I have watched with horror as friends’ daughters marched down the slippery slope of the gender cult. First they were allies, guiltily reciting how much privilege they had – as teenagers! – over the poor MTF transsexuals who lived and worked as men until they were fifty. Then they declared they were “genderqueer”, which gave them a right to talk about women’s issues in those circles since they weren’t women (which is just a feeling, of course.) But FTM, genderqueer, and now one wants T …

It is so hard to be a girl nowadays. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the pressures they’re facing now. I want to start an online support group for parents who are in this boat. This blog is a start. The big question is, how do we start turning the cultural tide? It’s in our hands. While I think there are a few rare individuals who really should go the medical/pharmaceutical route (intersex people, primarily) we are looking at massive medical malpractice on the scale of lobotomies in the middle of the last century. But there wasn’t a “movement” for people with lobotomies—they weren’t trendy and cool.

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