Yeah I know they love their top surgery

An Anon suggested I visit a Tumblr blog run by a happy FTM. I’ve seen plenty of them, and this one was like all the others: Filled with post-op top surgery pix, advice on packing, confessionals about all the changes wrought by “T,” and asks from 15-year-olds about how to access treatment when their parents weren’t jumping on the bandwagon. What there isn’t is a single voice arguing that maybe you could explore your more “male” traits without medicalizing the whole thing.

Here’s the thing: Just because all these young transitioners are flying high on their newfound chemical-surgical changes doesn’t mean questions don’t need to be raised. In fact, that’s just the point: The mad rush to extreme medical solutions for the problem of dissociation from one’s own body is exactly the reason why blogs like this are important.

And voices like mine are few and far between. I’ve heard from a few parents who want to speak out, but they have mostly been cowed into submission and shouted down with accusations of “Transphobia!” or “You are responsible for the suicide of transgender kids!”

2 thoughts on “Yeah I know they love their top surgery

  1. they’re blaming mothers for male abuse of gender nonconforming girl children. what else is new. somehow women are at fault for every bad thing that’s ever happened yet we also have the power to create drastic, quick social change and we just choose not to! what a load of shit.

    (btw, as the daughter of a ferocious single mother, thanks for sticking to your guns. gonna dig through your archives now hehe)

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