that can look like gender dysphoria and people who talk with friends or read on the internet about how to present to us to get what they believe they need are doing the best they can to fix something that is terribly wrong inside them but we all have to do a better job.”

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